Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine

Our coiled packing line is efficient and flexible. Line
It is fully automatic preprogramming (or manually feeding)
Packing specification.
The line can package different sizes and types of packages.
There is no need to install. The line can be used for several cutting machines or
The production line is synchronized.
Due to full automatic operation, packaging line
Only need to fill the material. Usually, when driving
Full capacity, material filling frequency does not exceed
A shift / coil wrapping machine.
Our packing line reduces the cost of packing. Instead of
Using pre cut packaging material, we cut and optimize the wire.
Material based on the size of the coil. This means that there is
Quite a few needs different sizes of materials and
Packing space.
Selection of coil packaging line to improve cost efficiency
Package your product with good protection and
An elegant appearance.

Horizontal Orbital Stainless Steel Coil Wrapping Machine


Differece between semiauto and automatic coil wrapper

Coil stretch wrapper

Semiauto coil wrapper machine:

  1. Driving roll is fixed.
  2. Working table is rolls only.
  3. Only semiauto supportive rolls.

—-Loading and unloading have to manually. So it only for offline packing.


Automatic coil wrapper machine

  1. Driving roll is raising(for wrapping rotation) and down(for conveying)
  2. Working table is roller conveyor for online moving
  3. Automatic centering device( it will designed per different package)

Loading and unloading can be automatically. So it is able online packaging.



Coil stretch wrapper
Coil stretch wrapper


Both solution can be adding following device:


  1. Automatic material feeder & cutter


  1. Automatic PLC&HMI program control


coil stretch wrapper and coil packaging machinery

Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack
Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack

1. 金额:50000 人民币

2. 付款方式:T/T,30%预付款,发货前70%

3. 合同交期:18-20天

4. 设备: 200-N 1台


物料重量: 10-200kg

物料宽度: 80-200mm

外径: 550-750mm

内径: 300-600mm


转环速度: 每分钟20-90转

重叠率: 20%-90%

功率: 约1.2kw

电压: 380v/50Hz 3Phase

包材packing maaterial:stretch film 缠绕膜(内径:50mm  外径:60-150mm  宽度:90mm)







铭牌标签: 300-N



coil stretch wrapping machine


Since there is without your information about coil wrapping machine, i’d like to know is there any progress for coil stretch wrapping machine?

What is your team’s opinion for our solution?

Waiting for your reply.

————————————-coil wrapperne

Hello Mr.Patil,

Our coil weight will be 1000 kg – 5000 kg pl indicate this machine GD 800 coil stretch wrapping machine is suitable for this ?
—–GD800 coil stretch wrapping machine offered is for Max.weight 2000kg, the modification is available for Max.5000kg.

What will be the civil work required for foundation of machine ?
—-Not civil work required.

What is the total dimensions of machine -Length, width and height .

—–App. L3600x W2400 x H3000mm
Is there any machine which also do strapping after wrapping?? If yes pl indicate .

—–There is strapping tools available

What will be the production rate is we consider average 3500kg weight of the coils ??

—The wrapping time is relate to the size but weight, normallry for OD1500mm With:800mm app. 60-90sec

What is the total delivery period after PO??

—-50 days after receiving the down payment.

Delivery time for the multi coil packaging line


Coil stacking system in packaging line
Coil stacking system in packaging line

Due the today situation we need to make a new statement for the delivery:
agreed delivery on Contract
合同日期 New agreed delivery dates from KO meeting of 25-10-14
10月会议日期 Delivery of Foundations Drawings

Packaging line 21/10/2014 15/01/2015 10/11/2014
Multicoil line (welding) 21/10/2014 20/12/2014 29/10/2014
Pallet wrapping machine 07/10/2014 20/01/2015 29/10/2014
internal weighing system 23/09/2014 20/12/2015 29/10/2014
cartoon cutter unit 07/10/2014 20/12/2015 10/11/2014
The deliveries dates were deeply discussed and these final agreement must be consider as the new and last target date to be strictly respected before the Contract penalty will act.


Orbital stretch wrapper with stretch film for your long shape package wrapping automatic.