The bundle of pipes could be displaced

The package deal of tubes may be displaced by any of the two carriages towards the strapping position. Depending on the positioning of the package, the strapping machine can rotate a highest of 180o and place on some of equally facial lines. As soon as the carriage along with the package of pipes is cease on the 1st strapping situation, the strapping machine will spin and execute first transversal strap towards the deal. As a way to conduct remainder of straps, the carriage needs to displace the bundle to the next strapping position. When every one of the straps happen to be done, the strapping machine will area in the intermediate position from the rotation therefore the carriage can evacuate strapped package.

The automated strapping machine can perform the transversal strapping with stainlesss steel or polyester strap.

The strapping machine could be adapted for the readily available space as well as the highlights of the customer’s collection without having problems. In the event that consumer calls for to do some alterations on the strapping machine, we are able to perform requested adjustments.

The owner needs to form the full bundle of piping. When the deal is conformed, it should be displaced with the carriage to the strapping position. Once the deal is end at the strapping position, the strapping machine enters for the line and executes every single strap in the positions needed by the owner.

When each of the bands are carried out, the strapping machine displace towards the preliminary place and one of several carriage removes the strapped package through the original placement and requires it on the finish of the range. Simultaneously one other carriage spots in the strapping placement after that package of water lines to get strapped.

The automatic strapping machine can perform the transversal strapping with metallic and/or polyester strap.

The strapping line may be tailored for the readily available room along with the attributes of the customer’s series with out troubles.

Coil packaging line Installment and data


Slitting cutting lines

Coils packing and handling collections

Lower-to-length outlines – rotary shears

Revamping guidance (products upgrading)

Special applications

Practical assistance and maintenance service

The highly processed supplies are: hot and cold molded steel, pre and stainless-painted steel , magnetic metal grain oriented and not grain concentrated, tin platter, low ferrous alloys for example copper and aluminium.

Effective Internet sites

The company evolves its activity in the headquarters of ownership in: Marconi saint. 11/13/15, 23843 Dolzago (LC) Italy, the headquarters is made on the 2.500 sqm and may include factory and office. It usually relies on a storage area also it of acquisition developed with a 4.000 sqm in: Isonzo st. 28/34 Turate (MI).

An Absolute Customer Care

Just to be its customers’ only reference point position with regard to the soon after-selling services, Euroslitter has structured its services subsequent parameters of integration and completeness, consisting of:

? Offer

It provides mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, software and diagnostic element components. Apart from, we use components manufactured by top overseas organizations which will make them easily available as well as simple to switch.

Coil packaging line Set up

The machine are mounted from the very skilled technicians of your business.

Coil packaging line Education

The aim of the education is to ensure the best use and the highest efficiency from the gear. In order to give the staff the best knowledge of the machines performances in accordance with the law in force, for this purpose we plan an accurate basic training, to be completed later with an advanced training.

Following-sale upkeep

An inside service heart guarantees, by telephonic and informatics assist, quick replies and swift service occasions.

Coil packing line is a nicely-established produced of slitting collections, coils packing and handling lines, lower-to-size facial lines and rotary shear created to method aluminium, stainlesss steel, stainless-steel, cooper as well as their alloys. The received know-how and the continuous research and development define Euroslitter as being a really impressive and continuously building company.

Coil Packing line is natural continuation of slitting collections

Coil Packing line is the natural continuation of slitting outlines. In order to carry out the operations for their storage, after the coils are unloaded from the coiler, the packing lines allow their handling. Because of this, crucial highlights of a packing line are: perfect incorporation with all the slitting facial lines, speedy dealing with, strapping, analyzing (if required) and storage space in the coils. The coping with from the coils is created through mechanized rollers although, as regards to the strap approach, our gear allow incorporation with strapping-equipment produced by other organizations. The machine could be created according to the customer’s wanted place-out, with several storage space ramps along with the successive control over the bundles optimal to the organization and also the logistics of the client. Besides, is possible to integrate in the automation the devices to load automatically separators between coils and to load automatically the pallets.

provides a comprehensive collection of Slit Coil Packaging equipment and also individual components designed to suit your packaging demands. Inexpensive systems range from easy, by hand-managed to semi-intelligent high generation collections.

Coil Vehicles



Storing Conveyors

Evaluating Stations

Coil Banders

Skid Banders

Semi-Intelligent I.D./O.D. Coil Stackers

Mouth Stackers

Sortation Dining tables

he purchased know-how along with the continual research and development define Euroslitter as a firmly revolutionary and consistently establishing firm. In order to guarantee both the investment safeguard and its productivity, the solutions offered by our company include building, installation, design and maintenance of the equipment. Additionally, because of its design office, the organization can estimate and make particular equipment starting from the customers’ distinct requires, training and optimising at very best all requirements and aspects from the undertaking.

A Firm Maintaining The Days

It’s brought into this world inside the 2000 from the connection with professionals in the field. Dealing with particular needs within the most exciting and difficult manufacturing-contexts, permits the corporation to be increasingly more set up for an lines and equipment producer. Within these several years, in Italy along with in another country, we now have been the installation of the first important cutting lines, furtherly improving our practical inheritance and know-how. The ceaseless assets understood in the years have allowed the innovation of all the enterprise constructions getting advantages on our products in terms of quality and continuity.

Fhope coil packaging line for slit coil

Chinese supplier companies and reconditions under-the-hook lifting gadgets, flooring dependent material managing systems, coil coping with products; together with providing custom made technology and reconditioning services. At Fhope coil packaging series, our goal would be to resolve the toughest material managing troubles faced by our consumers. We certainly have developed our reputation in metal mills, light weight aluminum mills, nutrient handling, paper mills, along with other hefty manufacturing apps. We be proud of delivering reputable equipment that will upend, lift, invert, grab, stack and hook weigh up or shift your product. We make use of state of the art equipment to custom evaluate, engineer and upgrade your products, no matter the producer. Fhope coil packaging is ISO 9001-2008 certified. All under-the-connect goods offered by Fhope packaging are created, produced or reconditioned according to ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 Specs. Fhope coil packaging range support engineers are offered to certify and inspect your devices. Our support workers comply with Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Regulations and Act for Business Businesses, Reg. 851, Segment 51 (1) restrictions for picking up units. Our knowledge of these sorts of devices guarantees our customers of your unparalleled degree of quality, reliability and safety. Thanks for exploring the Fhope coil packaging web site as well as for your factor in our services and products.

Characteristics of coil wrapping machine for steel, hose

1.Dual motor unit, dual Panasonic transducer and PLC controller,accommodating case duration placing and slicing,saving time and film.

2.Individual-machine quick, convenient and interface parameter options.

3.Personal prognosis malfunction operate, failure exhibited evidently.

4.High vulnerable optical electric powered coloration label keeping track of program and computerized feedback cut situation, which make the sealing and cutting more accurate.

5.Segregated PID management system for temperature, ideal for numerous packing components.

6.Quitting the coil packing machine in selected situation, no attaching around the blade with no waste materials of your film.

7.Straightforward driving a vehicle process, trustworthy operating, handy maintenance.

8.All controled by plan, practical for operate altering and modernizing.


Apply to the packing of different kinds of products with regular design in numerous industries,like food items,components,medical products,day-to-day use merchandise,immobile,playthings,accommodation materials,electronic digital merchandise and so forth.

Optinal additonal system:

1: Time coder

2: Auto Punching Device

3: Whole Stainless steel

4: Touchscreen

5: air filling gadget

6: Relieve the environment

7: Gusset gadget

8: No vacant case work

9: Custom-made closing patterns and notch

10: Auto feeder

movement coil packing machine

Specialized Parameter


Film thickness


Handbag size


Case size


Product or service height

Max. 65mm

Film roll diameter

Max. 320mm

Packaging amount




Machine dimensions


Machine good quality



Rubber tyre wrapping machine with stretch film,Steel band packing machine with stretch film,Steel coil digesting machine,Aluminum substance handling machine Wire bending wrapping machine,Slit strip coils wrapping machine

Rubber tyre wrapping machine with stretch film with stretch film is primarily designed for outside overlapped wrapping of metal wire coil, black color wire coil,copper wire coil,electronic cable,tire and and many others.

The stuffed objects are-guarded,tidy.And water resistant,dustproof,anti-oxidation ,contra –getting older and and many others.Can easily lessen the work,extremely inhance the doing work effection.

Features of coil wrapping machine:

*ToAndfro functioning setting risk-free&simple to work;

*The converter is adopted to adjust the overlap of the packing tape according to the requirement;

*The pressure of packing tape could be altered;

*Help-rollerAndguard-curler are twisted with polyamide adhesive;

*The repair device is implemented for that stopping of the adhesive adhesive tape.

ALUMINIUM Refreshment Containers packing machine

Boxal, a division in the EXAL group of people, may be the entire world director inside the aluminium aerosols and bottles industry and offers packaging options to the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics markets.

The audience is found in the Argentina, USA and Europe, and its particular unrivalled total ability of just about 1.5 billion models annually enables it to provide industrial flexibility and availability to proficiently meet buyer demands.


Our aluminium bottles really are a winning remedy for your beverage and liquids industry: they can be suitable as Prepared To Consume (RTD) containers, and for wines, beers, oils, spirits and sodas. Exceptional safety properties, a reducing-benefit impression, safeness and adaptability make them ideal for consumers on the go, avant-gardists and new consumption functions.


This site offers revolutionary design, shapes and sharp visuals for your aluminium bottles: the perfect blend to persuade new consumer classes with desire for style, novelty and sensations. Full body-shaping methods authorise the creation of iconic bottles helping your brand image.

For big manufacturing runs or special occasions, Boxal squads will help you give your aluminium containers high-good quality artwork and adornments to make a unique package which will get noticed.


Shatterproof as well as a obstacle to air and light, our aluminium containers promise ideal merchandise preservation, rack logistics and life. A range of availabilities and stoppers gives whole consumer pleasure.


Our scientific mastery of aluminium ¨C from smelting to packaging aerosol containers and bottles ¨C indicates we produce and provide a full range of containers.

The most up-to-date production technologies ¨C like ‘C2C’ ¨C may either make extremely-lighting aluminium bottles and aerosols at very high rate, or supply full body shaping (therefore supplying innovative and personalised packaging).

Environment ALUMINIUM Containers

Aluminium is fully recyclable and signifies a higher-importance alternative fabric. Gentle, it reduces transport expenses and fuel consumption inside the whole provide chain. Our aluminium jar manufacturing process aims to lower fabric intake by frequent lower improved and gauging productivity.


Boxal employs the most recent incorporated layout instruments and productive strategies to meet the changing demands in the cosmetic products and pharmaceutical drug market segments.

Our knowledge of aerosol-shaping methods and complete competence of the newest creation technology permits us to totally condition aerosols. Our ‘freestyle by Boxal’ shapes improve item persona and present each and every item an exceptional personal identity.

The ergonomics made by the molded versions make your storage containers simpler to handle and hold. All of our containers might be shaped make it possible for new, exclusive components to be linked.

Boxal’s molded aerosols abide with the same specialized and safety attributes as classic containers.


Created from tinplate, and produced by drawing and wall structure ironing, Boxal two-part tin-dish aerosol cans have a monobloc system without having weld or seam, along with a flawlessly sleek inside wall surface.

The inside the pot system may be varnished or kept empty depending on the merchandise getting manufactured. Every single pot can stand up to a pressure score as much as 18bars.

AEROSOL CAN Within Defense

Numerous possibilities are offered dependant upon the characteristics of the materials. Compatibility checks are completed systematically for those new products.

AEROSOL Adornment

Several colours can be found, with 360?? offset stamping across a base cover with whole above-varnish protection. High-quality graphics and special effects can be found.


A number of cone requirements are offered, which include within blank, varnished or engrossed in a PET film, and exterior blank, white colored or coloured. The cone is crimped on your body and also the common starting is 1in (25.4mm).

The Newcan technological revolution provides aesthetically pleasing designs and competing remedies for overseas brand names. Integrated substantial-capacity lines working at up to 400 storage containers per minute make two-part metal containers that meet the market’s most strict standards.

Boxal continues to improved performance by using new materials and optimising the Newcan concept to produce a monobloc steel aerosol.

ISO 9001 AND 9002 Licensed Producing SITES

Boxal’s three Western internet sites, with their ability of virtually 900 million products and more than 20 included generation outlines, provide power and flexibility.

All our websites are ISO 9002 and 9001 certified and comply with all the most stringent environment-defense criteria. Boxal’s aluminium aerosols and bottles are totally recyclable.

The business has over five years

Lupack Throughout the world is definitely an included manufacturing, R and packagingAndD option company for that international pharmaceutical drug sector.

The company has over five years of experience in providing a variety of packaging remedies, such as barrier packaging movies, blister packing models, cartoning devices, camera assessment solutions, end-of-collection alternatives and chocolate wrapping machines.

Earlier generally known as Linked Supplements Group of people, Lupack has proven to spouse with clients to make impressive and expense-powerful remedies with entire world-course criteria.

Buffer packaging films from Lupack Pharmapack

Through its class company – Lupack Pharmapack – Lupack Worldwide producers a complete selection of great-obstacle packaging motion pictures for your pharmaceutical drug, healthcare-product, personalized food and care packaging market sectors.

Furthermore Lupack meet the needs of the market requires of triplex, duplex and PVdC packaging videos, it also comes out with impressive packaging videos, like an contra–counterfeiting differential quality inserted film (Brandshield), alu-seem PVC film with attributes of cool develop blister (Alukbliss) along with an ecologically-helpful naturally degradable film (Biography-D).

In addition, Lupack has partnered with entire world executives, like US-based Honeywell, to offer Aclar transparent barrier movies.

Blister packing machines, cartoning models and casepacker from Lupack Pampac Machines

Lupack Worldwide offers a highly efficient and cost-effective range of blister packing machines, cartoning machines and case packing machines, as a logical need for packaging machines after choosing packaging films.

The consumer goods industry as well, even though through its group company – Lupack Pampac – Lupack Worldwide has always been at the forefront of innovation and providing customised solutions to not just the global pharmaceutical industry.

As a result of several accolades and recognition for revolutionary products and technologies, Lupack Pampac consistently make investments seriously in new product development, aimed toward addressing various packaging difficulties experienced by pharma and consumer packaged goods (CPG) market sectors.

Digital camera examination methods from Lupack Assessment Solutions

To ensure that pharmaceutical drug industry’s quality needs are met, Lupack Globally – through its group of people business – Lupack Evaluation offers hello there-technical digicam evaluation systems to assist preserve detailed top quality checks.

The company gives blister pack examination techniques (Blis-i), set rule affirmation solutions (Tag-i), printing examination (Printing-i), carton computer code print inspect and refuse (CPIR) and customized inspection solutions, to get rid of the potential lack of brand and income.

In addition, Lupack offers Verif-i – a pedigree-well suited monitor and track option, which will help companies shield manufacturers from counterfeiting, empowers conclusion-users to authenticate the genuineness in the product or service through an Text message plus creates valuable customer details for companies to help in much better customer satisfaction.

As well as these packaging offerings, Lupack Worldwide also manufactures and markets candy wrapping machines in technical collaboration with Theegarten-Pactec, Germany.

What Persons Must I Tweet? horizontal stretch wrapper Users On The Subject Of Myspace

Specific Made Chain Conveyor of horizontal stretch wrapper.

Pallet Might Be Substituted by Wood Adhere For Price Conserving

Photo Indicator Manage Stop and Start

Completely-Car Functioning Without having Owner

Manage by Effect Panel (Master-Experience) With Mitsubishi PLC

Full Functionality With 10 Packages Memory space System

Automobile Film Decreasing And Clamping

Total Functionality With Adjustable Wrapping Speed For Assorted Spots

Option: Stretch And Strap Packaging Concurrently

We are supplying high carrying out Horizontal stretch wrapping Machine. Offered in regular too in personalized alternative. Every little thing can be twisted from gilded snapshot frames, a myriad of furniture, bundles of solid wood along with information of diverse materials approximately uncooked stainlesss steel packages. The calm capabilities are Automated stretch film program and cut-off of method, Outfitted to get incorporated into an automated op.erating series. User panel with useful keyboard and display for info feedback.

Air conditioning electric motor with inverter driven rotation system.

. Numbers of wrapping variable from – 9.

. Mechanized split roller to regulate film pressure.

. Variable rotation and conveyor rate.

. About three wrapping settings – constantly/one/middle strengthen.

. Image indicator manages wrapping start and stop.

. Management by touch solar panel (Master-Encounter) with Mitsubishi PLC.

. Comprehensive operate with 10 units storage system.

. Car film cutting and clamping.

. With film preserving dance pub for large wrapping array.

. Heavy-duty sequence conveyor with 4 keeps track of.

. Separate revolving jewelry for easier delivery launching.

. Choices:

1. Pneumatic Top rated Pressure Roller

2. Inline with Strapping Machine or Pallet Wrapper for horizontal stretch wrapper

3. Power Roller Conveyor

4. 6 Aspects Wrapping With Plastic-type Travelling bag in Front and Rear Ends

5. Quick Thing Wrapping

6. Special Belt Conveyor for Pallet Wrapping