Spiral wrapping machine and stretch film

Sorry for late reply, my answer as followings
1. Does your tube strapped tidily with PP belt or tape before wrapping machine, like this:
Normally, we don’t use any tools for strapping equipment because we use human for wrapping.

2. Does all of your tube size is the same “OD — 40cm, ID —7cm, Width — 14cm”? Does it have min & max size range?
Yes, we need to start the wrapping machine with this model.

3. Does your tube ID is only 7cm? This ID size is very small, if so, the spiral wrapping machine should be with specoial design.
Now,we use plastic core to keep the ID of roll around 7 cm diameter.

4. How about the min & max weight of tube coil?
1.5-1.6 kgs.

5. For the produce capacity “About 1000 rolls we wrap a day”, does it mean 12 hours per day?
It is the capacity of 24 hr.

Please see the attached picture, it is our stretch film product for your clarification.


door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
31kg or 40 kg is no problem. What is your minimum weight? Please make sure that the minimum weight is not less than 30kg. Because the structure of this machine is not so good for handling very light products.

Now our electrical engineer of spiral wrapping machine is working on wiring and testing the machine. The machine will be ready at the end of this week. And I am going to send you some machine pictures and a video on this Friday or Saturday.

Regarding the test, we want to confirm one information. What is your minimum/maximum weight of your profile bundle? Is it 31kg?


The Vendor undertakes that it has entered into this Purchase Agreement on the basis of a proper examination of the data relating to the Project and the Site. The Vendor also acknowledges that any failure to acquaint itself with all such data and information shall not relieve its responsibility for properly estimating the time and cost implications for successful implementation of the Project. The Vendor shall satisfy itself regarding the accessibility to the Site, feasibility of taking stretch film materials /equipment to the Site, storing, handling at Site and availability of resources and local conditions for successful implementation of the Project without any additional time and cost implications thereto.

Strapping machine with spiral orbital wrapper

Panel strapping machine with orbital stretch wrapper
Panel strapping machine with orbital stretch wrapper


Dear Mariaelena Garcia,

We have updated our predesign for you. As the load of maximum 300kg load, our engineer think the height -250mm of the conveyor is available. So please check the attached drawing and explanation for spiral orbirtal wrapper.
Here are our answers for you:

1)How we will place the pallets into the conveyor? Since we are transporting the material by hand lift truck, believe we will need to have a platform, or” ramp” right before the conveyor , to climb the pallets . Your ideas or suggestion will be appreciated.
We think a easy solution is making grooves in the conveyors. Just push the fork into the grooves. See the explanation.

2)Your engineer must take in consideration that the conveyor in each side should be maximum 3 MT ( just as the drawing). See the drawing.

3)The maximum distance from the floor we require is 20-25 cm (the reason is the use of a manual lift truck ). See the drawing.

If you have any questions for automatic strapping machine, please let me know. Thanks.

spiral wrapping machine and orbital wrapper

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
What is the measurement (L,W,H) of these steel pieces?
The weight of our products- spiral wrapping machine and film is about 3500-4000kg, which is not a problem. But it seems that our products will fill a 20′ container fully according to our experience. Attached please find a photo for your reference.

Do you have any idea what the weight and CBM will be for both this spiral wrapping machine and product I’ve purchased from you? I’m asking, because I’m trying to determine if you will need all the capacity of the container for your goods.

If using a 20’ container I suspect that your goods will use most of the space (bulk), but that it will not weigh very much. If that is true, would you consider shipping some steel “J” shaped pieces with your shipment to fill the container by weight? If you agree to do this for me, please let me know the weight you can accept and I will ask my other supplier to send that amount of product to your warehouse. I’ve attached a photo from a previous shipment that shows these goods in the left hand side.

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L&T Metallurgical & Material Handling
identification mark shall be delivered along with the Plant & Equipment. These Commissioning and Mandatory Items/spares shall be based on Vendor’s experience in commissioning and operation of similar Plant & Equipment. In case Commissioning and Mandatory Items/spares are found to be inadequate during commissioning and subsequent operation of the Plant & Equipment, the Vendor shall be responsible for supplying any extra quantity of Commissioning and Mandatory Items/spares including any additional Commissioning and Mandatory Items/spares that may be required, free of cost delivered at the Project location and in time as required by the Purchaser, such that Commissioning & subsequent operation of the Plant & Equipment is not in any way affected. The Commissioning and Mandatory Items/spares supplied by the Vendor and paid for by the Purchaser shall be the property of the Purchaser only in all events.

orbital stretch wrapper for panel and profile with stretch film

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile
1. Material rotate around the coil: it has a limit for the material roll diameter,because the whole material should run through the coil center.
since the minimum ID of your coil is 340mm,the material roll diameter should be within 200mm.
when the material roll is small,it will be used up soon,and may need frequent replacement of material.

Orbital stretch wrapper for panel and tray
Orbital stretch wrapper series
2.Material installed on supporter(as in the offer): it has no limit for the material roll diameter.
Material diameter can be 250mm or 400mm.
No need to replace the material frequently.
After checking, after loading our orbital stretch machine, the container(20GP) will only have space about L2800×W2300×H2300mmm.
Hi Peter, if you can palletized those screws into 4 pallets, it will be perfect. Because Betty says you have 12 pallets and each pallet is L1160×W830×H760mm. We are sure that this container can not hold 12 pallets and our machine. By the way, could you send me some pictures of your palletized screws? Can we put cartons of screw into the container directly instead of palletized?

Actually we don’t need packing machine and orbital wrapper  right now, we need only stretch film quotation for 20’ FCL container by pellets, kindly check with your stretch film supplier for the approx qty in 20’ container with best CIF Riyadh price and resend quotation based on 20’ container.


Yes,it’s two different wrapping material release mode:
They are only different in the material install structure,the packing function and performance are the same.


Spiral orbital wrapper and stretch film

Orbital stretch wrapper
Spiral Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile
After rough calculation,the film loading quantity for a 20′ standard container is about 8000kg.
Please kindly check attached quotation with best price.
The freight cost is the actual cost provided by the shipping forwarder.

I’m not very clear about the quantity ” 20’ cartons” you mentioned.

do you mean a 20′ container or 20 cartons?

Actually the film is sold by weight.

For the film roll size listed in the offer, roughly it’s 420g/roll.

Please kindly check attached quotation on CIF Riyadh and inform the quantity you need.

The film will be delivered together with the packing machine in wooden case or by pallet.


You remember we discussed PE stretch film of Spiral Orbital stretch wrapper against your PI dated 16 dec-2015, We need you CIF Riyadh offer price for the same specification PE stretch film. Also we need 2 rolls from the production by DHL before shipping, kindly forward us price quotation for 20’ cartons should be wooden pelletized.

horizontal stretch wrapping machine

FHOPE-F Series

Rod Horizontal Orbital Wrapping Machine

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