Fhopepack SYSTEMS

FHP is a stretch wrapping company which is the global leader in the stretch wrapping industry. Technology, innovation, and experience are combined with the products by our series of semi-automatic and automatic pallet stretch packaging equipment that provide you with the results you can rely on.
A new smart tool- SYSTEM Fhopepack CONFIGURATOR is gained on SIEMENS HMI.
SYSTEM is a configurator that allows you to quickly and accurately select the right Fhopepack taping machine to apply rubberized fabric on all your boxes.
If your boxes have different sizes or you have special demands, our taping machine models can be easily and quickly compared through SYSTEM, which saves your time and money.
We have an experienced sales team which is devoted to find the perfect solution for our customers according to their application. Unceasing innovation and keening to offer the best service for our customer in the industry are the goal of every member of our team.
As the global leader in the packaging industry, Fhope Group is specialized in end-line solutions. It has almost 750 employees and 9 subsidiaries which are located France, UK, Germany, USA, Russia, China, Spain and Brazil, respectively. In addition, it has five facilities in the wrapping Valley in Italy and 1 in Brasil as well as 1 in the USA. Its business covers more than 120 countries and offers services to global customers.
Particularly, the Group has a broad range of products which range from semi-automatic packaging machines with intelligent technology to innovative automatic solutions and from industrial packaging machine to shrink packaging machine as well as cartooning machines to tailor-made wrapping solutions.
The sales revenue of five brands (Fhopepack, Fhopepack SYSTEMS, Fhopepack PACKERS,   Fhopepack E TOPTIER Fhopepack, respectively.) is 130 million Euro. More than 6 percent of sales revenue is invested in R&D to provide innovative technology solutions for the products and provide real benefits for customers.
The customer is first for our Group in the order of priority. Becoming a partner with the customer and not only a supplier is another step to enhance customer satisfaction.

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