Copper Wire Coiling and Packing Machine

FPC series copper winding machine is mainly used for packing copper wire, copper coil, cable coil, steel coil and so on. The utility model has the advantages of high efficiency and beautiful appearance of packing, and is favorable for saving labor force and improving competition ability. Fhope produces intelligent packaging items that also offer innovative ways to convey, lift, flip machines, packaging, and reduce defective rates. PLC and HMI automatic operation, and can contact the production line.Our copper coil packing machine helps to improve the packing efficiency of industrial products and adds value to your project. With our high integrity and intelligence, we will provide you with solutions and benefits with professionals and qualified application teams. And help you design personal packaging that meets and expects.This machine is designed for almost all specifications of steel wire rings. Flexible design allows your specifications to be required. It can work with stationary packing stations and load coils that can be made by cranes, Chook or trucks. The manual operation of the coil car can be carried into the packing station. You can use different coil loading methods, using coils or coils to connect the car, the dumper, the station, the winder, the conveyor. The machine can also be used for feeding and discharging. The packing position is limited by sensors located near the tramway. A mechanical device causes the packer to move around the floor track to maintain different packing stations. The support roller is driven by an electric motor and can be lifted or fixed in different machine modes when it is packaged. Copper Wire Coiling and Packing Machine