Orbital Stretch Wrapping and Packaging Machine

Let’s introduce One of Our product: Orbital Stretch Wrapping and Packaging Machine

That is Stretch packaging machine for steel, aluminum, wood, plastics and rubber products.

To stretch packaging of other types of products: flat steel, hot rolled steel, composite steel, stainless steel wire, stainless steel pipe and steel truss,aluminum, wood, wood profiles and Wood Millwork, beam, plastic coil, coil titanium, composite beam, doors and windows, insulation board, furniture,electrical and hydraulic components, rubber hoses and finished products, and many others.

The plastic single side winding film,or non winding plastic packing film is the most commonly used two packing materials for spiral wrapping machine.

Our stretch packaging machine size range from 18 inches to 10ft 3-5 inches incremental model through seven lines. This allows the one to provide stretch wrapping machines, is a size optimization solution for each product type and throughput.

Examples of labor saving in stretch packaging machines
Work with your employees on more value-added jobs than on plastic packaging products. The speed of automatic or semi-automatic stretch packer will liberate other important work of the employee.

Orbital stretch wrapping machine packing system

Orbital stretch wrapping machineOrbital stretch wrapping machine
Orbital stretch wrapping machine and packing system

– SKID CONVEYOR (1, 2) requirements
1. adjustable height :
D O W2N.( 5C7ON0VmEmY)O,R TUoPt(a8l2 0lemnmg)th :
3 8 030. mCmONVEYOR width :
300mm 4. both of leg can be movable
a n d 5a.d jwuesitgatbhl e:
r e q u1i.r ehmeeingthst : 700mm (it can’t be
m o v a2l.b eC)ONVEYOR Total length
: 435.0 0COmNmVEYOR width :
r e q u1i.r ehmeeingthst : 750mm (JINGLIN existing height :
8 6 02m.m C)ONVEYOR Total length : 6300mm (excepting conveyor is
p u t3 .i nC OWNRVAEPYPOIRN Gw iMdAtChH:I N1E40)0mm (JINGLIN existing width :
1 4 040.m mma)ke each hole for combine with skid conveyor[1] and even divide moving
l i n5e. bwoetihg tcha n: be movable
4. weigth :
r e q u1i.r ehmeeingthst : 750mm (Fhope packaging existing height :
8 6 02m.m C)ONVEYOR Total length : 8700mm (excepting conveyor is
p u t3 .i nC OWNRVAEPYPOIRN Gw iMdAtChH:I N1E40)0mm (Fhope packaging existing width :
1 4 040.m mma)ke each hole for combine with skid conveyor[2] and even divide moving
line both can be movable
6. weigth :
5. make each hole for combine with skid

6. Packaging material: Stretch film

orbital stretch wrapping machine and coil wrapper

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper

Please can you send us the technical explanation of the reason why we have to use a different solution for wire coils with a width more than 900mm? I would like to know this in order to explain to the customer why they have to use one solution or another.

Also I would like to have a video for both solutions and also the drawings of both solutions.

Also I will appreciate if you told me which will be the distance between the wrapping machine and the system to cover the head and the tail. In the case the distance can be adjusted by our requirement which will be the minimum distance we can use between both systems (orbital stretch wrapping machine and system to cover head and tail) in both type of solutions.

stretch film and HDPE film for coil packaging

Please check the attetchment.

Size changing as note can be free. only Max. loading 4.5 T cost $500.

We also got a definition of some packing material– see below – is it useable on the packing machine?

—Yes, all size are ok

Also would you please send us some references to deliveries of your machine either to Bekaert or to other plants?

— To TATA wire India, SIW Thailand, Maklada Tunisia, GCR Italy,DEACERO USA…

Another question is if you have any experience if the strand is warm (50°C for example), if it can be packed immediatelly – risk for condensation or corrosion?

—Paper, Knit belt, HDPE film are no problem.

Last question is whether such a wire coil packing machine can also pack PC wire coils (OD 2000mm, width 250mm) or this is done usually on different machine?

There are two type machines for OD2000

a. Horizontal

b. Vertical

door horizontal stretch wrapping machine

Orbital stretch wrapper for panel and tray
Orbital stretch wrapper series
As per your previous inquiry about door packing machine, what is going on with this project now? Are you still in need of this machine? If so, please answer my following questions. After getting your answers, we will offer you a suitable packing machine.
1. What is your door specification?
Door Length(mm) Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg)
2. What kind of packing material are you going to be used? eg. stretch film, PE, PVC, etc.
(fyi-stretch film)
3. What is your requirement of packing speed? Or what is your daily throughput, say 8 hours?
4. What is loading and unloading method? By manual or ?
5. What is you plan of purchasing this packing machine?
6. What is your main idea of door packing machine? Is it mainly used for protecting doors in storage and transportation or selling with a nice package?
7. Regarding packing door, we have two packing solutions for you choosing.
A. Door sealing and shrinking machine
-This machine can seal the door fully after shrinking. The package is pretty nice and tidy. It not only can protect the product from any damage in storage or transportation, but also the wrapped door can be sold on the market directly.
Shrink material: PE Film
-This machine can be semi-auto or automatic. The packing material is stretch film, PE film or other packing tapes as per your need. After packing, the product can be stored or transported in a good condition. However, normally this machine can not pack the head and tail end of the door. If you prefer this packing machine and also want to wrap both ends of door, we can provide you a solution-horizontal door sealing +stretch wrapping machine(bubble film wrap).
8. Do you have any requirements about door packing machine?

price of orbital wrapping machine for wire mush

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile


Thank you for your kind email and support very much. After applying to our manager, he agrees to give you 3%discounts based on our quotation for aluminum profile packing machine GG400 and without compromising orbital wrapping machine quality. Hope you can accept this fairest price. Here reattached the quotation, please have a check.


Regarding after-sales service, we will offer you our best for orbital wrapping machine. Please check the details as below.

After-sales service guarantee

  1. One year for warranty
  2. Supply the spare parts of the machine for free.
  3. If need, engineers available to service machinery overseas.
  4. Change the broken parts of electric components for free.
  5. Respond and deal with the trouble of the machine within 3 hours after receiving technical supportive requirement.
  6. A new machine will be as a replacement, if the machine still can’t work after maintenance.
  7. 10 years warranty for structure fame
  8. Lifelong technical assistance and support


We are expecting to have a pleasant cooperation on this project by offering you a good quality of stretch film machine and establish a good and long term of business relation with your esteemed company.

As one of your cartoon size: L430mm x W420mm x H330mm is a little larger than the standard automatic cartoon erector and bottom sealer package


orbital stretch wrapping machine for sheet, plastic board


appreciate both the wider rollers as well as the palletized goods.

Also, since your lead time is only 45 days and you have been most accommodating with our requests, I advised my staff to send you the full payment. This was done yesterday, so you should have received it by now – please check.

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
After roughly review the documents of “commercial terms and condition”,generally we have two major proposals, for CPBG and payment.
Please check attached file in excel format.
Since there’re too much contents in the documents,we still need to review carefully and discuss with our team which takes time.
We will have “labor day” holidays from May 1st-4th,thus I will reply to you after then.
Please allow us more time on it.
The final offer for both the supply and the supervision service is attached.
For the “ITP” mentioned below,please kindly explain what this it,and do you have a format for that?
This and “QAP” will also be provided after April 4th.
Attached you will find the quotation of the automatic strapping & orbital wrapping machine as request.
The estimated lead time of this automatic line is 50-60 days. We will custom design and manufacture the machine for you. And we also provide the installation guide, commissioning & start up, training service for you if needed.

Orbital stretch wrapping machine for automatic shrink wrap


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile


More information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Horizontal_wrapping_machine.html

Orbital stretch wrapping machine SUPPLIER supplied motor controls shall be housed in a standard
motor control center (MCC) enclosure, and shall provide a method for disconnecting
power from each motor circuit, and allow the operating mechanism to be locked in
the open and closed position by padlock. Refer to the Motor Control Center section
of this specification for additional information.


Orbital stretch wrapping machine SUPPLIER supplied control panel(s) shall provide a centrally
located terminal block layout, separated by voltage level, for the purpose of
terminating all field wires to and from the system. All field wires shall terminate on
one side of the terminal blocks.


Any floor mounted or large wall mounted control panel of the Orbital stretch wrapping machine shall have one 120V,
duplex convenience receptacle installed for maintenance. This does not include
outlets used for powering equipment mounted on panel. This type of panel shall also
contain a switched fluorescent strip light on the ceiling, and shall have provisions to
be “cinch” anchored to finish floor or bolted to building steel.

Orbital stretch wrapper for panel
Orbital stretch wrapper for panel



Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper

Horizontal stretch wrapper manufacturer

[yframe url=’https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1e_UobX5Ss&feature=youtu.be’]


Orbital stretch wrapper from FhopePack help you handling the wooden, profile, pipe… long shape object packaging by stretch film.


It is a economic type orbital wrapping machine in high speed.


Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper  are now being built-in into warmth sealers from Fhopepack.


The partnership enables the packaging equipment maker to provide a complete automation remedy for their consumers that is versatile, adaptable and reduced expense.




Testimonies Provided by horizontal stretch wrapper-Researchers That Have Grow To Be Really Successful

5. The sticky adhesive tape implementing machine as reported in state 1, in which a plurality of sticky adhesive tape implementing elements of explained structure are being used as opposed to individual anyone to match breadth of an item to get packaged.

6. The adhesive tape implementing machine as professed in assert 2, whereby the supporting chair is formed by using a horizontal extension dish segment at a budget, as well as a transforming drive is reinforced about the horizontal extension plate part, along with the sticky tape making use of mechanism is held on and pivoted to a shaft segment formed in the transforming hard drive, along with the sticky tape making use of mechanism has curved slots on two sides from the switching drive, and the horizontal extension plate portion has two preventing protrusions passed on through respective versions of your curved slots.

7. The adhesive tape making use of machine as reported in assert 2, where the sticky adhesive tape implementing device includes:

a body;

Monthly horizontal stretch wrapper Wrap Up Is Certainly Beginning To Really Feel Rather Out Of Date

the sticky tape implementing machine being positioned beside a horizontal stretch wrapper in a way that once the horizontal stretch wrapper wind a plastic-type film all around an object, an sticky adhesive tape will likely be caught on the object along with a tail stop part of the plastic-type material film to repair the tail stop area of the plastic-type material film constantly in place through the sticky adhesive tape using machine; the adhesive tape using system becoming gonna easy a tail end part of a plastic material film when making use of an sticky tape around the tail end portion of the plastic-type film.

3. The sticky tape applying machine as reported in claim 1, where the supporting seating is actually created by using a horizontal extension dish section with a budget, plus a turning drive is backed about the horizontal extension dish portion, and the sticky tape applying device is hung on and pivoted to some shaft portion formed about the switching disk, and also the sticky tape implementing mechanism has curved slot machine games on two aspects from the turning disk, along with the horizontal extension plate portion has two preventing protrusions passed by means of specific kinds of your curved slot machine games.