Adjustable Coil Upender for Steel Coil

fhopepack is one of the main producers of tilting coil chassis can be divided into inclinaison.le tippler hydraulic rotating machine and a turnover roller winding machine machine according to different modes of conduct. the power of the hydraulic coil pump for reversal of the winding machine, it is products 90% of cases and 180 of the strong and stable. the device and of the materials and components of machine using high qualité.le reversal roll hydraulic machine programming, we will see a reversal of the hydraulic machine of volume strictly, the process of establishment and care of defect ts can cause problems for sécurité.le turning the machine with hydraulic volume, iso certification, to enter the european market, convenient and quick.
never fhopepack lifting and sub titles, don’t feel safe, or dangerous operation can be taken advantage of by the client. as a professional r & amp; d team, the experience, the spirit of innovation, equipment and technology for any type of rolling machine to optimize the production technology, improve the efficiency and productivity of the production line.

Mold turnover machine, the mold on the main application of the mold of the object. It is also widely used in the end of the module, coil rotation, module subversion subversion, roll… The above is the steel coil, the coil, the aluminum coil. We offer this cost benefit to our customers, which in turn is a “value for money”. Advanced technology and experienced manpower, we have the most advanced technology and high technology turnover machine and turnover machine, achieving good results, ensuring efficiency and product quality.

Practical ,Well-designed Coil Tilter and Coil Upender

FHOPE supplies coil nailers handle solution, not only providing machinery. Fhope is a lot more than please to assist your own requirement in the analysis packing goal, helping you to find the right option for operation process. our Coil tilter/coil upender has been applied for subsequent industry. Upender is normally for handling the particular coils, mildew, roll… The most important features in advanced coil nailers tilter/upender engineering would be to achieve continuous safety operation in any kind of environment. Heavy item must be managing properly to prevent improperly damage or damaged. Environmental aspects such as humidity and temperature can’t impact product managing. With Fhope upender technologies, the machine is actually reliable and strong. New improvements for 2014 symbolize important advances in achieving continuous surgical procedures, error-free loads, electricity efficiencies, along with advanced security.Special framework is designed, trustworthy oblique products and quality worm rate reducer. Large designed Four-roller gadget to supportive the tilter. Inverter handles the speed. A pair of displacement restrictors and restricted sensor followed for security operation. Device can be visit to any position in converting even turn off. Emergence quit and position locking operate avoid revolving. Working table can be made every products.
Practical ,Well-designed Coil Tilter and Coil Upender

Coil tilter with slid table

steel circles position differ from horizontal to be able to vertical as well as inversely, with bodyweight from One.5 to 30 tons. These tilters could also be used for different kinds of cargoes which makes them all-purpose. Using these tilters permits increasing considerably handling operates safety as well as efficiency as well as improving their quality. The tilter design offers electric driveworking along with supply current from 230 to 460 Versus. Coil tilter with slid table

inquiry for coil upender and stretch wrapper

am afraid that according to the machine table we could have some problems when working on the longest coil (1.5m). Besides the coil we will need to also put a pallet (0.15m) and this will take even more space and there will be around 25cm. of the coil that will be out of the coil upender machine and the potential risk of falling. Please see picture attached.

Can you adjust the table measures according to this? If yes, the price will be the same? Please also provide CIF price to OUR COMPANY

We are from Box wear. We are pharmaceutical traders.
we need Stretch Wrapping Machine. Carton size:
Max. L840mm×W700mm×H610mm,
Min. L490mm×W300mm×H265mm,
Carton weight: Max. 60kg ,
Turntable loading weight:Max. 100kg ,
Turntable speed: 10-14r /min ,
Material: stretch film: Thickness 0.025mm, width: 500mmm Power voltage: 220v, single phase, 50- 60Hz

can u send me product details ?

Waiting for quick response.

drawing of coil upender

1) I would send photo sensor’s brand, model No & elec power as the attachment.
Please provide elec circuit diagram drawing which is added the photo sensor by tomorrow.

2) Even though we adjusted support roller of tilter correctly, the tilter still move to diagonal direction
and make big thrust force. Please advise us how to adjust it correctly.

In advance thank you for your cooperation.


coil upender and drawing
coil upender and drawing

From: susan
Sent: Friday, March 4, 2016 3:24 PM
To: 김선교 ;
Subject: Re: Re: VREY VERY URGENT!!! Need control panel circuit diagram drawing.

Dear Mr. kim,

Good day!

Following are the reply of your requirement for coil upender:
1) Elec circuit diagram drawing including Magnetic contactor part. (See the attachment)
—- It is shown in our “electrical circuit diagram 03”, pls refer to attachment documents.

2) Add photo sensor on the end of roller conveyor of coil upender to the elec circuit diagram (See the attachment)
—- Pls refer to attachment document.

3) Detail drawing of coil tilting M/C to be provided. We have to know machanism of the coil tilting M/C to adjust the No.2 M/C.
— Pls refer to attachment drawing.

4) Operation manual of Inverter on the control panel. (See the attached coil upender photos.)
—- Pls refer to attachment user manual.

Performance Guarantee Test for coil upender and load inverter

coil upender
coil tilter and coil upender, CHINESE manufacturer

“FOB” shall mean Free on Board Port of Shipment which shall be delivered, being duly packed, free of expenses to the Purchaser on board of a vessel or air shipment as per the INCOTERMS 2010 or any other latest amendment thereof.
1.17. “Plant & Equipment” shall mean the equipment/items which shall be designed engineered, manufactured, supply, supervision of installation and Commissioning including successful demonstration of the PG parameters by the Vendor for the intended purpose under the provision of the Purchase Agreement.
1.18. “Schedule of Completion” of coil upender shall mean the completion schedule of the Scope of Imported Supply which shall include design, manufacture and supply of Plant & Equipment along with all accessories, tools, tackles etc. to complete the Vendor’s scope in all respects as per the provision of this Purchase Agreement.
1.19. “Commissioning” shall mean the operation of the Plant & Equipment, installed by the Vendor in conformity with the Purchase Enquiry Specification.
1.20. “Performance Guarantee Test” shall mean the coil upender demonstration of the performance guarantee parameters by the Vendor in conformity with the relevant provision of Purchase Enquiry Specification.
1.21. “Final Acceptance shall mean the issuance of the Final Acceptance Certificate on completion of Defect Liability Period or any extension thereof, if any.
1.22. “Defect Liability Period” shall mean the contractual liability period of the Vendor after the completion of Performance Guarantee Test and liquidation of all punch list items notified by the Purchaser.
1.23. “Confidential Information” shall mean shall mean any and all technical and commercial information, including, but not limited to, design, drawings, specifications, data and other information to be supplied to the Vendor, directly or indirectly, by the Purchaser or developed or acquired by the Vendor in performing the Work under the Purchase Agreement, irrespective of whether such information is disclosed in tangible form or via electronic communication.
2. Scope of Work for Imported Supply (Work)
2.1. Complete coil upender Design, Engineering, Manufacture/Procure/fabrication , Control Assembly, Match Marking, Inspection and Testing at manufacturer’s works, painting, packing, supply of all imported Plant & Equipment and related design & drawings on F.O.B port of shipment basis, supervision of erection & Commissioning and demonstration of Performance Guarantee Test (PGT) , fulfillment of Defect Liability obligations and successful handing over to the Purchaser on Final Acceptance at the Project Site as per the Purchase Enquiry Specification (PR No ……………. dated ……………) along with all required General Specification (if any), correspondences, MOMs to ensure the correctness and completeness of the Work in all respects.
The name of the port(s) shall be clearly mentioned by the Vendor.
2.2. Supply of all coil upender Equipment foundation bolts including bolts of special design and those made of alloy/special steels and imported special embedment that may be required for the Equipment on F.O.B. basis.
2.3. Supply of refractory and lining materials with additional quantity, as specified in the Purchase Enquiry Specification or as agreed on F.O.B. basis.

General Commercial Terms of the coil upneder project for Indian Steel

coil transfer coil and coil car
coil transfer coil and coil car

General Commercial Terms and Conditions (Scope of Imported Supply)
1. Definitions
1.1. “Basic Price” shall mean price without any taxes and duties, as applicable.
1.2. “Client” shall mean ………who has signed the Main Contract Agreement with the Purchaser for the execution of the Facilities at the designated Site.
1.3. “Main Contract” is the contract agreement signed between the Purchaser and the Client for execution of the Facilities.
1.4. “Facilities” shall mean the plant, equipment and the associated facilities to be installed and executed at Site under the Main Contract.
1.5. “Project” shall mean the …………………..project at Site for which the Vendor has submitted their techno-commercial and price offer in conformity with Vendor’s Scope of Supply and the requirement of the Purchase Enquiry Specification.
1.6. “Site” shall mean the place of execution of the Scope of Supply by the Vendor under this Purchase Agreement.
1.7. “Purchaser” shall mean the Company incorporated under the laws of India and having its registered office at L&T House, Narottam Morarjee Marg, Ballard Estate, Mumbai –400001,India having its Metallurgical and Material Handling, such as coil tilter, coil upender Independent Company Headquarters at Godrej Water Side, Tower II, 11th Floor, DP – 5,Sector – V, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700 091.
1.8. “Vendor” shall mean Company incorporated under the laws of India and having its registered office at……………………….
1.9. “Sub-Vendor” shall mean the person, firm or corporation who supplies the Vendor with materials, machinery, tools, supplies, equipment, articles, items and other work or services that are used by the Vendor in connection with the Purchase Agreement, and shall include its legal successors or permitted assignees.
1.10. “Scope of Imported Supply (Work)” shall mean the work to be executed as per the contractual provisions of the Purchase Agreement and in conformity with the Purchase Enquiry Specification.
1.11. “LOI” shall mean the Letter of Intent, issued by the Purchaser about the intension of the Purchaser to the Vendor to enter into this coil upender Purchase Agreement for the intended Scope of Imported Supply.
1.12. “Effective Date of Purchase Agreement” shall mean the contractual obligations as defined in this Purchase Agreement.
1.13. “Purchase Enquiry Specification” shall mean PR No…..dated ……issued to Vendor by the Purchaser (PR).
1.14. “Purchase Agreement” shall mean the complete set of documents as stipulated in the relevant clause, mentioned hereinafter.
1.15. “Price“ shall mean the lump sum fixed price , quoted by the Vendor for undertaking of all contractual obligations under the Scope of Imported Supply of the Purchase Agreement and coil upender Purchase Enquiry Specification which shall have the validity till the Defect Liability Period .

tilter and upender
tilter and upender

coil tilter for 10t mold copper and alloy stell


mold upender,tilter
mold upender,tilter

Thanks for the info.

Here you have more info about the coils we would be tilting / coil upender:

Max Coil OD: 65″
Max Coil width: 15″
Max loading capacity: 20,000 pounds



Dear Arturo,
Good day!
This is Tracy from Fhopepack Packaging Machinery Co.,ltd,a professional manufacturer of packing machines&handling machines for 18 years.
We have received your inquiry for the coil tilter.
Since I don’t know the size of your objects,I’m sending our coil tilter (for 10 tons’ loading) quotation for your reference.
If you have different coil size or requirement,the solution can be adjusted.
Please check attached quotation and kindly let me know your opinions.
Thanks and best regards,
Estimado Arturo,
¡Buen día!
Se trata de Tracy de Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., un fabricante profesional de máquinas de embalaje y máquinas de manipulación durante 18 años.
Hemos recibido su consulta para el volteador de bobinas.
Dado que no sé el tamaño de los objetos, que estoy enviando nuestro sistema de basculación de la bobina -10 (para la carga de 10 toneladas ‘) presupuesto para su referencia.
Si usted tiene diferente tamaño de la bobina o requisito, la solución puede ser ajustado.
Por favor, compruebe la cita adjunta y amabilidad de dejarme saber sus opiniones.
Gracias y un saludo,
Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile