Automatic Panel Packing Line

Fhopepack offers automatic packaging lines and automated packaging systems for each customer’s requirements. The equipment can be connected with the production line, share the product information and realize automatic packaging. The automatic packaging line will be designed according to different products. Applicable to steel coil, coil, copper ring, eye horizontal packing line and eye vertical packing line.
The utility model is connected with a longitudinal shearing belt, a rotary or a turnover machine. Automatic location, packing, stacking and transportation… A straight object, such as a door, tube, or rod, that provides a packaging system, including conveyors, shift tables, stacking devices, and bundling systems… The package can be stacked in a pre auto wrap or wrapped wrapping. Using automated packaging solutions, all operations are handled by devices that have protected designs. Once the film is stretched on the package, it shrinks and closed like an elastic band to keep it compressed and wrapped together. It protects against damage, paint, highly polished surface requirements, and protects the transition of the product. Avoid requirements for staggered cushioning materials. Horizontal stretch packaging machines can eliminate packaging, such as foam, tape, shrink wrap, paper bulky, expensive packaging materials.Knitting belt, rope, pet belt.Packaging speed, save time and labor costs. Packaging costs are reduced as much as possible. Automatic packing line is an ideal solution to save manpower cost in packaging. Many industrial lines are automated now, but they require manual work at the end of the line, such as packing, strapping, stacking, etc.. We provide you with fully automated custom solutions.

Automatic Panel Packing Line 

Automatic Panel packing machine and packing line


We have modificated your concerns about Automatic Panel packing machine and packing line.
1. the evenly stacked
The pieces stacking is affected by the springs and board quantity and quolity.
If the more pieces and hard board (like your items), the press roller by the spring is working heavily, and then the stacking will be good.

Please the modificated pictures 7 pieces of a panel bundle in the attachment. pic1 and pic 2.
The hole with a steel pipe of the following picture is helpful for the bundles evenly stacking. Picture 5.
The holes are customized by your item size, while we don’t find your size at our market.

And, our electrical engineer suggests more even stacking performance (including piceces and bundles) need to test, do commissioning at your workshop and by your real working and packing condition. Because our workshop is not yours, our board is not your items.

2. the picking time and waiting time
Please see the newest video of the panel packing line.
We have modificated the control system.
But more speed time improvement must be accunted logically at your workshop.

3. the holding has changed into thick steel sheet.
Please see picture 3 and pic4.

4. the guard is no need at the last stacking, because it’s decieded by your item’s size, the land area is enough for its stability.

Besides there is able provide automatic strapping machine solution along with the Automatic Panel packing machine and packing line

shrink packing solution for panel and board

The machine of the link is automatic sealing and shrinking.
If you like semi-automatic, it just has the shrink tunnel.
If you need the sealer, it must be automatic.
So, please help me know your choice.
Automatic or semi-automatic?
And, please kindly confirm with me.
1. what’s your product?
box, case…?
2. what’s the product weight?
Look forward to your reply.
panel strapping machine

Please find bellow our request for a packaging machine (Semi- automatic )


– Hot air blowing on all sides
– Adjustable sealer
– The type of product to be packed: plastic items PP, PE, PVC
– Max packing Measure: H450mm x Width 700mm x Length 800mm