Automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper per inquiry


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Requirements Description
•   General Information
1.1 Description This stretch wrapping machine equipment will be used for wrapping master carton of export products.
1.2 Utilization Intended   for   a   maximum   uninterrupted   intermittent utilization of 24hrs/day
1.3 Room Condition The room of installation will have the following environment:Room temperature     :  NMT28 0C


Relative humidity      :  NMT60% Zoning                        :“D”Grade

•   Functional Requirements



Design Parameters


•    Rotate arm stretch wrapping Machine should be easy to carry.


•    Turn Plate(Speed):0-20r/min


•    Lifting Unit:Height controlled by photoelectric switch

•    Air Pressure(Kg/Cm2):4-6.


•    Gas Consumption:0.7m.


•    Diameter of Rotary Table:   400mm/Hr


•    Turntable speed can be adjustable.


•    Table height:600-650mm.


•    Height adjust ment should be flexible.


•    Column Height:1200-1250mm


•    Loading Capacity:Maximum60Kg


•    All movement sshould be independent to ensure instant winding.




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Requirements Description
•    Wrapper Specifications 

¾   Cater Corner:0~900mm


¾   Height:500~650mm


•    Have capacity to prevent damage of the goods.


•    Film Specification:


¾   Width:100-500mm.


¾   Thickness:15-25μm


¾   Stretchrate:100%-300%.


¾   Toxicity:Film should be free from to xi city.


•    Work Noise:≤75DB.

•   UtilityServices
3.1 Electrical requirements  

•    Power Supply:AC220V,50Hz,1000Watt


•    Phase:1Phase.

•   ValidationAspects
4.1 Installation, commissioning and support requirements •   Delivery:  5  to  6  weeks  after  receipt  of  confirmed order&LC.•   DQ-IQ-OQDocuments.


•   Recommended   Spares:   Necessary   spares   for   2


Years smooth operation.


•   Manufacturin gdefect will be repaired or replaced at free of charge based on the provisions of  warranty policy.

•   MOCCertificates.

Rotate arm stretch wrapper with strapping machine

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It is a automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper which connect to the manually pallet stacking station and automatic strapping machine.


It is a solution works for packaging goal about saving labor in end of line. The finished pallet package can be unloading by crane from conveyor.


Wrapping is one of function of the packing line, which can be add to production station, palletizing station…



automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper for pallet

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Automatic pallet wrapping machine–rotate arm stretch wrapper for your pallet online packaging.


Fhope providing custom built for your different pallets, such as bottles pallet, boxes pallets, can pallets…

All solution are provided with high standard for wrap packaging.The professional team with over years of application knowledge and experience  in designing and production to ensure the first level quality.