Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Our coiled packing line is efficient and flexible. Line
It is fully automatic preprogramming (or manually feeding)
Packing specification.
The line can package different sizes and types of packages.
There is no need to install. The line can be used for several cutting machines or
The production line is synchronized.
Due to full automatic operation, packaging line
Only need to fill the material. Usually, when driving
Full capacity, material filling frequency does not exceed
A shift / coil wrapping machine.
Our packing line reduces the cost of packing. Instead of
Using pre cut packaging material, we cut and optimize the wire.
Material based on the size of the coil. This means that there is
Quite a few needs different sizes of materials and
Packing space.
Selection of coil packaging line to improve cost efficiency
Package your product with good protection and
An elegant appearance.

Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine


steel coil packing machinerys

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If you have these functions and you have this extra money, why do you want to spend it?

There is no extra cost involved in the price?

The film carriage

The concept of design is strong, mechanical and electric are very durable, the dynamic pre-stretched movie carriages are reliable, and the safety of operators in the mind is greatly increased.

The importance of an appropriate pre-stretch system is underestimated by many, and even the weight it maintains in the stretch wrapper is underestimated. If this key element does not work properly, the money will be loaded outside, from each tray.

What is the character of a movie carriage? Fpc1 has a lifetime warranty. The side tower is easy to install and easy to operate. The operation of side control is also very safe, and the side-hinged door is also convenient to use. The pre-stretching 245% need to be driven by a roller chain. The proximity sensor of linear feedback control is adopted. Automatic closing of the drive roller to monitor the switch so that safety problems can be ensured. For an integrated automatic height tray to detect light eyes, slippage can be adjusted so that coverage can be quickly set. Because of all the roller precision roller bearings, better performance can be obtained.

This design method is simple and safe, and created a strong tower for transport trip is fpc2, we can see that the structure of steel elements and solid improved plating has been connected to the machine base. The working elements of the machine are safe because their position is surrounded by a steel tower.

What are the characteristics? :

What are the main supports of fpc-300 ring wrapping machine and the surrounding the tower body protection lifting, wear-resisting guide rail, can be adjusted up and down limit switch trip, maintenance-free operation of belt conveyor and also very flat cable design, has the very high flexibility.

Steel coil packing machine

coil wrapping machine for eye through wrapping

The packing machine works for pipe coil packing, hose coil, wire coil, steel coil packaging…

It is a semiauto eye to sky horizontal coil wrapper.

The packing material can be stretch film, paper, PE…

More information for  hose and pipe coil packaging machine:


The coil wrapping machine is a semiauto wrapper for coppe tube wrapping.


Automatic hose and pipe coiling machine may interest also:




automatic coil wrapper online with conveyor


This is a online packing solution for stretch film coil packaging requirement.

steel coil wrapper, wire coil wrapper, automatic stretch wrapper for film wrapping.




wire wrapping machine        wire coil stretch wrapper wire wrapping machine
Wire coil packing machinery economic solution–FPW-300 semiauto Wire packing machinery–FPW-400 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-500
wire coil packing machine wire coil wrapping machine Wire coil compactor and packing line
two material packing solution for Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-600 Wire coil packing machinery with trolley–FPW-800 Wire coil compactor&strapping machine

automatic coil packing machine and tapping machine

automatic coil packing machine

Providing automatic packing solution for coil wrapping and coil tapping by customized solution.
Control by PLC&HMI, automatic BOPP adhesive tape tapping machine, automatic positioning system.

It also calls coil stretch wrapper, coil packing line and automatic coil wrapping machine…


coil stretch wrapper testing and checking

Coil Weight = 32 MT (72,160 lb)

Coil OD = 1000 to 2060 mm (40 in to 80 in)

Coil Width = 900 to 1700 mm (35.4 in to 66 in)

Coil ID = 610 to 760 mm (24 in to 30 in)

Production Rate = 6 Coils per hour

Power -3 Phase 440 VAC 60 Hz

Control Voltage -24 V

Inspection Checklist

coil Stretch Wrapper -RAL 1033 Dahlia Yellow

Blocker Rolls -RAL 5017 Traffic Blue

Track Frames -RAL 5017 Traffic Blue
Verify paint colors
For shipping, exposed stretch wrapper machine surfaces must be protected with Tectyl 502-C or equal
No paint on surfaces contacting grout (primer ok).
Verify anchor bolt locations and size
Wrap minimum OD coil with minimum ID and maximum width
Wrap maximum OD coil with minimum ID and maximum width
Wrap with VCI paper
Wrap with VCI plastic
Verify component voltages
Verify production rate
Installed keyed switches and verify functionality (supplied by SES)
When will we receive packing lists?
How will the machine break down for shipping?
How will parts be labeled for shipping and re-assembly?
When will we receive final drawings (ACAD and PDF format)?
When will we receive manuals?



Differece between semiauto and automatic coil wrapper

Coil stretch wrapper

Semiauto coil wrapper machine:

  1. Driving roll is fixed.
  2. Working table is rolls only.
  3. Only semiauto supportive rolls.

—-Loading and unloading have to manually. So it only for offline packing.


Automatic coil wrapper machine

  1. Driving roll is raising(for wrapping rotation) and down(for conveying)
  2. Working table is roller conveyor for online moving
  3. Automatic centering device( it will designed per different package)

Loading and unloading can be automatically. So it is able online packaging.



Coil stretch wrapper
Coil stretch wrapper


Both solution can be adding following device:


  1. Automatic material feeder & cutter


  1. Automatic PLC&HMI program control


Rope packing machine and coil wrapper


automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,


Following is the information for rope packaging requirement.


Re:  Physical data of rope products for wrapping with LDPE shrinkable film
150 microns LDPE
 WEIGHT KG.  OUTSIDE DIA. mm  HEIGHT, mm  CORE DIA. Width of LDPE Plastic, meters Length of LDPE plastic, meters Plastic Area, m2 Preferred Shrinkpack Time
45 613 457 254 0.91 1.98 1.8  1 to 2 coils per minute
59 680 457 254 0.91 2.19 2.0
88 762 508 254 1.02 2.44 2.5
85 756 508 127 1.17 2.43 2.8
150 900 650 178 1.22 2.88 3.5


We got solution for above packaging requirement.

automatic hose coiling and strapping machine

         Automatic hose coiling & strapping machine

The hose coiling machine together with strapping machine  special designed for hose pipe coil. The automatic machine connecting with extruder for automatic production.


coil wrapper and stretch machine

Automatic film packing machine coil wrapper for copper, aluminum packaging

more information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Coil_packing_machine.html




when Fhope notech unveiled its very first inkjet printer for rsc circumstances, coil wrapper computer printers have given the most beneficial remedy for in-property universal scenario publishing courses for corrugated instances, kraft multi-walls bags, pass away reductions and blanks. coil wrapper plateless stamping modern technology produces high quality artwork and barcodes at a very low price in comparison to preprint or labels.

coil wrapper printing methods are user, flexible and fast helpful. The price savings generated by these rewards can be very large as a result of numerous important characteristics:

End users have full control of graphics, nightclub requirements and text on each career.

Modifications are really simple and speedy to help make. There are no platter expenses or guide occasions to slow manufacturing.

Corrugated costs are pushed lower significantly by consolidating SKU’s into typical case styles, allowing consumers to seize the incredible savings of greater quantity discounts made available from their suppliers. More price savings can be recognized by purchasing universal stock amongst corrugated suppliers

Universal inventory eliminate boost, scrap and obsolescence sustainability.

Iconotech computer printers are really easy to operate and demand tiny routine maintenance.

All solutions come with a standard printing module using a 32″ long by 11″ great produce industry along with a self-contained inking system. Consumers merely select the giving program suitable for what they are printing.

Iconotech devices are manufactured in the United statesA.


Optimizer HF Printer

Iconotech’s entrance-level machine, the Optimizer HF is a hands-supply printer for low to method everyday print goes of RSC situations, multi-wall surface kraft totes and perish reductions. It is equipped with exactly the same rugged print out element as all Iconotech printers. The Optimizer HF offers consumers the flexibility of beginning with a stay-on your own inkjet printer and introducing computerized in-serving and exit material managing products to meet increased generation needs as being a organization develops.

Optimizer SF Printer

The workhorse in the Iconotech line, the Optimizer SF is for method to substantial volume level everyday printing runs of toned RSC type situations. It possesses a heavy-obligation shuttle feed process for the best trouble cost-free giving of corrugated instances. Greatest efficiency is obtained at throughputs up to 60 instances a minute with the addition of a restacker and give back conveyor.

Optimizer KR-Gigabyte Generating Process

The Optimizer KR-Gigabyte process is for multi-wall surface kraft gusset type totes. It consists of the Optimizer HF hands-nourish inkjet printer incorporated using a staging, indexing conveyor and vacuum feeder for top-volume level stamping of gusset luggage. Introducing a restaker and give back conveyor gives productivity up to 45 luggage each and every minute.

Optimizer KR-You Stamping Process

The Optimizer coil wrapper provides widespread feeding, handling and printing of RSC variety corrugated circumstances, gusset or device type multi-wall surface kraft totes and die slashes. It is made up of staging, indexing conveyor relocating stacks of 60 device variety bags, 90 gusset type bags or 25 smooth RSC circumstances to a servo motivated raise table and vacuum feeder that techniques every piece on the bed of your Optimizer HF printer. Adding a restacker and return conveyor supplies practically constant productivity.

Customizer Printing device

The Customizer is a stay-by yourself, fingers-supply inkjet printer providing ultimate versatility for very low quantity and professional publishing needs. It images a variety of situation, perish minimize, and kraft case styles without having limit on item size. It is great for quite short run printing to even one particular-away customized-manufactured bins or odd designs. Features of its specialization involve variable print placement of their 32″ long by 11″ higher print area inside of any period of situation approximately 10 feet as well as a movable printing tube option for printing placement across the thickness of the print product or service.

Dealer Classes:

Printing and Beautifying Machinery

wrapping tech generating methods provide a huge 32″ x 11″ printing discipline for bar, text and graphics regulations on corrugated instances, multiple-wall surface kraft totes and perish cuts.


Fhope stretcj tech stamping solutions meet GS-1 standards for constantly easily readable bar regulations on set runs of corrugated circumstances, multi-walls kraft luggage, die blanks and cuts.

automatic coil wrapper for wire and cable

Automatic film packing machine coil wrapper for copper, aluminum packaging

more information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Coil_packing_machine.html






MG coil wrapper manufactures customized packaging parts this sort of as bottles, closures, containers, lids, trays and cups for clients in industries ranging from foodstuff & beverage packaging to health care, to consumer merchandise and more. With several services in the US & Canada,, we have comprehensive experience in providing our consumers with superb, modern and sustainable custom producing remedies. CMG provides a selection of decorating options like in-mould label (IML) and strain delicate label software. Items are accessible in Large Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS) and PET suitable for foods, beverage, dairy, industrial goods and other apps. We supply deal design and style, modeling, prototyping and mold creating services.

Subject is the decision maker of proprietary and custom-made fittings for the automatic coil wrapper  Packaging, Woodworking and Textile Industries. Our answers-oriented technique continues to make us a regarded chief in the market. Allen Area was recognized in 1945 as a customer-targeted company of plastic sock hangers, shoe hangers, little garment accent hangers, plastic clips, plastic closures and other retail show components for the garment and hosiery industry. We have considering that expanded our merchandise line to contain box clips, plastic box handles, and plastic handles with logos. Our box clip is a convenient way to hold your packaging with each other. Our merchandise are flexible sufficient for you to use in the way that they very best suit your wants.

The Mission of  automatic coil wrapper  Subject Business, Inc. is to help in the Design and style and Producing of top quality components for clients employing our capabilities and expertise in plastic injection molding, die-casting, steel-stamping and woodworking.

Stock packaging and woodworking factors include: plastic handles, small hangers, plastic display hooks and rings, display hangers, connecting box clips, plastic and metallic shelf pins, corner protectors, drawer slides, uninteresting instruments.
Elliptical Handles Collection

The Elliptical Handles are your new selections with no added manufacturing charges. You can personalized this manage with your brand and include a sparkle with glitter and pearl enhancements. We offer you a massive choice of substantial-good quality stock plastic handles, and also customized-made and manufactured box handles in a variety of shades, shapes, and measurements. Our plastic handles are created to enhance the search and performance of your present packaging and transportation remedies, and to in the end support you improve your base line.
Rotary Locking Clip

The Rotary Locking Clip is an interlock method developed for corrugated packaging, level of sale, and industrial applications. This clip is inserted into box partitions from the outdoors of a corrugated board by way of a straightforward die minimize, then turns and locks into place. It joins two items of corrugated cardboard with each other and helps make closing and reopening the package a breeze. The clip is a hundred% reusable and it can be effortlessly assembled and taken out in a few seconds no further fixings or equipment are essential.
Provider Categories:
We offer plastic coil wrapper handles, box connecting clips, hangers, show aids, woodworking specialties, the Trundlers, and customized style and producing service.
The automatic coil wrapper  E-Catalog is obtainable for your reference. We are likely environmentally friendly and you are encouraged to discover our most up-to-date and in-depth item strains at our website. If you have reviewed our resources or frequented our website, we would value listening to your comments, and we will appear ahead to answering any queries you have about our products and solutions. If you come to feel our merchandise(s) might be the remedy for your affiliate or consumer, you should share our catalog and get in touch with data. We value your view and anticipate the chance to serve you in the around long term! Thank you for your fascination in All Area.