packing solution for steel industry

We are providing auomatic coil and pipe packing solution for factory and trading company.
Some customer asking technical help and assitance in the packaging.
Our team provides the solution for steel coil, steel tube…
 We trade / market various industrial consumables like, grinding wheels, cutting tools, machine tools (centerless grinding) etc… we customers allover India. Now, we require 1no. Pipe Bundle Packing Machine for our customer. Please following initial details available from the customer:…..
Requirement (application details):  The customer wants wrap Steel profiles of length varying from 3mtr to 12mtr. (sometimes 5mtr, 7mtrs also).  So, Length – min – 3mts and max – 12mts.
Steel profiles may be Rectangular, Angles, Square pipe etc… (min – 50 x 50, max – 100 x 100)
Wrapping diameter may be 1mtr.  ( 50 x 50 profiles  shall be 20nos. x 20nos. and 100 x 100 profiles shall be 10 nos x 10nos).
Please quote for a Pipe Bundle Packing Machine, Installation, Commissioning Charges etc… at the earliest.



This machine will encapsulate the furniture produced ( desks , commode, Upholster furniture )


We will be gratefully to receive your quotation EX , ASAP


horizontal hose coil packing machine FPCA100

horizontal hose coil packing machine FPCA100

The horizontal type coil packing machine mainly for wrapping the hose coil, cable coil, pipe coil in eye to sky. The machine is able turning the coil 360 degree and wrapping it by film/paper fixs on the ring….

PC wire coil packing machine

PC wire coil packing machine

The horizontal PC wire coil packing machine, For OD:2500MM, Weight: 1-3T. Ring type coil ID through wrapping machine. The strong structure with 10 years warranty. Oversea installation service…

Cable Coil Packing Machine-FPCA100

Cable Coil Packing Machine-FPCA100

Fhope offer now special designed cable coil wrapping machine for cable ID:90mm only, which can do coil eye through wrapping in high speed. It can make your package good and nice. It is easy to operate and maintain….

Tyre Packing Machine FPT-400

Tyre Packing Machine FPT-400

It is an automatic machine. It can cut down the film automatically. It releases the labor from manual tyre packing.The overlapping of the packing can be up to 90%. …

Tyre Packing Machine FPT-200

Tyre Packing Machine FPT-200

This is tyre wrap packing machine designed for motorcycle tyre, bicycle tyre.It reduces the labor from manual tyre packing. It operate easily and ensure the packages nice and good….

 Hose wrapping machine FPH-300

Hose wrapping machine FPH-300

FPH-300 Hose coil wrapping machine, saves your four staff in corrugated hose wrapping!!!FPH coil stretch wrapper and equipment working for your film stretch wrapping…This is a hose coil eye vertical wrapping machinery, which is for small and light coils. …

Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-400

Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-400

Wire coil wrapping machinery-FPW400 designed for steel wire coils,such as PC wire,GI wire……

Bearing packing machine FPB-200

Bearing packing machine FPB-200

Bearing packing machine and bearing wrapping mchine for bearing with difference size,semiauto or automatic online packaging solution are available in Fhope…

Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-500

Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-500

Professional manufacturer of PC wire coil packing machienry,Pre-strand wire wrapping machinery for steel wire industry.Your best choice in improve products package and save money…

automatic packing machine for reel and coil

automatic packing machine for reel and coil


it is a whole size wrapping machine for online stretch wrapping which works for reel, pipe, tyre, bearing…

It is able covering the coil by the stretch film in the whole package. And the solution is online packing and dispensing.

Roller station for big steel coil packing and strapping

Roller station for big coil packing with steel sheet covering and strapping.
There are more coil packing machine and steel strapping machine available from fhope.
Our team is able offering a solution per your steel coil handling and packing by H protector, steel sheet covering, paper wrapping…




Wire rod stretch wrapper and coil packing machine

coilmaster for aluminum coil


Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack
Wire coil stretch wrapper from Fhopepack

Other question:

In your offer for the Project OR, the trolley is included in your scope of supply? This trolley has a rotation system moving the coil in different speeds?

I wait to receive your answer and also the answers to the wire rod coil wrapping machine questions made

Please also confirm in the mentioned offer of the project OR that the offered wrapping machine can wrap with the two materials these size of wire coils because is very important to confirm it:

  • Width of wire coil: 400-900mm
  • OD of wire coil: 650-1000mm
  • ID of wire coil:350-600mm
wire coil stretch wrapper
wire rod coil packing
No. 3: Since the wire coil packing machine has not been put into production yet, I will apply to our manager and engineer to widen conveyors which can handle your products up to 610mm or 650mm wide for free.

The KR and OR wire coil packing projects are going forward but GY and AI projects are stopped. So we would like to know the following information for KR and OR projects:

  • The width of the coil in KR project is 1000mm and in OR is more or less 900mm. When you send us firstly the offers you gave us the GD series wrapping machine, so I would like to have the confidence that with this machine we can apply the wrapping to those wire coils. Please confirm that is possible.
  • Which is the cycle time to wrap one coil in KR and OR projects?
  • Which will be the approx. increase in the price for both projects if we add Profibus connection and the automata Siemens S7-300?
  • Which will be the approx. increase in the price if we use different consumables brands as SMC, SEW?
No. 7: Ok, we will palletized the film well. And we will handle this when machine is ready.

coil packaging and wrapping machine solution



steel,hose,wire,coil wrapping machine


Solution 1
Price: USD121,500 FOB Shanghai
GS400 for all 5 items

Item OD Inch ID Inch Width Inch Weight kg
1 23 14 10 100
2 30 22 6 100
3 32 19 10 250
4 25 18 5 100
5 41 31 16 500

The wrapping station could be movable. The heavy wire coil could be loaded and introduced on the roll base via electrical hoist. And the wrapping station moves to the working position for packing. It is easy to install and maintain.

Solution 2
Price: USD91,980 FOB Shanghai
GD400 for all 5 items
Item OD Inch ID Inch Width Inch Weight kg
1 23 14 10 100
2 30 22 6 100
3 32 19 10 250
4 25 18 5 100
5 41 31 16 500

Commonly it needs a installation pit. Like the photo below, the unloading roller is close to the ground. And it also can be just installed on the ground.

Solution 3
Price: USD18,300+USD19,980=USD118,280 FOB Shanghai

For better wrapping effect, we suggest using two machines.
Use GS 300 for item 1, 2, 3, 4
Item OD Inch ID Inch Width Inch Weight kg
1 23 14 10 100
2 30 22 6 100
3 32 19 10 250
4 25 18 5 100

For wrapping Item 5, we recommend using GD400 like solution 2.
Item OD Inch ID Inch Width Inch Weight kg
5 41 31 16 500

All above for your reference. Personally, I highly recommend solution 1 as your choice. Because it is easy to install. For small item 1,2,3,4, the coil could be easily pushed by operator. And the wrapping is movable for heavy coil lifting and loading easily.


coil wrapping machine for steel coil


Coil wrapping machine for heavy coil handling and packaging.


It is coil wrapper  with trolley for coil packing by eye through type packaging.

Coil size:                OD                       ID                                          Width                    Weight

700-1800mm        400-600mm                        100-800mm       100-2000kg


Special solution available per different size of steel coil, copper coil, aluminum coil…

We offered thousands coil wrapper per different package from 1998.

packing machine for steel coil

Fhopepack Packaging Know-how has released packing equipment for coil, its newest model of the rotary pen assembly device. Developed by the Fhopepack subsidiary Moeller &  coil wrapper , the equipment is intended to assemble medical products these as standard four-piece disposable pens or one-shot vehicle-injectors. These are employed for diabetes treatment, the treatment of autoimmune illnesses, hormone substitution therapies, or emergency drugs.

The packing device for coil assembles the 4 components of every single pen just one move at a time: Infeed systems load the pen caps, cartridge holders, cartridges, and dosing mechanisms into the equipment from four unique in-feed stations and fit them with each other to ready-to-use pens. The completely automatic machine handles four pens at the exact same time and achieves an output of up to 70 pens/min. Incorrectly assembled solutions are routinely detected and rejected.

Thanks to its open up construction, the platform delivers a excellent overview of all stations and processes, making sure uncomplicated procedure and format configurations. The computerized packing transportation and control stations in between the unique assembly techniques reduce operator intervention and handbook managing to a minimum amount. A Human Machine Interface (HMI) permits operators to check all method functions specifically. The compact style and small footprint comply with GMP and GAMP5.

As an solution, the packing machine for coil platform can be combined with additional upstream and downstream products. For occasion, the liquid pharmaceuticals can be stuffed into cartridges and inspected for particles and beauty container defects on other Fhopepack products. This consists of labeling equipment from Moeller & Devicon, which have been especially developed for pens and auto-injectors, as very well as thoroughly automated horizontal cartoning machines from Fhopepack or 3rd-celebration suppliers that can be blended to comprehensive traces. An integration of downstream circumstance packing and palletizing equipment is also possible.

The versatile and modular design and style of the packing equipment for coil platform permits an improve with even more procedure measures, these kinds of as laser engraving of the pens or serialization. Also, the system can also be adapted for other MedTec goods, this kind of as infusion sets, cannulas, or catheters. The whole variety of rotary pen assembly machines is complemented by

installation feature of machine

Packaged in a 330-mL Tetra Pak carton, SaladPower is jam-packed with 2.75 servings of greens. Every carton of a hundred % juice contains kale, carrot, spinach, tomato, celery, environmentally friendly bell pepper, and cucumbers, although some kinds include fruit as properly. SaladPower is obtainable in four flavors: Just Veggies, +Mango, +Apple and +Pineapple, with a proposed retail price of $2.99 per bottle.

“We place only the greatest ingredients into SaladPower,” said Stephan Lotfi, CEO. “We use sustainably grown non-GMO greens and fruits, alongside with in a natural way sourced vitamin C for an additional improve, and we make sure our cost level stays affordable. There is no amusing organization in our juices due to the fact basic elements usually perform best.”

Lofti provides that SaladPower’s packaging was cautiously decided on to replicate these values of delivering a organic, affordable, and healthy juice. “By utilizing a Tetra Pak aseptic carton, the product is greater safeguarded against light-weight and oxygen, indicating the nutritional value of the greens and fruits are managed and there is no want for preservatives or artificial substances,” stated Lotfi.

It also was crucial that the SaladPower packaging be eco-welcoming. Fhope coil Packing cartons suit the monthly bill, claims Tetra Pak, since they are mainly manufactured from a renewable useful resource – paper manufactured from selectively harvested, regrown trees – and are recyclable.

SaladPower is currently available on-line by way of Vegan Cuts and Ryze.
These potent gadgets for mounting arm installation characteristic all-close to IP sixty five safety and integrate greatest-in-course multi-contact manage panel engineering with a substantial-overall performance industrial PC—all in a single rugged, compact housing.

The location at the rear of the packing Control Panel Computer, which is essential for swiveling and tilting the connected mounting arm, is also efficiently used to accommodate the added IPC factors even though preserving room. The factors in this resolution are thermally decoupled from each other to save space, the computer is truly created close to the integrated mounting arm in a u-shaped housing with cooling fins for passive cooling.

10 coil packaging Ideas

10 Innovative cpil Packaging Ideas
It was Peter Drucker, the leading business thinker of the 20th century, who said that business has two functions – marketing and innovation. This article is going to merge both these ideas. Packaging is ultimately a marketing function, it is the final marketing message your customers will see before purchasing your product. If you are selling at a retail store your packaging can be a major factor in determining the success of your product.

If you have a standing book case of wall unit in your bedroom, speak with your moving company about it. It might be necessary to disassemble them. If it is necessary, then remember to keep any of the hardware used in the assembly in a place where you will have easy access to it so that it can be reassembled quickly and easily. Keep it in plastic bags. You might even consider taping to the disassembled furniture. If there are glass shelves in the book case or wall unit or you have shelves hanging on the walls containing glass, remember that by law, all glass must be bubble wrapped. This is to protect both the glass and to protect the movers from injury.

If you put your items to storage wrapping machine is actually damaging to the furniture, because it traps the moisture and the furniture can actually rot under the wrapping machine if stored long enough. I would strongly recommend using mattress covers, because even if it will be wrapped in a blanket – you do not know what was wrapped in that blanket before. And mattress is what you sleep on. Also sofas with light colored upholstery would be better off if you cover it with plastic sofa cove before wrapping in the furniture blankets. Sometimes the color bleeds off the moving blanket onto upholstery.

The two most common types of shrink wrap film used today are PVC and Polyolefin film. PVC film used to be the film of choice. It was inexpensive and widely available. Polyolefin film has been growing in popularity over the past few years and is now almost as common as PVC shrink film.

After the guide is secure you can start coil wrapping the thread. Matching thread is readily available at coil packing machine dealers. Wrapping can be quite tedious and since this article is just about the basics of repair, I highly suggest an instructional guide on the subject.

Buy mattress bags and cover your mattress and box spring. The last thing you want is for your bed to end up damp, dusty or damaged during your move – it might ruin your chances of sleeping peacefully in your new home.

Another very competitive industry is the coil packing business, with the big players there always looking for an edge on their competitors. Last year Anheuser Busch came out with a completely new concept in packaging that ended up winning several coil packaging awards. The concept was so simple it is amazing no one had done it before. We all know beer comes in glass bottles and aluminum cans. What Anheuser Busch decided to do was just combine these two concepts and they came up with the aluminum bottle. It was different, it looked classy and eye-catching, and it was 100% recyclable.

Getting a toned body calls for self-discipline and effort. Don’t expect to build a very good shape in a short time with half-hearted initiatives. Usually, obtaining this particular body involves developing a completely different as well as intently managed lifestyle.

The machine and information equip

10 Innovative Packaging Ideas
You’ve chosen the day for your big move, picked out your Seattle moving services, and now it’s time to get your precious household items packed. You might know exactly what you’re taking with you, but how do you make sure they get to their end destination in the same condition they started off? Follow these essential packing tips and make sure you protect your possessions as best as you can.

Nature has some amazing examples of “innovative packaging.” Consider the banana, the pea-pod, the kangaroo pouch, the pine cone – these are all examples of nature creating efficient packaging. Natures packaging is usually elegant and beautiful as well as efficient. There are shapes, colors and even steel coil packaging concepts that you can borrow from natures example. So next time you go for a walk in the woods, take a look around you and marvel at the innovative packaging created by nature.

If you have luggage boxes to spare, don’t send them off empty. Fill them with your clothes – it saves space and keeps your favorite wardrobe items in pristine condition.

coil master stretch wrapper
coil master stretch wrapper

2) As soon as you see lots being set up for selling Christmas trees, talk to the seller about setting up another table for selling your crafts. Some will charge you a daily/weekly rate for setting up the table – which you provide – or some will want a cut of the profits. Most will, however, agree to allow you to set up. Consider asking to pay a weekly rental fee for the table if you’ll be manning it, but plan on paying a portion of the profit if you want them to manage the sales. If you won’t be sitting with the goods, make sure you prepare an inventory list with prices, have him check off each item that’s sold, and – most importantly – have him show you his I.D. (Write down the info) before you leave him with your goods.

Before hitting the shutter release, ask yourself, “Can I move myself or the item to display the product in a better manner?” Sometimes just moving a few inches up or down or sideways can dramatically improve the photo.

The type of shrink wrap equipment needed depends on the size of the item to be shrink wrapped and how fast it needs to be wrapped. Some machines are designed to package items small like CDs; other machines package large boxes. Some machines can package a few items an hour, others hundreds. The larger, faster machines must often be permanently installed, whereas the smaller, slower, and cheaper wrapping machine can be easily moved.

He was an old Italian (are you getting the idea that I was right about it being a primarily Italian neighborhood?), and he was the one who taught me how to whistle. I don’t mean wolf whistles, I mean music. He showed me how to combine lips, tongue, throat, and cheek positions to make music with your breath alone. He told me that he was taught to whistle by a music teacher in Italy as a prelude to instrumental music lessons. The teacher reasoned that by making paking sample with your mouth you would have a better understanding of how to make music with an instrument.

It is very important, before making a purchase, to analyze current needs and future needs. Contact Office Zone for more information about shrink wrap machines.