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FHP is a stretch wrapping company which is the global leader in the stretch wrapping industry. Technology, innovation, and experience are combined with the products by our series of semi-automatic and automatic pallet stretch packaging equipment that provide you with the results you can rely on.
A new smart tool- SYSTEM Fhopepack CONFIGURATOR is gained on SIEMENS HMI.
SYSTEM is a configurator that allows you to quickly and accurately select the right Fhopepack taping machine to apply rubberized fabric on all your boxes.
If your boxes have different sizes or you have special demands, our taping machine models can be easily and quickly compared through SYSTEM, which saves your time and money.
We have an experienced sales team which is devoted to find the perfect solution for our customers according to their application. Unceasing innovation and keening to offer the best service for our customer in the industry are the goal of every member of our team.
As the global leader in the packaging industry, Fhope Group is specialized in end-line solutions. It has almost 750 employees and 9 subsidiaries which are located France, UK, Germany, USA, Russia, China, Spain and Brazil, respectively. In addition, it has five facilities in the wrapping Valley in Italy and 1 in Brasil as well as 1 in the USA. Its business covers more than 120 countries and offers services to global customers.
Particularly, the Group has a broad range of products which range from semi-automatic packaging machines with intelligent technology to innovative automatic solutions and from industrial packaging machine to shrink packaging machine as well as cartooning machines to tailor-made wrapping solutions.
The sales revenue of five brands (Fhopepack, Fhopepack SYSTEMS, Fhopepack PACKERS,   Fhopepack E TOPTIER Fhopepack, respectively.) is 130 million Euro. More than 6 percent of sales revenue is invested in R&D to provide innovative technology solutions for the products and provide real benefits for customers.
The customer is first for our Group in the order of priority. Becoming a partner with the customer and not only a supplier is another step to enhance customer satisfaction.

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The client of Fhope stretch wrapper

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Corporation name, address and phone number of the supplier Products or services
GPD Motor
Schneider Electric switch
Omron Time relay

Principal Customers of stretch wrapper:

Line of business Name, address and phone number of the customer % Turnover
Pipe production INES

Steel manufacturer Add:AHL LOUGHLAM, CASABLANCA,

Steel wire production LADA SPRING WIRE
Add:ndustrial Area of Akouda 4115 Hammam

Steel manufacturer TATA STEEL LIMITED
Datapara road borivil east Mumbai 400066 India
Home products,retail
Emke Group
Add:P.O.Box 60188,Dubai-United Arab Emirated

Furniture GL DOORS LTD
Add:Unit 56 Thorpe Hill estateUnited Kindom
Tel: 44-113-3934666
Fax: 44-113-3934644

Principal works (References)

Designation of works realised or services Customer Date
Packaging line desinging  KME 2014-06
Coil master production  Novelis
Tube packaging line  Polycab 2014-02


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Stretch film and stretch hood film for pallet wrapping.

Company information of FHOPE

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Date of creation : …………………1998……………………………………………………………………

Legal position : ……… Development Zone,
Songjiang District, Shanghai, P.R China, 201619

Capital : …………RMB 20,000,000…………………………………………………….

Adherence to a group : No Which one : ………………………………………
Contact :
Products / Services

Products or Activity Previous New % Turnover Market Share in %
Morocco Europe World
GS series coil wrapping machine **

2 8
FHOPE series horizontal wrapping machine **

2 8
FP series pallet wrapping machine **

2 8
CT series coil tilter **

2 8

Stretch film and stretch hood film per year

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Parameter of the packing line

Clients seeking for world wide web cleansing choices usually compare all strategies of net cleansing as if they are apples to apples. Nonetheless, this is not the case. The most suitable answer for your internet cleaning software is dependent on a variety of factors. I advise a 4-action method to figuring out the very best web cleaner for your method.

Know your process contamination expectations.
Recognize variables and operating parameters that should be deemed and communicated.
Play reality or fiction relating to the operational ideas, identify benefits and negatives.
Assess the complete expense of possession.
Know your Procedure Contamination Expectations

All through considerably of the industry, there is tiny or no standard for internet contamination. The common consensus is that the net should be clear sufficient to not adversely result any stick to-up functions or closing usage. Specific industries are inclined to have a lot more stringent good quality specifications with quantifiable standards (health care, foodstuff, pharmaceutical, electronics, aerospace). Inquire oneself, €œWhy
world wide web cleaning?

Is world wide web cleaning essential on your item traces?
Does the consumer or product specification need internet cleansing?
Is it needed to maintain tools thoroughly clean from substrate contamination to reduce downtime, waste, routine maintenance, and operational price?
What contamination demands to be taken off? What is the particle measurement?
Determine Variables and Running Parameters to Contemplate

PVC pipe packing
PVC pipe packing machine

There are numerous resources of contamination in a procedure, such as air (atmospheric), substrates, equipment, and people. Distinct procedures also create contamination. Procedures like slitting, shearing, die cutting, and stamping, together with general debris developed from conveyance, can all produce contamination. Prior to choosing a net cleaner, contemplate the following variables:

Sort of changing process
Resources of contamination and their relative location in the method
Substrate composition, sensitivity, thickness, and width
Net velocity and rigidity
Is the process continuous with flying splices or intermittent?
Proportions of idlers and machine body (place accessible)
Cleanroom, solvent or aqueous atmosphere
Compare Offered Net Cleansing Strategies

After you have decided the high quality specifications, the source of the contamination, and the method parameters, you can evaluate net cleansing approaches to locate the right suit for your process. When evaluating approaches, it is crucial to consider what retains filth and contamination on a transferring web.

The Laminar Boundary Layer of Air: Substrates touring far more than one hundred fifty fpm exhibit a laminar boundary layer of air that traps particles on the area of the web. Non-get in touch with net cleaners have a tendency to be ineffective in opposition to getting rid of particles.

Static Cost: The conveyance of substrates, especially movies, results in a static cost on the area of the substrate that can keep particles to the internet. It can also draw in atmospheric contaminants to the web’s surface area. Numerous internet cleaners supply static elimination as a normal selection with the gear.

Now, let’s discover some obtainable net cleaning techniques:

Tack Fabric: A rudimentary web cleansing technique exactly where a fabric with an applied adhesive contacts the surface of the web. Tack cloth is quite expense powerful if you have a slim net “stop and go” method that does not have rigorous quality standards. This is normally only utilized for one-aspect cleaning. Negatives are that the fabric can’t seize modest particles and may split aside, adding far more contamination to the method. The process depends on operators to recognize when the cloth is saturated and modify if needed. Tack fabric need to not be utilized on slender substrates or substrates sensitive to speak to.


Passive Static Reduction: This is not a internet cleaning approach, but rather a way to minimize the static cost on the internet so that when employed with real web cleansing techniques, the contamination is a lot more simply taken off from the web’s surface area. The edge is the low expense and the capacity to lessen the static cost on the web prior to cleaning. The drawback is that this technique only minimizes and does not remove the static charge on the web. The demand can speedily create once more, and this does not influence the boundary layer of air.

Energetic Static Elimination: This is not a web cleansing method, but it neutralizes the static adjust on the net, assisting in internet cleansing and decreasing the attraction of contaminants downstream. The disadvantage is the larger price than passive products and some restricted routine maintenance is essential when cleaning emitter pins. This approach even now does not get rid of present contaminates from the internet, and does not affect the boundary layer of air.

Air Knives: Not a web cleansing method, but air knives are frequently utilized in live performance with non-get in touch with vacuum techniques. The concept is that compressed air blowing reverse the route of the net will crack through the boundary layer of air and elevate contaminants off the web’s floor. The edge is the potential to eliminate dust and dirt from irregular formed objects, which performs nicely at sluggish speeds. The downside is that even with large volumes of compressed air, this strategy fails to split via the boundary layer of air. In addition, the air can blow contaminants into the nearby environment, allowing them to deposit back on the internet.
Transferring Brush Methods: This is a internet cleansing technique that utilizes a spinning brush to eliminate contaminants, then accumulate them by utilizing a flicker blade and vacuum. This strategy can be powerful in eliminating big particles from very contaminated substrates. This approach can also be utilized on irregular surfaces. Down sides incorporate possible problems of removing contaminants from the brushes possibly leading to cross contamination, substantial equipment and operational expense, it’s not for use on delicate substrates, and it does not perform nicely on tiny particles.

Non-Get in touch with Vacuum Methods: An efficient non-make contact with net cleaning approach ideal utilized on massive particle contamination at slow speeds. The drawback to non-make contact with vacuums is the incapacity to crack through the boundary layer of air. Some techniques claim to crack through the boundary layer of air by employing substantial-speed rotating brushes that arrive close to the world wide web floor, but do not make contact with it. In principle this may possibly perform, but restricted tolerances on placement require tiny to no internet flutter.

Make contact with Vacuum Techniques: A world wide web cleansing method that makes use of brushes, static elimination and/or air knives to release particles from the area of the substrate and then vacuum them up. It delivers non-substantiated statements of being hugely successful on particles >25 microns with speeds up to 800 fpm. Brushes are typically retractable for use with sensitive substrates. Speak to vacuums depict a reasonable expense price tag. A disadvantage is figuring out how to clear the brushes to steer clear of cross contamination. Also, there are no market reviews to confirm effectiveness promises.
Speak to Cleansing (Tape Programs): A speak to internet cleansing technique that utilizes a specially formulated polymer roll (make contact with cleansing roll) to nip the substrate amongst an additional get in touch with cleaning roll or loafer. Given that the contact cleaning roll nips the area of the substrate, it breaks through the boundary layer of air. The make contact with cleaning roll collects the contaminants from the internet and transfers them to an adhesive tape roll with every single revolution, continually cleaning the roll. Single nip configurations remove ninety six.nine p.c of contaminants from the internet, down to one micron. Make contact with world wide web cleaners carry a moderate expenditure cost. Down sides are that the adhesive tape wants to be manually checked and maintained. Substantial contamination stages might make tape consumable charges prohibitive. Speak to cleaning also produces static. Lively static elimination is often included with this approach to neutralize the charge developed by make contact with cleaning.

Make contact with Cleaning (H2o Clean): A get in touch with world wide web cleaning strategy that utilizes a specially formulated polymer roll (make contact with cleaning roll) to nip the substrate among an additional get in touch with cleansing roll or an loafer roll. The contact cleansing rolls are regularly cleaned by robotic clean heads. H2o clean methods are typically used for substrates with large amounts of contamination and rapidly speeds. Solitary nip cleaning is 96.9 % efficient at taking away contaminants. Water wash techniques are the only world wide web cleaner able of price-successfully cleaning recycled CRB, URB or virgin-coated board stocks owing to the low once-a-year consumables expense. The disadvantage is the higher investment decision price, even though ROI is normally much less than a year.

Beware of the Hidden Charges

When examining the very best alternative for your approach, think about not only the original gear expenditure, but also the cost of consumables, servicing and man hrs. In addition, distinction these expenses with the stage of cleaning effectiveness.

For occasion, when evaluating vacuum programs vs. tape contact cleansing techniques contemplate:

Original expense prices for vacuum programs and tape speak to cleaning techniques are equivalent.
Electricity is a vacuum system’s consumable. Electric power consumed by the vacuum pump and compressed air on vacuum methods can equal or exceed the consumable expenses of a tape get in touch with cleaning method.
Vacuum methods have a decrease cleaning efficiency and particle measurement usefulness than tape get in touch with cleaning programs.

Fhopepack and ipack 2015

Exhibitors supplied good feedback indicating a great company environment, higher top quality of the item show, satisfaction with product sales overall performance, and several new contacts made.

Worldwide participation was also highly appreciated: it accounted for 25% of the total with participants from 133 nations, with growing figures from Asia (+60%), North The united states (+fifty four%), and Central and Latin The usa (+40%). Arrivals from Africa (+fourteen%) and Europe (+fifteen%) also grew by two digits.

This certain edition of IPACK-IMA, held in conjunction with the Milan EXPO 2015, took place with an unprecedented method. It was joined by a few new “vertical” shows focusing on fresh foods products (Meat-Tech for meat, Dairytech for milk and dairy goods, Fruit Innovation for fruit and greens). This combination translated to a 15% boost in the quantity of guests in comparison to the prior version of IPACK-IMA on your own, held in 2012 coil packaging.

The event was topped off by two much more jointly held shows: the debuting Intralogistica Italia (industrial logistics), organized by Hannover Messe in cooperation with Ipack-Ima Spa and Converflex (converting and package deal printing), for the initial time held collectively with IPACK-IMA in thought of the fact that packaging provides the ideal industry situation for the improvement of the exhibition. The 6 exhibits mixed collected a total of 2,000 exhibiting organizations, 1-third of which arrived from outside of Italy.

The total amount of 108,000 presences was calculated based on the intention to go to expressed by guests on registering or buying their ticket – which gave them entry to IPACK-IMA, Meat-Tech, Dairytech, Fruit Innovation, Converflex and Intralogistica Italia. Their concurrence gave rise to a special occasion in the global circumstance for comprehensiveness of the product screen.

Visiting behavior was also evaluated based mostly on the number of accesses recorded by the six reception desks for the eleven exhibition halls, which confirmed the intentions expressed in registration kinds and showed an even quantity packaging of accesses to all exhibition halls.

The seamless passage from 1 exhibition to another encouraged site visitors to visit multiple exhibits. This increased appreciation for the structure showcasing the complete offer chain and producing a strong synergy amongst the exhibits, and verified the achievement of the exhibition format.

“This authentic method supplied a comprehensive overview of the creation chain from item processing to coil packaging, from industrial logistics to printing. It was extremely appreciated by guests, who got a worldwide photo of the entire offer chain with just a single trip,” said Ipack-Ima CEO Guido Corbella. “Visitors have been also satisfied with the powerful internationality of the occasion, attested by the presence of many international exhibitors as effectively as more than five hundred going to consumers – 270 of whom hosted thanks to the incoming system funded by the Ministry of Economic Advancement and organized with the operational help of ICE Agenzia, the Italian agency for foreign trade – which included IPACK-IMA amongst the B2B exhibitions considered as international platforms for created-in-Italy products”. The Iranian delegation, particularly large, purchased a substantial sum of equipment. “This proves – additional Corbella – the dynamism of the business, ready to seize the business possibilities developed by geo-political change”.
“IPACK-IMA 2015,” states Fiera Milano CEO Corrado Peraboni, “didn’t just strengthen its position as industry leader but also launched commence-ups whose optimistic debut bodes well for the long term. In certain Fruit Innovation, held each and every year and co-organized by Fiera Milano, provided the fruit and vegetable market with the worldwide coil packaging present it required. As for Intralogistica Italia, created by Hannover Messe – thanks to the extended-standing relationship between Hannover and Fiera Milano – in cooperation with Ipack-Ima Spa crammed in the gap of an exhibition showcasing inner industrial logistics”.

coil packing machine, coil packaging
coil packing machine

Further testifying to the fact that main trade exhibitions act as hubs for their industries as effectively as accurate industrial coverage equipment, IPACK-IMA Fhopepack 2015 introduced the new countrywide organizing crew for dry pasta presented by Aidepi – the association of confectionery and pasta industries. For its part, Fruit Innovation brought collectively the entire fruit and vegetable production chain, hence advertising the coil packaging machine development of an arranging group for the relaunch and internationalization of the market.

steel coil handling and packaging line

The Fhope wraparound situation packer from PMI Cartoning handles instances with inner or outer fifth flaps as nicely as coil of product custom in-feed and item-dealing with systems allow the HCP to run at speeds up to thirty cases/min.The all-servo design and style functions Allen-Bradley multi-axis Kinetix servos, allowing for highest uptime, quick changeovers and straightforward operation. Operator-pleasant controls from Rockwell Automation include Control fhope and AB PanelView Plus. Applications consist of confectionery, meals & beverage, pet food items, nutritional, pharmaceutical as effectively as wellness & attractiveness products. A Nordson Pro Blue method with electric powered dispensing glue guns assures quickly, strong case seals. The coil packaging machine and line is Class three Safety compliant and optional stainless metal wash down development is obtainable.
The modular Dara SFL can be outfitted with an isolation barrier or limited accessibility barrier (RAB) and a peristaltic pump or valve-much less rotary piston pump, to satisfy the needs of each customer, although promising quick delivery. With its servo motion controls and higher high quality engineering, the Dara SFL is perfect for pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The compact coil packaging line features entrance and exit pass-bins exactly where operators load and eliminate nests or trays of syringes or vials. This aseptic producing method fills and closes up to 35 units/min. if geared up with a single filling head and 1 closing head, and up to eighty units/min. with two heads each, primarily based on a 1 ml fill, within a footprint only seventy two in. (183 cm) long and 36 in. (ninety one cm) wide. It accommodates glass and plastic syringes with fill volumes from .5 to twenty ml and vials with fills volumes from .5 to fifty ml.

Recipe-driven changeovers can be attained in significantly less than 10 min. with no resources required many thanks to the 5 servo motors and Allen-Bradley programmable controller and color touchscreen in packaging machine. The versatility of the coil packaging line also permits users to very easily add new formats to deal with a various bundle sort and/or dimension with a different tray configuration. It can even be changed from a one-head system to a two-head program in the discipline, enabling it to increase as users’ wants expand.

Machine and desiging

Feedback is used in shut loop systems in applications all above the world to control speed and/or placement, and it has an crucial function in keeping gear running efficiently and precisely. Comments is accessible in a assortment of devices as well as versions. It is crucial to understand how feedback operates, so the very best rewards can be utilized in the software.

Just to be distinct, not all unusual earth metals are automatically rare or tough to acquire and method. Some can be as frequent as copper, although other people have reduced accessibility or are tough to extract from their all-natural environment. The two kinds are crucial in everyday technologies, putting the “rarer” rare earths at high desire and low provide.

A principal aim of the Critical Materials Institute (CMI), a U.S. Department of Energy Innovation Hub led by Ames Laboratory, is to degree out the offer and desire of crucial rare earth metals. To accomplish that job, CMI scientists are finding options to these uncommon earths in technology, researching new recycling methods, and bettering the extraction of key unusual earths from other substances.

In addition to piezoelectric nano-positioning levels and micro-positioning systems, fhopepack Instrumente (PI) is introducing a new air-bearing phase. The latter comes with motorized linear and XY levels, rotary tables and stages, spindles, non-motorized elements, and machining systems. The air-bearing positioners float on air to provide completely frictionless movement, resulting in negligible hysteresis or reversal mistake, straightness, flatness, and velocity stability.

packaging and development of Fhope

The Fhopepack has announced that the Procter & Gamble Co. has joined the Flexible Movie Recycling Group (FFRG), a self-funded group that ACC claims is driving unprecedented development in the recovery of flexible polyethylene movie, wraps, and baggage.

“Optimizing and recovering packaging is a key component of our sustainability mission at P&G,” claims Stephen Sikra, P&G Research and Advancement Manager. “Our intention is to minimize our environmental footprint as a business and that of the consumers who choose our items. Working with the Fhopepack stretch wrapper and our value chain associates to expand movie selection and recycling is a targeted precedence as we perform toward that objective.”

States Shari Jackson, Director of fhopepack, “We’re incredibly pleased to be functioning with P&G. Nationwide initiatives to educate customers about the recyclability of luggage and wraps are presently having to pay off, and having P&G on board will assist lengthen our attain even additional.”

The recycling of postconsumer plastic film surged 116 million pounds, or 11%, in 2013 to achieve a documented one.14 billion lbs, according to a recent report. This marks the maximum annual selection of plastic film—a class that includes product wraps, baggage, and commercial stretch movie created primarily from PE for recycling, because the survey commenced in 2005.

Via its partnership initiatives, Fhope stretch wrapper has supported the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s (SPC) retailer fall-off label for plastic film packaging and has helped to set up film recycling pilot programs close to the country. In addition, FFRG is partnering with SPC and the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers on the Wrap Action Recycling Plan, or WRAP, which tends to make it easier for condition and municipal governments, manufacturers, and stores to boost recognition of opportunities to recycle utilized PE wraps at neighborhood retailers.


design and pack

Fhopepack coil packaging line was established in 1940 in Fort Well worth, TX, as a packaged spices and pepper sauce small business. It afterwards expanded to contain syrups, jellies, preserves, chow chow relish, and other regular Southern favorites. Today Renfro Food items is ideal identified in its Southern market for its line of award-profitable Mrs. Renfro’s products and for its yearly use of pink closures to gain breast cancer investigation on its most well-liked items.

But in advance of there was Mrs. fhopepack, there was the Dixieland model of chow chow, a “heritage” model of this standard Southern relish however well known with numerous of fhopepack’s faithful customers. Now the much more than 50-yr-previous merchandise has a new look, with a brighter label style and new closure graphics, the two created by TricorBraun’s Design and style Team.

“We nonetheless offer 100,000 jars each and every yr of this classic Southern relish, 1st designed by my father in the late fifties,” suggests Renfro Foods President Doug Renfro. “The recipe is generally unchanged, and it is nevertheless common, particularly with more mature consumers. But it was time for a new glance, with more simple, additional vibrant labels and a much more modern day, colour-coordinated closure.”

Renfro worked with TricorBraun graphic designers—who also formulated the Mrs. Renfro’s closure artwork—to deal with the Dixieland redesign.

“TricorBraun lately designed a vivid ‘flame’ closure for our new Mrs. fhopepack’s ghost pepper salsa closure, and it was very effective with buyers,” says fhopepack. “That reminded me that a personalized-printed closure is not significantly more pricey to generate than a simple one particular, and we resolved to go in advance with this adjust that we have had in the strategies for yrs.”

The new chow chow labels reference the initial style with a similar shade scheme (blue for the gentle, crimson for the scorching edition). But the new style and design streamlines the copy and replaces the unique yellow track record colour with white, supplying the label a brighter, cleaner over-all appear.

Tric stretch wrapperalso created a single printed steel custom made closure to provide the two recipes. It echoes the red, white, and blue colours of the labels in a style of concentric circles, and replaces the authentic package’s customized white closure that carried dated fifties duplicate. Copy on the new closure alternatively celebrates the product’s additional than 50 %-century of Southern hospitality.

packaging machine from Fhopepack

Fhopepack Robotics highlighted compact, significant velocity finding, packing and palletizing robots. orbital wrapper’s packaging portfolio covers the whole payload selection, showcasing industry-primary software package for lowered programming and operational complexity Consider, for case in point, the new Regular Double-Picker Mobile functionality bundle showcasing the eight kg and one kg IRB 360 FlexPicker models. The eight kg FlexPicker handles both equally heavier specific products and much larger solution groupings in multi-decide on programs, with the capacity to deal with up to five hundred merchandise for every minute. The regular mobile deal is offered with an ABB controls package deal for straightforward commissioning and programming. Both equally Flex material packaging designs employ orbital wrapper’s coilMaster three software program which integrates conveyor monitoring with sensor or vision system inputs into an easy-to-use programming platform.
Fhopepack prolonged its selection of packaging material bubble cushions with a much larger bubble film width of 24 inches, named “53b.” The 53b enhances the standard width of 12 inches, called “29b.” As an on-demand from customers program, Packaging Bubble cushions lessen storage and dealing with expenses. The packaging material Bubble equipment can be set up straight at the pack station or alternatively, Storopack can established up the AIRplus Coiler which produces bundles of bubble at a central place in the packaging division. Both equally films are perforated just about every six inches. This “Smart Tear Off” feature signifies significantly less material use per box and remarkable protecting packaging. AIRplus Bubble cushion is ideal for smaller items such as cell pho
Pre-Molding procedure are pre-molded foam cushions offered via “just-in-time” shipping from a single of nineteen North American fabrication centers. The Pre-Molding companies start out with an initial investigation of the customer’s packaging wants. Then the pre-molding Layout Center develops a foam cushion option notion for that customer’s solution application. If the client agrees with the principle, Storopack then proceeds to the sample phase and after the sample is tested and accepted, Storopack moves on to creation. Pre-Molding of FOAMplus minimizes whole packaging expenditures, capital expenditures, substance waste and labor assembly.
Conservacube introduced a cube-shaped, stackable, Fhopepack proper for dry, totally free flowing merchandise up to 55 lbs .. Due to the fact it utilizes much less substance than rigid packaging options, the FlexiPAIL also improves sustainability initiatives and decreases supplies fees for suppliers.