Auto Coil Wrapping machine Project plan

coil winding machine
Brinsworth Auto Coil Wrapping machine Project
Status Lead time / work duration wk 1 wk 2 wk 3 wk 4 wk 5 wk 6 wk 7 wk 8 wk 9 wk 10 wk 11 wk 12 wk 13 wk 14 wk 15 wk 16 wk 17 wk 18 Comments
July Stop weeks Aug Sept Oct Nov
Mechanical works
Get final quotes for mechanical work WIP X Projects
Place order for Mechanical work 1 hr X Projects
Item 1 – walk way barrier external X DVSF
Item 2 – walk way barrier / gates external X DVSF
Item 3 – FLT barrier x 2 external X DVSF
Item 5 – New edge barrier x 1 external X DVSF
Item 4 – Light gate supports x 4
To be done in workshop
external X X DVSF
Delivery of item 4 to site external X DVSF
Item 7 – Machine build external X DVSF
item 8 – coil tipping barriers x 2 external X DVSF
Roof Works
Get quotes for roof work (item 6) WIP X E & W
Place order for Roof work 1 hr X E & W
Roof works 1 day X E & W
Saw cut pockets for barriers (items 3 & 5) 4 hrs X X UK Land Care
Cast in barriers (items 3 & 5) 2 hrs X UK Land Care
Quote for additional work WIP X UK Land Care
Place order for additional work 1 hr X UK Land Care
Saw cut trench and dig deeper 1 day X UK Land Care
Cast in coil tipping supports (item 8) 2 hrs X UK Land Care
Lead time for compressor X X X X X X X X X X X X X WG Search
Arrival of compressor 0 day X WG Search
Install compressor 8Hrs X WG Search
Wire up compressor 2 hrs X Hesleys
Install pipe work as required 6 hrs X WG Search
Electrical Works
Install electrical trucking etc 2 day X Hesleys
Wire up coil wrapper and control desk 2 day X Hesleys
Wire up light guards 1 day X Hesleys
Wrapping Machine
Final technical review (internally) 4 hrs X Team
Place order for Wrapping machine WIP X Projects
Lead time for delivery of wrapping machine 12 wks X X X X X X X X X X X X Metpro / JPM
Arrival of coil wrapping equipment 0 day X Metpro / JPM
Remove and unpack wrapping equipment 1 day X Internal / DVSF
Locate wrapping equipment and secure to floor 0.5 day X Internal / DVSF
Assemble coil wrapping equipment 3 days X X Internal / DVSF
Assemble guarding 2 days X Internal / DVSF
Install light guards (mechanical) 1 day X Internal / DVSF
Commissioning works + Training 3 days X X Metpro / JPM
Chinese engineer on site 3 days X JPM


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automatic coil packing machine and tapping machine

automatic coil packing machine
Providing automatic packing solution for coil wrapping and coil tapping by customized solution.
Control by PLC&HMI, automatic BOPP adhesive tape tapping machine, automatic positioning system.

It also calls coil stretch wrapper, coil packing line and automatic coil wrapping machine…


coil stretch wrapper testing and checking

Coil Weight = 32 MT (72,160 lb)

Coil OD = 1000 to 2060 mm (40 in to 80 in)

Coil Width = 900 to 1700 mm (35.4 in to 66 in)

Coil ID = 610 to 760 mm (24 in to 30 in)

Production Rate = 6 Coils per hour

Power -3 Phase 440 VAC 60 Hz

Control Voltage -24 V

Inspection Checklist

coil Stretch Wrapper -RAL 1033 Dahlia Yellow

Blocker Rolls -RAL 5017 Traffic Blue

Track Frames -RAL 5017 Traffic Blue
Verify paint colors
For shipping, exposed stretch wrapper machine surfaces must be protected with Tectyl 502-C or equal
No paint on surfaces contacting grout (primer ok).
Verify anchor bolt locations and size
Wrap minimum OD coil with minimum ID and maximum width
Wrap maximum OD coil with minimum ID and maximum width
Wrap with VCI paper
Wrap with VCI plastic
Verify component voltages
Verify production rate
Installed keyed switches and verify functionality (supplied by SES)
When will we receive packing lists?
How will the machine break down for shipping?
How will parts be labeled for shipping and re-assembly?
When will we receive final drawings (ACAD and PDF format)?
When will we receive manuals?



coil wrap machine and case packing

Turn an engineer unfastened at the Automate trade present (Mar. 23-26, Chicago) and he’ll happily wander aisle right after aisle looking at all the new technologies and apps. John Henry, operator of and creator of the KC Boxbottom Adventures in Packaging blogs, put in two days there speaking with exhibitors to learn the latest automation equipment. He reviews on highlights of what he saw—a baker’s dozen of goodies for fellow packaging engineers.

Beginning with…

coil wrap machine
coil wrap machine and coil stretch wrapper

1. Rethink Baxter robotic: Rethink Robotics exhibited its Baxter collaborative robotic for coil wrap machine shown here shaking fingers with the creator. A robot with two arms and 3 vision methods for $twenty five,000? Sounds like a sport changer to me. Baxter has a new brother named Sawyer. Sawyer is a bit shy and did not arrive to the present but I listen to good issues and search forward to conference him.
Packaging gum tape situation sealer: Schneider Packaging Gear confirmed its new SRt00WAT case sealer. This combines two features to make this one of the a lot more adaptable sealers on the industry. Initial, it seals with h2o activated (gummed) tape for a more robust, more reliable seal. Second, it automatically adjusts to random dimension circumstances. This permits it to serve multiple packaging lines or a distribution warehouse.
3D vision systems allow robots in mold tilter to determine the place of a element in three proportions. This permits “bin picking” or finding, grabbing and orienting elements that are jumbled at random in a bin. A number of companies have been showing variants on the topic. 1 that caught my eye was this Fanuc robotic picking caps at random from a pile.
palletizer/depalletizer and coil wrap machine with Kinect 3D: The Yaskawa palletizer/depalletizer uses 3D vision to find the placement and orientation of the next scenario to be dealt with. The wow! aspect was that as an alternative of a $10,000 to 20,000 industrial eyesight method, they employed a $150 Kinect game controller (highlighted) from Microsoft’s Xbox sport method. I predict that, in coming many years, Microsoft will market several a lot more Kinects than Xboxes as 3D vision will get integrated into numerous programs previously not thought possible.
Items like grippers may seem dull in contrast to the robots of the coil wrap machine on their own but can be a substantial expense. Soft Robotics of mold tilter was exhibiting an intriguing reduced price, incredibly mild gripper. It utilizes inflatable fingers to grip the elements.