steel coil packing machinerys

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If you have these functions and you have this extra money, why do you want to spend it?

There is no extra cost involved in the price?

The film carriage

The concept of design is strong, mechanical and electric are very durable, the dynamic pre-stretched movie carriages are reliable, and the safety of operators in the mind is greatly increased.

The importance of an appropriate pre-stretch system is underestimated by many, and even the weight it maintains in the stretch wrapper is underestimated. If this key element does not work properly, the money will be loaded outside, from each tray.

What is the character of a movie carriage? Fpc1 has a lifetime warranty. The side tower is easy to install and easy to operate. The operation of side control is also very safe, and the side-hinged door is also convenient to use. The pre-stretching 245% need to be driven by a roller chain. The proximity sensor of linear feedback control is adopted. Automatic closing of the drive roller to monitor the switch so that safety problems can be ensured. For an integrated automatic height tray to detect light eyes, slippage can be adjusted so that coverage can be quickly set. Because of all the roller precision roller bearings, better performance can be obtained.

This design method is simple and safe, and created a strong tower for transport trip is fpc2, we can see that the structure of steel elements and solid improved plating has been connected to the machine base. The working elements of the machine are safe because their position is surrounded by a steel tower.

What are the characteristics? :

What are the main supports of fpc-300 ring wrapping machine and the surrounding the tower body protection lifting, wear-resisting guide rail, can be adjusted up and down limit switch trip, maintenance-free operation of belt conveyor and also very flat cable design, has the very high flexibility.

Steel coil packing machine

automatic coil wrapper online with conveyor


This is a online packing solution for stretch film coil packaging requirement.

steel coil wrapper, wire coil wrapper, automatic stretch wrapper for film wrapping.




wire wrapping machine        wire coil stretch wrapper wire wrapping machine
Wire coil packing machinery economic solution–FPW-300 semiauto Wire packing machinery–FPW-400 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-500
wire coil packing machine wire coil wrapping machine Wire coil compactor and packing line
two material packing solution for Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-600 Wire coil packing machinery with trolley–FPW-800 Wire coil compactor&strapping machine

Big coil packing requirement from steel service center

coil wrapping machine for copper coil packing machine for steel strip automatic hose packing machine

Dear Mr.Alejandro,

Learing from your coil size, there is able provide solutions per your packing requirement.

1. Ring wrapper
OD:700-1830mm ID:508/610mm Width:31-400mm
coil wrapping machine for copper

copper coil packing machine and wrapping solution

coil stretch wrapper and coil wrapping machine

Packing material: Stretch film, paper, HDPE,VCI…

2. Coil master
OD:700-1830mm ID:508/610mm Width 400-1600mm

coil master stretch wrapper and wire rod coil packing machine

Packing material: HDPE, VCI film, stretch film

Paper is ok, but it needs to be reloading in very short time. Because of the machine allows the Max.OD of material is 250mm only,
As you know, OD250mm is not able to finish a big coil package.

Besides, the coil master solution is in hight price, if it not in your budget, there is able provide solution:

a. Ring wrapper
Width: 31-800mm even 1000mm

coil wrapping machine for steel coil

b. Roller station for manually coil packing

Roller station for big steel coil packing and strapping

Waiting for your reply.


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Date: 2016-11-29 23:58
To: info
Subject: Re: Information
Good morning Mr. Randal:
I’m sending you the answers you kindly asked about our product:

1.- We process steel coils from master coils (we are a service center)
2.- Our range of dimensions are
ID: 508mm & 610mm
OD: from 700mm and up to 1830mm
Width: 31.75mm and up to 1524mm
3.- We currently use VCI reinforced paper (PP) but open for discussion of alternative materials (VCI film)

Hope to hear from you soon.

I’m very interested in your product (Steel coil packing machine).
Can you send me the required information about our product so we can start a quotation process?.


Horizontal stretch wrapper from professional manufacturer

collating items with an Overwrapping machine

An alternative to collating merchandise having an Overwrapping machine is to use a stretchbander. This method wraps making use of low cost polyethylene film and employs two reels of film to create a web through which the item goes by. Unlike an overwrapper, the ends of your place remain wide open. One advantage of this is that less tooling is required when the product size size and changes changeovers take 5 minutes or less.

Once the item is collated it is favorably transferred through the film web. The film is stretched small across the item and it is then temperature covered. If the collation is being formed solely for transit purposes, the resultant band is strong enough to hold the collation together and enables a dramatic reduction in the use of Packaging material.

FPH300 stretchbander
FPH300 stretchbander

Tucking and Sealing

If a film width wider than the product is used then the extra film is “shrunk” by either a heat tunnel or heat gun system. This is possible using a tucking and sealing system if a fully enclosed wrap is required.

Marden Edwards stretchbanders can be purchased in film breadth variations of 1000mm, 600 and 300. The providing orientation either can maintain-series or from either sides. The construction is quite rigorous that makes the machine in your own home within the most challenging of environments.

PSB1000 stretchbander

PSB1000 stretchbander with hot air guns to totally enclose the wrap

Of almost as much importance as the wrapping machine is the product handling before the product reaches the stretch wrapping machine and after it leaves it. There is no reason for creating a Packaging machine unless of course it can be introduced in many ways which can be appropriate for the production series structure along with the demands of your item structure.

Marden Edwards goes out from the way to make sure that the individual is provided using the Packaging system that fits his production needs. Utilising the considerable design and manufacturing services at Marden Edwards it really is easy to design and style and build custom items to accommodate various product requirements. The knowledge received by doing this over the last 40 years has result in a collection of products which may be employed in isolation or in a mixture to obtain the wanted result.

Smooth bed furniture conveyor intended for the manual and automatic reloading of paper reams

Shelf Prepared Packaging Experience

This is an important part of the product handling equation, although this expertise goes way beyond the simple provision of conveying systems. Pack convergence solutions, pack diverters, waterwheel re-orientation products, 90 degree item turners, side music band infeed conveyors, sq action paddle infeed conveyors, pack stand up methods and 5th solar panel collators all form units which offer many pack dealing with permutations.

For shelf ready Packaging Marden Edwards have designed several guidelines which imply that provides can be collated, filled into sometimes plastic-type or cardboard containers after which overwrapped. By allowing the system to operate without the tray and to solely utilise Overwrapping to protect the product, every Marden Edwards shelf ready pack and system handling system is built to provide maximum versatility.

It really is Marden Edwards intention to be able to assume responsibilty as well as give complete turnkey product handling and stretch wrapping alternatives.

Numerous systems, clockwise from top still left ¨C stand alone shrink wrapping tightener, 5th board carton collating program, UBS currency exchange note collator, ?°square motion?± paddle style infeed conveyor

these coin wrappers provide

Coin wrappers have become crucial products for CIT/armoured service provider other, mints and companies market sectors which have a condition to take care of large quantities of coin. Glory?ˉs experience of coin wrapping put together with a record of productive sales around the world empowered us to design the impressive WR-WR and 90-500.

Rugged and reliable, these coin wrappers supply top rated performance working day-in and day time-out. Our prime-velocity WR-500 matters sizeable volumes of coins as well as the standard velocity WR-90 is functional for just about any scale of operation.

Substantial stability and sturdy design makes it possible for maximum up-time

With newly designed coin transportation and stacking models, the WR-500 and WR-90 coil wrapping machine have realised a softer performance, and have drastically enhanced ongoing functioning.

Enhanced operability

Utilising a constructed-on Digital control panel, display screen exposure and operability have already been improved considerably. The finalizing data and mode materials could be checked out easily and quickly. Moreover, a straightforward-to-recognize illustrated operations guideline supplies precise and suitable assistance.

Multi-language screen

Different languages can be selected around the Digital solar panel, including English language,German and French, Spanish (go into default is English).

Innovative detection capacity from forged coins and foreign resources*

Diagnosis of forged coins and unfamiliar materials has been increased. A non-specified denomination or overseas materials coins are immediately rejected to a devoted package. This permits the WR coil wrapper to maintain a accurate and speedy counting and wrapping functioning.

* Available with optionally available identification devices. Euro versions include the recognition sensors as standard.

Double-user operations for greater overall flexibility

Enhanced apparent CIS technology (dual CIS on Ntegra Professional) and improved substantial-resolution IR guarantee enhanced picture detection and much less fake rejects

Enhanced garden soil/mark/graffiti recognition enables improved, far more repeatable physical fitness selecting on all take note characteristics

With new Usb 2 . 0 (Hostan, OSD, LAN and ) SD card port, online connectivity choices are improved to permit better working versatility, speedier style establish update and more storage space possibilities, for example OCR details

Significantly increased method storage allows storing of a greater number of statistical information

A recently created notice transfer course improves be aware coping with and means fewer be aware jams

Adding the newest Ntegra Professional, together with the capability of taking further reflective pictures of your banknote, considerably enhances appearance diagnosis on poorer high quality banknotes