orbital stretch wrap for panel package

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

Thank you for your prompt reply.

300-1200mm widths are ok. We will consider them all when designing the panel package wrap machine. And we are able to offer you machine drawings for your approval after placing the order.

We have exported many packaging equipment over 40 countries, such as UK, Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Russia, India, Thailand, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc. Here are some UK clients who are using our door shrink wrap machines for your reference.



Our agent told me that you still do not receive the orbital spiral wrap panel package of machine parts that we sent you in January. Please communicate with Fedex staff locally and deal with it as soon as possible. If you don’t get it, they will return the package to us. I was told that the deadline is tomorrow 25th, March, 2016. It is quite urgent. Thank you for your kind cooperation very much.

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The collaborative UR robots work in tandem with employees at door packing Group, shown within a kitting procedure. Operators can simply connect with the robots through a touchscreen.

Cobots dominate repeated duties, give a 400% rise in door production capacity for all those programs.

Universal Robotic for door shrink wrap machine Mabie also offered us using a situation study of the trio of cobots within a packaging atmosphere at contract producer Powerful Group and equipment, MN. The UR robots work collaboratively along with employees because of the built in safety features that can cause the robots to instantly quit operating when they encounter hurdles in their path.

Powerful Team utilizes the cobots in three different apps: 2 of them are likely shot-molding machines whilst the thirdly robot (noticed in these images) is used within a kitting software. Very first, the UR10 robot chooses up the base of a custom mademade clamshell and then utilizes a vacuum gripper to grab two sterile baby wipes in addition to some saline answer, placing these in to the clam casing. When things have already been placed, the UR10 pushes the entire clamshell onto a conveyor and repeats the period.

The collaborative stretch wrap robots operate in tandem with workers at packing Group of people, demonstrated here in a kitting operation. Operators can simply communicate with the robots via a touch screen.

Cobots dominate repeated tasks, give a 400Per cent rise in manufacturing ability for those programs.

Widespread Robotics’ Scott pack also offered us using a circumstance study of any trio of cobots within a packaging atmosphere at deal producer wrap and Group, MN. The UR robots work collaboratively alongside employees due to the built-in security features that can cause the robots to immediately stop working when they come across challenges inside their route.

Powerful Team utilizes the cobots in door shrink wrap machine three diverse applications: 2 of them have a tendency shot-molding machines while the thirdly robot (seen in these pictures) is deployed within a kitting program. First, the UR10 robot picks up the foot of a customizedproduced clamshell and then works with a vacuum gripper to pick up two sterile wipes along with some saline remedy, putting these to the clam casing. When products happen to be positioned, the door shrink wrap machine solution pushes the entire shell on to a conveyor and repeats the period.