PVC Garden Hose pack machine

Your client’s item is flexible hose with a large OD, we offer you coil hose packing machine.
Please check the quotation attached. This coil wrapper is easier to operate, feed the coil.
Convenient, efficient, excellent choice. Any question or concern, please contact me freely.
FYI: http://www.fhopepack.com/blog/hose-coil-packaging-machine-video/

hose coil wrapping machine

Are you interested in investing any of the following?
-Screen printing machine (rotary and oval)(manual, semi-auto and fully-auto)
-Heat press machine (manual and automatic )
-Conveyor dryer ( infrared flash dryer and conveyor dryer )
-Exposure machine for screen printing
-Stretching machine (manual and automatic )

plastic hose coil stretch wrapper and packaging machine

Good afternoon. Thank you for your reply.
Regarding to your concerns:

1) Rubber hose not like tire with fixed position, is this model suitable for use ?
——-Suitable. Please see attached picture.
2) Whether your technical personal need to visit our factory have more understanding on product and process?
——-It is a fool style operation machine. We got rich experience in similar coil packaging solution. Our team capable design by your offered size. So please send me your whole coil size list if possible.
3) Your product been sold to which rubber hose manufacturer in Malaysia?
———This coil stretch wrapper machine has helped many countries in the world, last week just delivered to Uruguay, not much in your country. Our clients in Malaysia like Surfmep Extrusions Sdn. Bhd, Hengah Paper Product Sdn Bhd.
4) The wrapping materials can it be change for various width ?
——–Can be changed. 50-70mm available. The right wrapping material size is affected by coil size. If the ID is large, the film is large too.
5) Is there any agent or distributor in Malaysia ?
——Sorry, no distributor in Malaysia yet.

Actually, we are producing vary sizes of rubber hoses ; the most common type as per yesterday list.
It’s better for our technicians to have your whole size list, so that they can design the hose coil stretch wrapper machine by your hose size totally and targeted, and know your coil clearly. Please send me all the sizes. Thank you in advance.
Coil No.     Hose size (mm)      OD (mm)         ID (mm)            Width (mm)         Weight (kg)

Would you able to offer us with better terms with 30% of down payment , 30% of copy B/L received and balance 40% after test run with no problem.
———We would like to offer you 50% down payment, 50% after successful checking in our factory.

Just like you, we do believe to have a good start! Thank you.

Best regards


pipe wrapping machine coil wrapping machine hose coil wrapping machine

FPH200 Hose wrapping machine

FPH-300 Hose wrapping machine FPH-400 hose wrapping machine  FPH-500 hose wrapping machine

Rubber pipe packing machine and wrapping machine video


Rubber pipe packing machine and wrapping machine video works for rubber hose, hydraulic hose packing, PE corrugated pipe packing, HDPE pipe wrapping…


This is a kind of coil wrapping machine with ring speed 100r/min. Packing speed 20-30 sec per pcs.

corrugated pipe coil and hose packing machine




You can find corrugated pipe coil and hose packing machine from Fhopepack.




Please be kind making us a quotation, we need coil wraping machine, for a PE CORRUGATED PIPE COIL. Data sheet attached.

High 900 mm

Diameter 1200 mm

The packing material is stretch film (LLDPE FILM).

Please let us know the quotation as soon as possible.






Glad to receive your inquiry.
Learning from your information for corrugated hose packaging rrequirement,we are capable providing several type packaging solution both semiauto and automatic.
Vertical coil packaging:
Horizontal wrapping:
Autoamtic coil packing:
Base one my experience, the machine suitable for your packaging requirement may be following:
Before offering a quotation i’d liket to know the information following:
1. What is the Min&Max. OD, ID and Width
2. What is your packaging material, such as stretch film, paper…?
Waiting for your reply.

Stretch wrapper for plastic pipe and hose

automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,

Thanks for your video and quotation.

This is okay for us as you know we will same on cartoon.

Pls give us hose stretch wrapper quotation according to below requirements

  1. Weighing online eliminating machine- 1 set
  2. Automatic folding cover carton sealing machine- 1 set
  3. Real-time printing and labeling machine (side surface)- 1 set
  4. Automatic hose and pipe packing machine by film stretch wrapping.

After discussion with end-user, we found it might be more suitable to use JL-2100-W

We need you to this model (JL2100-W) but without the Incoming and out-going conveyors , possible?



Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

Ok。 我们可以按您的要求只配JL2100-W型的全自动转盘式托盘包装机的主机部分,无前后端输送机。 关于设备价格,这两个型号的主机价格一样,都是19,800USD (JL2100-W的转盘直径为标准的1500mm)。



1. 托盘物体包装尺寸:

Load Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)

Hose wrapping machine and pipe packing machine

hose wrapping machine
hose wrapping machine, pipe coil wrapping machine, garden hose packing machine


Hose wrapping machine shall wire to one side of the terminal blocks
only except where the other side is internal to the panel. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER shall pre-wire all PLC I/O modules to terminal
blocks. EQUIPMENT SUPPLIER shall pre-wire from the incoming power
transformer to each circuit breaker and distribute to each PLC I/O module. All wire terminations shall make use of screw clamp type terminal
blocks. Wire insulation is to be stripped to sufficient length to assure a
solid connection.
Hose wrapping machine Wires are to be permanently labeled at all terminations with the wire
number. Wires shall be identified with Brady sleeve heat-shrink polyolefin
computer-printable or approved equal wire markers. Cables shall also be
identified with Electrovent Unilabel, Cat. No. ELV-688-12, or approved

Hose coiler and packing machine

Hose coiler and packing machine
Hose coiler and packing machine

More information:



You can get more information for automatic hose coiling and packing machine from fhopepack.com. It is a high speed solution about whole size stretch wrapping and packaging connects to the coiler. It works for both offline and online packaging, and dispatching.

Supportive roll and lifting device for driving the coil for rotating.