How to handling the door and panel packing machine properly

Reference to your conversation with  below the issues are stopping us to do manual packing of panels.

1. The temperature setting is not proper, the shrinking will not be proper at low temperature and made holes if we increase temperature
2. Film stick over the conveyor of shrinking tunnel, it is very difficult to remove the film from the conveyor and Teflon covering on the rollers got damage.
3. Welding and cutting of the polythene is not proper and it had problem after 5-6 bundles, we need to clean the heater area after each 5 bundle.
4. 4 Additional Labour is require to load and unload the panel as the initial sucking is not working properly and the end stacker cannot hold more than one bundle of seven panel.

· There are big holes in the shrink film

· Sometimes The base film stick with the shrinking tunnel and sticked in the roller (which will stick on to the next bundle and will damage the packing)

Door packing machine

The welding and cutting section is having problem after packing 5-6 bundles

Need 4 work men to operate since the stack is not holding more than two bundles of 7 sheets ( 2 person at the loading section and 2 person at the unloading section)

door stretch wrapping machine

Video of the door stretch wrapping with film which provide a money save packing equipment for small volume packaging requirement.

Economic door stretch wrapper and door packaging machinery

automatic door pack machine

For door packaging, if the main purpose is for selling, i’d like suggest shrinking solution.

Because of the surface of package is flat and good looking by shrinking.

But it is not a economice solution to designe a machine both for door and door frame.

Besides the door shrinking machine, for door frame, there is need a stretch wrapper

Suppose, the package is for transportation and stocking only, there is able provide a stretch wapper for both door & door frame packaging.

Please discussing with your production team and let me know what solution meet your goal.

Waiting for your reply.

Door pack machine with stretch film


Automatic door packing solution-wrapping and shriking

Door wrapping machien and door packing machine


Please check the answers:

Need your input on below info before we can decide
1. Cost of the machine please provided both type ( please suggest to us which model of your machine suitable for our job; machine price )
——-#1 Automatic Sealing&Shrinking machine: It need a customized solution $26,000 similar as follwoing:

——#2 Automatic wrapping mcahine: SHGG-600 $14,500

2. advantage and disadvantage of each type.
#1: advantage: Good looking and full size sealed packaging (good for selling package)
disadvantage: Need to change the forming device per each size of bundle. And more power consumpation uptp 50Kw/houw

#2 advantage: Flexiable for different size packaging, more tightening in packaging.
disadvantage: Head and tail can not be wrapped. Surface with film wrinkle(good for shipping) —-This sealing+wrapping for head&tail wrapping. If so the packing material will cost more.

3. operation cost of each machine ( film cost of each machine)
Sorry, i don’t have pricision data. For the material the weight of each is almost same.

4. Max film tension for each type of packing

—–Sorry not data can be shareing. Shrinking tesnion is less that strapping as your current packing. Stretch wrapping tension is more than strapping.


Automatic strapping machine for panel and door

Door packaging machine and full size panel shrinking machine

We are providing automatic door shrink wrap machine for full size sealed packaging. it works for wooden door, steel frame door, windoor, panel, board…

The door packing machine included two sealing stations, one is with length 2.2m, one is with 1.2m. It is able sealing the door, panel packaging with full size sealed package. And  door shrinking machine is length 2400mm.

We can help the end user cusomtized the handling and packaging solution per requirement.


Panel strapping machine and wooden strapping machine available for your strap packaging from fhopepack


wooden door packing machine and stretch wrapper

door stretch wrapping machine

door packaging machine and stretch wrapper
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Product & Services;


  Orbital stretch wrapper
                              Door shrinking machinery                              Door wrapping machinery

May we request to your good office to please quote us your bottom price CIF DOHA for the Packaging Materials as mentioned as follows;

Model: As per attached

If you can provide more High Quality of Machine for STEEL DOORS Packaging, please provide also. We required Vertical Purpose.

door shrink wrap packing machine

door shrink wrap packing machine
door shrink wrap packing machine


There are several type Door packing mathod:

a. Door shrink wrap machine

b. Door wrapping machine

c. Door turntable wrapping machine


Fhopepack is capable provide above solutions for your door.


Door feeding from production line>>>Door aligning>>>Door stacking >>>door stacking making layer by layer>>>Shifting bundle to conveyor >>>Door stack strapping (optional)>>>Door stack out feeding.

economic door packing machine for panel window

Cheap door packing machine
Cheap door packing machine

This is a economic door packing machine for panel window.



There are several type shrinking machine for door, for panel packaging.
Following is video for panel and door packaging.
It is a equipment including sealing and shrinking machine, which able to cover the film and shrink wrapping.
Please check the quotation attached.
Besides, for the width below 1000mm adjustment. I will check will our engineer and reply soon.

Some transportation package by Orbital Stretch wrap machine is cheaper.

Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper


Hello Jim,


Good morning.


Attached please check the updated quotation herewith. I am sorry that I made a mistake about the price of extended conveyor length in previous one.


Please feel free to contact us for anything.


Best regards,


发送时间: 2016-04-22 10:25


主题: Re: RE: Shanghai Jinglin – horizontal stretch wrapping machine for Diamond doors

Hello Jim,


Good morning.


Glad to hear from you. Thank you for your email very much.


At your request, please check the updated quotation of horizontal stretch wrapping machine. I have changed the length of roller conveyors in it accordingly.


Regarding the drawing, I have submitted a proposal to our engineering department. Once I get the drawing with overall dimensions, I will send it to you as soon as possible. Please have a wait.


For additional information, please feel free to contact us for anything.


Best regards,





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主题: RE: Re: Shanghai Jinglin – horizontal stretch wrapping machine for Diamond doors

Hello Candice,

Thanks for your patience. Since our return there has been many things going on at our facility. Anyhow we had opportunity to discuss your machine at our management meeting and we would like to proceed.

Answers to your questions are as follows:

7.1 – Thanks for offering the ability to wrap two materials, but we have decided that we just require a single layer (Stretch film only).

7.2 – I think rollers would be preferred for the conveyers.

7.3 – Can you change the roller length of the conveyers to 8’ (2,438 mm)

Can you update the quotation if necessary and provide the approval drawings? Can you note specifically the floor area that I need to allocate for the assembled machine?

I look forward to your reply – Thanks,

Sent: April-13-16 5:20 AM

Hello Jim,

Good morning. Hope all is well.

May I know what is your decision about purchasing the machine and stretch film?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


主题: Re: Re: Shanghai Jinglin – horizontal stretch wrapping machine for Diamond doors

Hello Jim,

It was nice to meet you this morning in our factory. Thank you for your visit very much.

As per our discussion, we will pay attention to following points when designing and producing the machine.

1. Material tension control.

2. Material overlap is adjustable 10%-90%. Please do not worry about it.

3. The pressing force of top press roller, 2 sets-infeed & outfeed.

4. Side rollers for holding your products, 2 sets- infeed & outfeed.

5. CUL or UL certificate for electrical parts.

6. Power voltage: 208V, 3phase, 50/60HZ.

7. Please confirm another three points by return.

7.1. Second material holder for two layers wrapping: Additional cost: 1000USD

7.2. The structure of conveyor: Roller or belt.

7.3. Length of conveyor: 2000mm motorized infeed & 2000mm motorized outfeed.

Attached please find the quotation of stretch film. Thank you.

If you have any concerns, please let us know. Look forward to your reply.

Have a nice day.



主题: Re:horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine for Diamond doors

Hello Candace,

Sorry for not replying sooner. I thought I had replied to you but with all my travels only noticed this morning that indeed I hadn’t

I received your quotation and information. Thanks.

As to my visit. I have time tomorrow April 5th. If you have time this day, I would like to come to your factory between 9:00 and 10:00am. Our hotel is on Nanijing road in the downtown area so I’m note quite sure how long I should allow for travel time which is why I have allowed some between 9 and 10. Is this ok for you?

Thanks again,