Solution for tube bundling and bag packing


steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine

Could you please provide us with your pipe specifications and your packing requirements in details? We are able to offer you a suitable packing solution for packing your products. We will be glad to receive some pictures of your products for reference.

  • Long and straight pipes:

1. Please let us know your pipe specification.

No. Single Pipe OD
Length(mm) Production Speed
Max OD of
pipe bundle (mm)

2. Do you need this

steel pipe packing line
steel pipe packing line
steel tube packing line

to connect to your extrusion line?

3. what kind of packing material(bag) are you going to be used? Like HDPE bag.

4. What is your requirement of packing speed? Say, 1-2bundles/min.

(FYI-pipe bundling and bagging)

(FYI-horizontal stretch wrapping)


  • Pipe coil:

1. What is the specification of your pipe coil?

Pipe coil Width(mm) ID(mm) OD(mm) Weight(kg)


2. What kind of packing material(tape) do you want to be used? Such as stretch film, PVC, fabric woven belt, compound paper tape, etc.



4. What is your requirement of packing speed?


5. How do you load the coil onto the wrapping station of our machine? By manual, crane, automatically strapping and conveying or ?


6. Which kind of wrapping mode do you prefer? Vertical coil wrapping or horizontal coil wrapping? If your pipe coil are hard and available to be vertical, we suggest our vertical pipe coil wrapping machine GS series(cost-effective) instead GW series.

(FYI, GS series)

(FYI, GW series)



After getting your pipe specification and your packing needs, as a professional manufacturer with over 18 years of experience in producing packaging equipment, we are able to provide you a better packing solution and quote you as soon as possible.


Look forward to hearing from you.

plastic pipe packing line with pipe bagging machine

Steel tube bag packing
Steel tube bag packing

More information:

e have just received below message from GUNEY :

Missing issues with red marking :

5. When I proceed to next page, Attachment 3 is seen. What is the function of ring orientation time,

roller orientation time, orientation parameter and rev parameter? What should be the values of these parameters?


9. As per contract, Logo tape should be available. But, we did not see any logo adhesive device. We agreed for this accessory for 956,60 $.

—-I will check with the production dept.AND RESULT?

11. I need a spare part list of the plastic pipe bagging machine.

—-It will be sent later WHEN?

Additionally, attached please find some pictures about your labor and quality problems for your information.

We have to sign a performance test certificate for balance payment according to the contract.I think that Fhope’s bagging machine engineer will not come to Turkey…In this case, we can pay balance payment if Fhope complete above clauses.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.


Dear Sir,
We are a compan

y based in India manufacturing uPVC & Steel Pipes, for more information, please visit our website(s)… .

We are looking for a pipe bundling machine for our uPVC Pipes (with coupler/socket & Plain) , wiz the pipes are 3&6 meters in length, fitted with a coupler at one end and without coupler, O.D. –21 mm – 140 mm.
The per bundle weight will vary from 20 kg to 80 kg.
Could you please guide us, if you have a product to offer for the purpose.
Look forward to hear from you.
Thanks & Best Regards,

Pipe bundle machine

It is an automatic packing solution for pvc conduit, PPR, Upvc pipe…bundle making. Automatic pipe number counting, bundling, strapping…It can be connect with the extruder with online packaging process.

Pipe bag packing machine

Automatic filling the pipe bundle into bag. Both PE bag bagging solution and woven bagging machine can be designed per client’s need. The greatly save your labor cost in package. The woven bagging machine seal the end by

Pipe bagging machine

The automatic single pipe bagging packaging solution for pipes, especially for decoration stainless steel pipe. There is able bagging the steel pipe with 10 pcs or more in a row one time. This is steel pipe packing