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Recommended Functions

Wide range of holding chamber sizes

Stainless construction

A number of areas


Hot dish for top shrink control

Oxygen clutch evacuation

Spares packages


The Vision Shrink Tunnels utilize the following







Well suited for Intelligent L-pub Sealers, and horizontal shrink wrappers

Convection-fashion heating system

Top quality management viewing windowpane

Lit up shrink holding chamber

Twice insulated shrink holding chamber

Varied speed tunnel straps

The Stretch Wrapper | Horizontal & Semi-Automatic from Location – R9 Sequence will wrap both one product or bundles of product making use of stretch film.

The Stretch Wrapper | Horizontal And Semi-Automated from Region – R9 Sequence are operated by feet pedal and can be used total spiral tail, head and wrapping wrapping or using bands of film at various details down the stress.


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