Automatic strapping machine after service items


i) All accessories, attachments, tools, cutter, die, punch etc. required to perform the above mentioned job to be supplied and mentioned with price in offer.

ii) Standard Coiling, Lubricating & Lighting system should be provided with the coiling and strapping machine.

iii) Installation, trial run operation and maintenance training is to be provided by the strapping machine manufacturer. The duration of training should be at least 2 (two) weeks with trial   production.

iv) 1 ´ Operator/ Programming Manual in English must be supplied with Automatic PET STRAPPING machine.

v) 2 ´ Maintenance/trouble shooting/ Repair Manual in English must be      supplied with machine.

vi). Warranty for 01 (one) year after acceptance.

vii) Bidder should submit original Leaflet/ Brochure with the offer.

viii)  Country of manufacture and assembly should be mentioned in the     offer.

ix) All necessary Software to handle & maintain must be supplied along with machine.

x) Fast and slow moving spares parts, strapping head, cutter, die, punch with quoted price are to be given with the tender including yearly escalation price minimum for five years.

xi) 10 years service support with spares for minimum to be provided by the manufacturer if necessary. List of fast moving spares/accessories with cost to be provided        with the tender.

xii) PSI: A strapping machine technical team of 02 members of BOF would go for pre-     shipment inspection          to the supplier’s factory by BOF cost. Duration 05         (Five) working days.

xiii) Foreign Training of Personnel: A technical team of 04 members of BOF would go for Necessary Training to the supplier’s factory by BOF cost. Duration 01 (One) Week.

xiv) Any other items if require should be mentioned with the offer.

xv)  Manufacturer should have ISO or equivalent standard certificate.

Automatic PET strapping machine component








S/N Name Unit Qty
14 Roller axle 5 Drawing/ Sample will be Provided as required
15 Screw 20
16 Ejecting punch 30
17 Ejecting punch head 50
18 V-pulley 20
19 Fixing sleeve 50
20 V-pulley wheel 20
21 Hexagonal nut 50
22 Collet 50
23 Cam for feeding punch device 20
24 Roller 100
25 Roller pin 100
26 Cam for head stock 20
27 Nut for feeding punch device 50
28 Push punch shaft 20
29 Ejection punch shaft 20
30 Slide spring 50
31 Check nut for slide 50
32 Pinion gear 20

 Automatic PET strapping machine and handling solution in customer need.

Automatic Strapping machine manufacturer





Name of Machine


A/U Qty Rate FOB Freight
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g)
Head Turning, Mouth Finish Trimming  & Sieving Machine for 7.62 x 39 Cartridge Cases or Equivalent


  1. Use:

         This machine is used to head and mouth finish-trimming & sieving 7.62 ´ 39 cartridge cases.


  1. Operation Principle:

         Semi-finished cartridge cases are put in the hopper. Automatically oriented cases fed one by one to the station by feed device for heading and mouth trimming. Processed cases are pushed by ejection device to the chute. Chips and cases are separated through sieving.


  1. Technical Data:


S/N Item Unit Data
1 Head stock speed rpm 2180
2 Punch Stroke mm ~ 81
3 Ejection punch stroke mm ~ 72
4 Max. stroke of tool rest Heading mm ~ 12
Mouth trimming mm ~ 13
5 MOTOR Head stock Power KW 0.75
Speed rpm 1390
Distributor Power KW 11
Speed rpm 910
6 Hopper motor Power KW 0.37
Speed rpm 40 ~ 200
7 Productivity pcs/min ~ 80
8 Overall dimension (L´W´H) mm 1490 ´ 1010 ´ 1580
9 Weight kg ~ 2200


D.    Country of Origin : Any Country


  1. List of Tools:


S/N Name Unit Qty
1 Delivering punch staff 30 Drawing/ Sample will be Provided as required
2 Delivering punch head 80
3 Pad 20
4 Nut 40
5 Sleeve 50
6 Free wheel 20
7 Bearing 35
8 Head turning 50
9 Tool axle 15
10 Gasket 15
11 Nut 35
12 Trimming tool 100
13 Roller 5
Nos 02


Automatic PET Strapping machine with bundling machine

Thank you so much for the warm welcome.. I copied our production manager Mr. Dexter Peter in the email for more comments.

As we discussed you need to do the below corrections before sending the automatic strapping machine  and bundle making machine.

1. The panels in the bundle to evenly stacked (see the attached photos for the uneven packing).
2. The packing speed seems little bit slow. To be improved. You may increase the panel picking speed.
3. Currently the pneumatic picking is at rest till the bundle completely enter the sealing section. You need to modify the machine so that the panels picking without any stop.
4. While holding the packed bundles at the end, the L-shaped full length support to be minimum 6mm thick. And the holding plate should have extended guide rails to hold the bundles without falling down.

Thanks and best Regards

Automatic strapping machine manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer,  we were providing automatic strapping machine packaging solution for coil objetct since from 1998.

Nous faisons des affaires sur Alibaba qui a beaucoup de grands services pour nous aider facilement l’exportation. Mais ne signifie pas que ce que nous sommes une société commerciale.

Comme un fabricant professionnel, nous fournissions une solution d’emballage pour objetct bobine depuis de 1998.

Nous avons notre disiging, la production, l’installation, la mise en service, après l’équipe de service.

La solution personnalisée offerte pour vous seulement tête de cerclage est l’achat de notre coopeartor.
Suite est une solution sur mesure pour référence.

Bienvenue à la visite de notre usine.
Ou vous pouvez demander à un tiers de vérifier notre capacité.
Le voir pour le croire.

We do business on Alibaba that has many great service to help us easy the export. But not mean’s we are trading company.
As a professional manufacturer,  we were providing automatic strapping machine packaging solution for coil objetct since from 1998.
We have our disiging, production, installation, commissioning, after service team.
The customized solution offered for you only strapping head is purchase from our coopeartor.
Following is some customized solution for reference.

strapping and wrapping automatic equipement

Q: Are there any developments or style improvements in pouch producing you foresee seeing in the around foreseeable future?

A: Pouch and bag kinds will continue on to evolve with imaginative styles and enhanced usability attributes for portability, closure-reclosure, sustainability giving and warmth-ability. The important trajectory of rigid converting to adaptable formats means that model owners and converters can supply far more usefulness to the shopper, and decrease total packaging charges. To aid the ever-changing specifications to make these pouches and baggage, devices must be adaptable. This starts with sourcing gear from a firm that is able of customization, and is knowledgeable of your process. State-of-the-art sealing and world-wide-web-handling strategies are crucial now and will develop into far more so, as sustainable resources/blends appear additional completely on the web. This is not going absent. We have been performing on this for ten yrs – we’re all set. The cost and availability of electricity is essential, especially for intercontinental converters. CMD’s sustainability mission involves reducing the electricity utilised by our devices. This is especially important in parts in which electrical power is premium priced, or exactly where electrical power surges/brownouts are common.

PET strapping machine
PET strapping machine for coil

Q: Discuss about CMD’s most popular bag/pouch producing equipment — why do people like it so substantially?

A: Around the world, the Product 1270GDS Global Drawtape Bagmaking Process is our flagship device, popular simply because it generates the handy, drawstring design luggage people purchase. This 1 program incorporates the movie unwind, drawtape insertion and bag sealing in a compact device that offers converters and brand name owners about the entire world a wonderful possibility to expand their market share. A compact footprint, high throughput and waste-saving course of action-performance, the 1270GDS can be built-in with large-velocity bag winders and packaging automation for a comprehensive convert-key operation.

For lesser converters seeking to break into the effectiveness and customer comfort of luggage-on-rolls, the CMD International Bag Machine and Winder is an affordable, compact method with outstanding process efficiency, output speeds up to 450 fpm/138 mpm, and a basic, icon-based procedure contact screen. The CMD 864 is also a wonderful machine for rising marketplaces simply because it can be purchased affordably and is well-supported internationally by Ethernet functionality and CMD’s services community.

For pouch converters, CMD’s exclusive Smart Sealing Technological innovation can validate the good quality of just about every pouch, just about every time, by marrying advanced programming and mechanical layout to keep an eye on, history and adjust time, warmth and strain for just about every stroke of the seal bars. Converters love this engineering mainly because it delivers evidence of high quality for every pouch — crucial for crucial health-related and food pouch packaging customers. Intelligent Sealing Technological innovation is available as an option on most CMD pouch methods, and can provide assurance in opposition to contamination and meals recollects if used adequately.

Q: What are some essential elements to think about when getting a new bag or pouch-creating machine?

A: What are your creation and organization objectives? Minimize expenses/strengthen margins? Incorporate potential? Introduce a new product or service? Expand your business? Examine the financial strength and status of the supplier so they will be close to to assistance your device with updates and retrofits (get testimonials, demonstrations/examination with your movie/resources, question for payback quantities/ROI). Other essential factors include things like:

Overall flexibility for your long run specifications (modular, adaptable, retrofittable).
Services and sections.
Abilities of your upkeep and operator staff — how uncomplicated is the machine to work and sustain?
It is not “just a bag” — it is your organization. Products is a crucial asset — supply it correctly and resist the temptation to buy predominantly on cost. Cost/price romantic relationship — not price tag by yourself.

Q: Training and training is so essential to economical pouch producing — what is CMD undertaking to address this prerequisite?

A: Commercialization, set up, assistance observe-up and expert-dependent method. Coaching at set up is aspect of that process. Entire training packages in our facility or the customer’s. Support, Help, Support — cellphone, on the web, in man or woman. It is a men and women business. Provider films — demonstrate set up, thread up and begin up for bag devices. Adaptable, iterative mastering — retrofits, upgrades, we share our process understanding to support our consumers improve efficiency and develop for decreased price for each unit for better profitability.