automatic pipe hose coiler and strapping machine

Automatic pipe coiler and hose coiler  for automatic pipe and hose coil making, strapping and eye through packaging


automatic pipe hose coiler and strapping machine


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Automatic air pipe coiling and strapping machine packing line


Automatic air pipe coiling and strapping machine

Attached is our most current spool flange drawing. Let me know any questions you have.

I know the factory will shut down Friday the 20th.
So please tell me how is the progress so far for the pipe coiling and packaging line? Any idea of completion date?
I just want to get China Visa for my workers, and the flights booked to save the cost as much as possible.
I also have other travel schedule so I want to finalize as soon as I can.




The pipe bagging and strapping machine requirement in india

This is with reference to our telephonic discussion & trail mail  for automatic strapping machine for pipes. Please make a note of my observation & submission:

1. The Industry practice is to promote & market One Side Socket Type Conduits pan India.

2. But in MAHARASHTRA 80% Sales is of Non- Socket type Conduits in Black color only.

3. There are mix demand for number of Conduits in one Bag. Entire Western India & Southern India demands a pack of 100 Conduits in one bag. And the cost of local transportation is calculated on per bag basis by the labor.

4. Whereas North & East demands 25 Conduits & 40 Conduits in one bag.

5. I suggest without increasing our cost if we implement Socket Type conduits 50 Number in one Bag, in case of both 20mm & 25mm Conduits. The market will accept it.