Automatic pvc pipe packing machine with bundling and bagging


Automatic pvc pipe packing machine with bundling and bagging

It is able automatic counting the pipes and strap it with stretch film.

The solution is able do tightening strap for bundles

Pipe bundle machine

It is an pipe counting and bundle  making solution for pvc conduit, PPR, Upvc pipe…bundle making…It connects with the pipe extruder to make it for automatic online packaging process to save your labor cost

Pipe bag packing machine

Automatic pipe bag filling and bagging making equipment for both PE bag bagging solution and woven bagging machine with stitching. It can be designed per pipe size and special client’s need. The size of pipe is from 15mm-110mm.

Pipe bagging machine

The automatic single pipe bagging packaging solution for pipes, especially for decoration stainless steel pipe. There is able bagging the steel pipe with 10 pcs or more in a row one time. This is steel pipe packing


Pvc Pipe packing machine

We currently manufacture insulated trunking for use in the beverage industry. It is assembled from a number of plastic tubes, which are wrapped in cling film then this bundle is covered in insulation material and the complete bundle is then spiral wound in PVC tape.
We are looking for machinery capable of assisting with this process.
In particular equipment capable of applying multiple layers of sheet 6mm thick PE foam insulation to the tubing bundle.


Now the machine production is on schedule.
Following are pictures of autoatmic coiling+wrapping machine in production for reference.
According to your size, we can offer the price around $43,000 for automatic coiling and packaging solution.
Please note that this is a total unmaned packing line. Only packing material reloading required staff.
One staff is able look after 5-10 sets packaging line




horizontal wrapper and pvc pipe packing

Functions of PVC pipe stretch wrapping machine and horizontal wrapper:
1. Examine with same variety pulverizer, the capacity of this mode is additional greater
2. Equipped with dust collection device to cut down dust pollution.
three. Close blower for discharge can cut down labor intensity of worker
4. the cover of key stretch wrapping machine and horizontal wrapper machine is often opened for preserve
five.the cooling of stretch horizontal wrapper machine have wind cooling and water cooling, it could cool the machine body quite good
PVC miller machine be utilized to grind crushed PVC scraps into fine powder for recycling production waste in rigid PVC plastic sector, for example PVC pipe,PVC profile,PVC ceiling,PVC wall panel. the model out there are rSMF400,SMGF500,SGMF600,SGMF800, the output capacity of pulverizer from 50kg/h to 380kg/h. and specific requirement on pulverizer might be customized
Specifications of PVC imitation marble sheet production line PVC imitation marble sheet production line is applied to create PVC faux marble sheet. The cost of PVC faux marble is considerably less costly than nature marble. It can possess a huge market place inside the future.


PPR pipe packing machine-2016


pvc tube bundling machine
pvc tube bundling machine


1. Whether connect the packing machine to extruder or used offline with orbital stretch wrapper:
2. How many extruders: 8 (Twin line)
3. Output per minute: Min 2 –Max 10
4. Pipe information: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm
1            20              4000                 50
2         25               4000               50
3             32              4000           25
4               40              4000             20

5. Other requirements or reminds:
We need on line pipe counting, alignment and bundling system and orbital stretch wrapepr for online packaging