Semi-automatic or automatic pallet strapping

Automatic stretch wrapping machines

On the global market,there are many different kinds of pallet strapping machines. The main
difference is semi-automatic or automatic strapping.
That is a big factor about the cost of pallet strapping machine.
If you have only two pallets per day, semi-automatic strapping is your best choice.

In this situation, you only need bring the strapping machine to the pallet, and take the
straps at the proper position of the shoulder strap.
The semi-automatic strapping machine will subsequently tighten the straps around the
Another one,the fully automatic pallet strapper, when you use it, it is only necessary to
bring the goods to the machine, and the machine will automatically fasten the straps at
appropriate positions.
Fully automatic pallet strapping machines can handle very large volumes and fit highly
automated production lines.



bottle pallet packing and wrapping machine


Pallet stretch wrapper
Pallet stretch wrapper

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pallet Wrapping Machine for bottle Packing material will store on the wheels for crossing ID Optional:

  1. Operation system

a. operation panel                           b. PLC    The machine is specialized for coils, the wrapped package is well-protected & sealed & looks tidier. Solution— Vertical type wrapping machine for steel coil   Wrapping process= Loading by crane +wrapping + unloading by crane

Comparing in packing material with pallet wrapping machine


pallet wrapping machine semiauto
pallet wrapping machine semiauto

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According former estimate,

a. the width 1m film: $0.0630498/m
b. Cost for full wrapping (one layer): $0.40351872

3 layer film cost $1.21055616
6 layer film cost $2.42111232

1kg PET Belt app. 190-200m=$2.496 1M=$0.01248
a. 1 Pallet:1.4mx2+0.8mx2=4.4m need 0.1m for connecting and overmeasure
b. 4 belts per pallet as requirement: the total length for one pallet is 4.5×4=18m
“井”type strapping costs:$0.22464

Cost for 3 layer+ “井”type strapping = $1.4351916
Cost for 6 layer=$2.42111232

Cost for 4 layer +“井”type strapping = $1.8387103