Automatic cotton PET strapping machine

automatic cotton strapping machine
1. The maximum and Minimum size of the cotton that can be strapping.
—–Actually, there are different size machines, you’d better let us know your size list so that we can offer a proper machinery.
The cotton strapping machine in video is for size: Min. L500x500x300mm Max.2800x1500x800mm
We can provide solution according you size.

2. Speed of the machine.
——App. 40-70pcs per hour

3. The cost. (CIF)
Waiting for your size information.


good day! We’re interested in your pipe strapping machine includes pipe counting, binding, and wrapping machine for the following pipes.
Please note that there is a bell at the end of each pipe, which increases its diameter.
This adds approximately 3 to 4mm in diameter to the pipe’s diameter.
kind regards,
Nominal Packing quantities(strip/bundle
Ø20 + 3mm bell 25
Ø25 + 3.5mm bell 20
Ø32 + 4mm bell 10
Packing pipe length 3m
Dimension L×W×H 11.5m×1.5m×1.2m
The automatic strapping machines available from Fhope.

automatic cotton strapping machine and fiber strapping machine

automatic cotton strapping machine

automatic cotton strapping machine and fiber strapping machine was designed to strap the package with PET material. The machine can be designed with 2-8 strapping head to help you finish the strapping job at one time in high speed.

There are strapping head, drawing head and control system which is programmable  for strapping position, strapping tension and time.

It can be connected to you online packing system to help you release the manually job by strapping tool.

You can earn the money back in very short time since the machine is able replace 5-6 operator in strapping at least.

Welcome to contact with our team for more strapping information.

Besides there are more automatic strapping machinesystem work for different package onlin.