Auto Coil Wrapping machine Project plan

coil winding machine
Brinsworth Auto Coil Wrapping machine Project
Status Lead time / work duration wk 1 wk 2 wk 3 wk 4 wk 5 wk 6 wk 7 wk 8 wk 9 wk 10 wk 11 wk 12 wk 13 wk 14 wk 15 wk 16 wk 17 wk 18 Comments
July Stop weeks Aug Sept Oct Nov
Mechanical works
Get final quotes for mechanical work WIP X Projects
Place order for Mechanical work 1 hr X Projects
Item 1 – walk way barrier external X DVSF
Item 2 – walk way barrier / gates external X DVSF
Item 3 – FLT barrier x 2 external X DVSF
Item 5 – New edge barrier x 1 external X DVSF
Item 4 – Light gate supports x 4
To be done in workshop
external X X DVSF
Delivery of item 4 to site external X DVSF
Item 7 – Machine build external X DVSF
item 8 – coil tipping barriers x 2 external X DVSF
Roof Works
Get quotes for roof work (item 6) WIP X E & W
Place order for Roof work 1 hr X E & W
Roof works 1 day X E & W
Saw cut pockets for barriers (items 3 & 5) 4 hrs X X UK Land Care
Cast in barriers (items 3 & 5) 2 hrs X UK Land Care
Quote for additional work WIP X UK Land Care
Place order for additional work 1 hr X UK Land Care
Saw cut trench and dig deeper 1 day X UK Land Care
Cast in coil tipping supports (item 8) 2 hrs X UK Land Care
Lead time for compressor X X X X X X X X X X X X X WG Search
Arrival of compressor 0 day X WG Search
Install compressor 8Hrs X WG Search
Wire up compressor 2 hrs X Hesleys
Install pipe work as required 6 hrs X WG Search
Electrical Works
Install electrical trucking etc 2 day X Hesleys
Wire up coil wrapper and control desk 2 day X Hesleys
Wire up light guards 1 day X Hesleys
Wrapping Machine
Final technical review (internally) 4 hrs X Team
Place order for Wrapping machine WIP X Projects
Lead time for delivery of wrapping machine 12 wks X X X X X X X X X X X X Metpro / JPM
Arrival of coil wrapping equipment 0 day X Metpro / JPM
Remove and unpack wrapping equipment 1 day X Internal / DVSF
Locate wrapping equipment and secure to floor 0.5 day X Internal / DVSF
Assemble coil wrapping equipment 3 days X X Internal / DVSF
Assemble guarding 2 days X Internal / DVSF
Install light guards (mechanical) 1 day X Internal / DVSF
Commissioning works + Training 3 days X X Metpro / JPM
Chinese engineer on site 3 days X JPM


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coil packing machine and painted coil wrapping machine

steel,hose,wire,coil wrapping machine

We thank you for your support in sending different options and clarifying various doubts from time to time.

This is because we want to install these type of machines in 4-5 other customer’s premises and want to be sure in selecting right machine.

Finally we selected GS300 W coil wrapping machine with stretch film wrapping, HMI & specified components but cost looks high.

We also got offer from others like Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co Ltd etc., but we want to give first preference to you keeping our long term business relationship.

Our company, NS  Sdn Bhd, is a steel manufacturing company which produces metal coated and coil painted products through our Metal Coating and Coil Paint Lines respectively.
In our Coil Line, we have Vertical and Horizontal packing in different location (but same building)

In view of this, we are planning to study
Automate packing for both Vertical & Horizontal
in same line

More information to know coil packaging machine:

1. How to choose a good suitable coil packaging machine?

2. Different materials for coil packaging.

3. Packaging solution for one of steel wire manufacturer.

coil wrapping machine for copper coil packing machine for steel strip automatic hose packing machine

We would like to inquire from you your best offer/proposal for the design (preliminary & detailed), manufacture, supply, delivery, supervision (installation & commissioning assistance) and training.
Attach the Packaging Process for your review and happy if you able to visit us for site view and discussion

Should you have any queries, please let us know.