How to handling the door and panel packing machine properly

Reference to your conversation with  below the issues are stopping us to do manual packing of panels.

1. The temperature setting is not proper, the shrinking will not be proper at low temperature and made holes if we increase temperature
2. Film stick over the conveyor of shrinking tunnel, it is very difficult to remove the film from the conveyor and Teflon covering on the rollers got damage.
3. Welding and cutting of the polythene is not proper and it had problem after 5-6 bundles, we need to clean the heater area after each 5 bundle.
4. 4 Additional Labour is require to load and unload the panel as the initial sucking is not working properly and the end stacker cannot hold more than one bundle of seven panel.

· There are big holes in the shrink film

· Sometimes The base film stick with the shrinking tunnel and sticked in the roller (which will stick on to the next bundle and will damage the packing)

Door packing machine

The welding and cutting section is having problem after packing 5-6 bundles

Need 4 work men to operate since the stack is not holding more than two bundles of 7 sheets ( 2 person at the loading section and 2 person at the unloading section)

installation of the panel packing machine

automatic PET strapping machine

Machine installation
1、The panel packing machine is consisted with front conveyor line, hot cutter, shrink machine, exit unpowered conveyor roller, electrical cabinet etc.
2、Assemble the above-mentioned spare parts at proper position according to the . And then install the auxiliary parts. Finally adjust the relative position of the components after all parts being installed.
3、In principle, the shrink machine part should be treated as the benchmark when adjusting the relative position of above machine components.
4、The placement of above machine parts can be operated as follows:
a. 100mm’s distance left between shrink machine and heat cutter.
b. 100mm’s distance left between front conveyor line and heat cutter.
5、The level height of above components should be in consistent. The level height of shrink machine should be referred as the benchmark when adjusting height of other conveying surface.
6、After all the automatic strapping machine mechanical parts have been installed and adjusted, then connect with power and air source. Terminal row wire connection is adopted for machine circuit; make sure to connect the corresponding wire joints correctly. Φ8mm quick plug is adopted for interior air supply connection, just connect the corresponding pipe joints and plugs properly. Connect the exterior power and air source properly according to attached
7、Prevent against the occurrence of bruise, compression injury, crushing injury, contusion and other accidents during the installation.
8、As the machine has been transported and moved, all flexible parts shall be inspected carefully.
9、The entire installation shall be completed under the condition that the power supply and air supply is cut off.
10、The machine shall be mounted on flat and hard ground. Ground load should be greater than 3T/ m2
11、Only trained personnel can be allowed to enter the installation site.
12、Next working procedure can be executed only after all the installation operations are completed.
13、The panel packing machine shall be mounted in dry and dust free environment.

Door packaging machine and full size panel shrinking machine

We are providing automatic door shrink wrap machine for full size sealed packaging. it works for wooden door, steel frame door, windoor, panel, board…

The door packing machine included two sealing stations, one is with length 2.2m, one is with 1.2m. It is able sealing the door, panel packaging with full size sealed package. And  door shrinking machine is length 2400mm.

We can help the end user cusomtized the handling and packaging solution per requirement.


Panel strapping machine and wooden strapping machine available for your strap packaging from fhopepack


PIR panel packing machine orbital wrapper

orbital stretch wrapper for panel

As we discussed during the phone call last time, I am sure that you can arrange some PIR boards horizontal stretch wrapper in China market. If you can’t, then let us know we shall arrange one bundle of panels.


By the way can you please send some photographs of the machine. Remember we need oi inspect the machine before shipping. Let us know when we can come for inspection.


We will do testing the day after tomorrow.

So i think the sample delivery from your company can not catch the schedule.

We find the sample from the market.

Length:3000mm Width:1200mm Height:20mm

The price is $12.10/pcs

If you need to check the height 2.4m testing, it needs $1,452 which total amount is less than delivery by flight.

Actually 1.2m height sample is enough for testing. If not enough, you can buy it later.

Waiting for your opinion reply about sample  for the panel packing machine


orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machine



Panel,timber, Profile shrink packing machine by POF and PE
We are providing automatic profile sealing and shrinking machine for profile, panel,timber…
Automatic solution for feeding, film cutting, shrinking and stacking can be customized per your need. PLC&HMI control system…

It provides full sides bagging and sealed packaging solution.


More packing solution for panel, aluminum profile and timber

aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine


1. PLC & HMI for flexible handle a variety of load sizes.

2. Widely built with high productivity, cost efficiency and longevity.

3. Different program for auto/manual  swift control.

4. The inverters for wrapping and conveying speed changing.

5. Overlap adjustment for both material save and seal package.

6. Can operate and cooperation in-line with other automated equipment



board and Panel stacking and packing line
board and Panel stacking and packing line

1. 客户现场是否能挖地坑?他说地坑效率高,想让客户挖地坑

——–现场不具备挖坑条件, 4.0×1.2x(1.5-2.4)m 坑太深,太大。


2. 宽度是1.2米,是否还有其它宽度?


3. 一整托必须是一个尺寸


4. 收缩可能会变形,问客户可接受的收缩的程度,最差是什么样子的,最好客户拍照过来, 看看客户现在的收缩效果是什么样子的 尤其是长度4米宽200/500mm 以及客户现在收缩设定的温度是多少,余厂要做参考。

目前用收缩机收收缩的效果,不变形,包装材料厚40microm, 温度在120-140度。



5. 叉车上料时和后堆垛完成后,客户都是如何操作的,可发视频和图片,关键他想知道是否带托盘




6. 叉车的中心距是多少

—– 待确认


7. 以后非标的机子 预付款得50%


8. 堆垛小物体长600mm时速度20秒每个 这个怎么计算出来的,不理解是什么意思



Panel Orbital stretch wrapper with strapping machine

Panel strapping machine with orbital stretch wrapper
Panel strapping machine with orbital stretch wrapper


More information:

Attached please find the quotation of our automatic panel packing line. As you can see, this automatic panel strapping machine and packing line includes infeed conveyor, automatic panel strapping machine(4 bands), transitional conveyor, automatic panel stretch wrapping machine, outfeed conveyor and electrical control system. Machine features and technical data can be gotten in the quotation clearly.
After going through it, please let me know if you have any queries. Any comments will be appreciated.
After consulting our engineer, we can make some modifications on our horizontal spiral wrapping machine to wrap your panel and plastic tube bundles. Due to the quality of your product, this machine will be special customized for your flexible operation. The price of this wrapping machine without conveyor system is 14,800USD.
Note: For packing your small and light panel, it needs manual assistance. And the operation will be very easy and safe.
(for your reference only)
Please feel free to contact us for anything.