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Chinese Mingdian Automated Equipment Co., Ltd, which situated inbeautiful Chengdu area, is a professional maker committed to totally auto vertical packaging machinery, and combines RAndD, service, sales and manufacturin gentirely. CHINESE MINGDIAN AUOTOMATIC Gear CO.,LTD machines are popular for automatic packaging of liquid, powder, granule and viscousproducts in food, prescription drug, daily chemical and hemispherical fields. With conceptof excellentBelief, High qualityFirst, LeadingModern technology for Development, our team isdevoted to become aglobal packaging machinery dealer. Based on sophisticated packaging approach, professional R&D group and abundant packaging activities, we offer reliable, high efficiency and good quality top to bottom packaging machinery to customers.

Qingdao FHOPE, manufacturer of timber pallet making machine, nailless plywood package machine. Have CE ISO9001: 2008 TUV Certification. Is the owner of 70%MarketplaceDiscuss(Nailless plywood box machine) in The far east. Expertized in RAndManufacturing, Marketing, D and Trainingand repair. Expert in appointment of Manufacturing facility-construction and ProcessingModern technology, and TechnicalEnhancementCoaching. Specializedansweris founded onCostEvaluation and Ideal Allocation.

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Chinese Material Packaging Co., Ltd. is dependent on creating And generating aseptic packaging materials such as tetra bricks. Now Chinese Packaging Materials Co., Ltd have two aseptic packaging manufacturingindustrial facilities, onesatisfying machine manufacturerAnda singletechnologyresearchinginstitution of packagebecause 2002. “Chinese ” will be theinitially PE-Document-AL-PE ingredient and PE-PAPER-PE compoundpackage and maching satisfying machine maker in China for Juice and Dairy, within “Chinese” logodesignated in everypackage deal. “Senmao” Pack originallycreatespackagematerialsto go onfamousfilling up machine suppliers as Tetra, Combi & IPI etc., and attempt toharmonyprice and valuerulesaround the world, by breaking monopoly of aseptic bundlebusiness. We havecreatedexpertisepractical experience on bundlematerialsanalysis, make our bundlematerials to pack juiceAndmilk in good condition with extended lifeit could be. Being aspecialistproducer of aseptic packing supplies in Asiafor nearly a reportcalendar year, Chinese has aseptic package of Tetra document, IPI paper, Combibloc and GableLeading (Elopak) with thequantityof all kinds. Chinese supplies you with successful and safe package materials, as well as our economic and flexible juice & milk production machinery, in order to keep balanced price from value regulations worldwide and break monopoly of aseptic package industry.Exactly like what we would like to do for individualis asunder: Enable thedream abouteveryoneenjoyingmilk&drinkover the worldbecomereal, regardless ofthey arewealthy or inadequate, from themajor of Chinese on supplyinggreen, innovative and convenient aseptic bundle to beverage or milk productsmanufacturers.

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multi function packaging machinery

Tissue paper knife and fork pillow type automatic packaging machine is a  multi function packaging machinery factory for plastic products of automatic bag sealer.
The scope of application:
It suitable for disposable fork spoon single or package and towel, towel, Hanging noodles, Chicken rolls, sausage, squid, popsicle, candy, cookies, fruit and other soft, strip, packing.
Want to know the new Keli machinery equipment factory more packaging machine information?
Technical specifications
Model???????????????? COIL WRAPPER
Film width???????????? Max.250mm
The length of the bag???????????? 65 ~ 190mm and 120 ~ 330mm
Bag width???????????? 30 ~ 110mm
The height of the product???????????? Max.60mm
Film diameter???????????? Max.320mm
Packing speed???????????? 40 to 230 packs per minute
Power specifications???????????? 220V, 50/60HZ, 2.4KVA
Machine size???????????? (L) 3920 (W) * 670 * (H) 1320
The quality of the machines???????????? 550Kg
Injection preparation?
The main performance and structure characteristics:
1 double frequency converter control, bag length cutting, without air conditioning go, step in place, saving time and film.
The 2 man machine interface, convenient parameter setting.
3 fault self diagnosis function, clear failure display.
4 marked sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, digital input cut position, which can make the sealing position be more accurate.
5 separate PID temperature control, suitable for various packing materials.
The 6 positioning stop function, non stick knives, do not waste envelope.
Simple 7 drive system, the work is more reliable, the maintenance is more convenient.
8 all of the control is realized by software, convenient for function adjusting and upgrading, never backward.
The new section of the company design team commitment: new Keli is a focus on packaging machinery research and development of enterprises, in the development of many years of practice, we have accumulated rich experience, dedicated to packaging machinery leading technology, excellent quality for all customers. We have an independent product R & D center, more than a dozen with middle and senior titles and experienced scientific and technical personnel, continuous product improvement and development of new products, we will spare no effort in the packaging technology to master and Research on automation system combination, and constantly create automatic packaging system of the classic. According to the needs of each client, tailored to fit customer products “make people from the heavy packing production line of liberation, let the machine to replace manual operation to enable enterprises to reduce costs, improve production efficiency” – this is the ultimate mission efforts for new Keli and goal! ?
The new section of the company after-sales team commitment: the company with the perfect product and application of advanced technology for the development of the premise, take the customer as the center, take the market as the guidance, with the service idea and mode of advanced to win the trust of customers, the spirit of people-oriented, do first-class enterprises, professional service to meet customer demand, to product and service excellence. Shaping the brand new keli. The company promises to customers as follows: the company service system standard positioning in the international engineering machinery service mode. The service concept with international standards, service behavior standard, service management and supervision system. All the products of the company within one year of free maintenance and service, namely: free training, free maintenance, free maintenance, life-long maintenance! We have a professional team, only to honor your commitment to customer service! If the customer demand, our after-sales personnel will be the first time home maintenance, let you buy the rest assured that the use of Shuxin, problems do not have to worry about, choose new Keli, you never worry about!
The new section of the company the price commitment: the company never afraid of goods than three, never use low prices to deceive consumers, we only do the best cost-effective machinery, only for your production benefit, cost savings, and create a win-win situation!
Customers Supervision: new Keli coil packaging machine hopes that from unremitting efforts to provide the best service for customers. It is customer acceptance of supervision in the whole process to provide customers with services in the.

made nine coil packaging machine and equipment

WithNine group was founded in 1996, is a manufacturing company specializing in the automation of coil packaging machine products R & D, production, sales, service in one of the group, to coil  packaging line and copper packaging machinery, filling machinery industry, has the abundant strength, extensive marketing network, strong project implementation capacity, has formed a series, scale the products are 10 series more than 160 kinds of equipment.

Steel coil packaging machine
Steel coil packaging machine

Wuhan made nine coil  packaging machine equipment Ltd. is Chinese Packaging Association executive director of the unit, China packaging net, China Machinery Network gold member units, food packaging machinery and equipment through the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, filling machine series products through the EU CE certification.
Wuhan made nine packaging machinery equipment Co. Ltd. in obtaining recognition from all at the same time, pay more attention to product development, increasing investment research department, has now achieved fruitful results. “Nine” every year in the product will have the innovation, now has more than a dozen filling machine technology patent.
“Professional qualification, create brand” is the use of nine business objectives, “excellent quality, reliable price” is the business purpose of nine. Has the talent, resources, network, scale, experience in the field of packaging machinery with nine great advantages and influence, become the new entrepreneurial organization highly competitive and leading advantage. And exported to Europe, South Africa and other regions, and access to the customer the consistent high praise. “Nine” series of packaging machine, filling machine, sealing machine and other packaging machinery products have become major food, medicine, daily chemical enterprise first packaging machinery supplier, has a good reputation in the industry.
The unremitting pursuit, perfect, with nine Machinery Group operating in good faith, innovation and technology, excellent quality, dedicated service to domestic and foreign customers with quality products.
With nine company after ten years of development, the company now has professional and technical personnel, engineers, sales and customer service service personnel, the formation of a very young team of high-quality innovative spirit of the team. Our packaging machine products are to provide on-site installation and commissioning service commitment. We have the perfect pre-sale, sale, after sale service system. Powerful technical support and quality products you are assured to buy Packaging Machine of choice.
Company to provide year-round food packaging machine, grain packing machine, vacuum packaging machine, shrink packaging machine, filling machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, pillow packing machine, and other products, welcome customers to come to discuss the order!
Enterprise culture:
First, the nature of enterprise
With aluminum Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., the company engaged in the manufacture of automatic packaging machine products R & D, production, sales and service in one of the.
Two, the enterprise purpose
People oriented, science and technology leader, integrity management, to create a famous brand
Three, the goal of enterprise
Do high-quality brand packaging machinery industry
The company’s main: packing machine || filling machine || sealing machine || packing machine || shrink machine || capping machine || folding machine || capping machine | inkjet printer
Thank you for the support and concern of nine Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. of Wuhan, if there are any problems please feel free to contact with us!

development of the packaging industry-Fhopepack

Fhopepack Guangzhou, one of plastics coil packaging machine limited company founded in 2003 with the registered capital of 20.5 million Yuan. It located in the industrial park, shishan town, Nanhai district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, thecompany covers an area of 30,000 square meters. It is one of China’s first professional production of high-end wide casting film production line manufacturers. There is world-class premium cast film equipment and service provider.

Company products involving industry covers “new energy”, and “car and the building security glass”, and “food soft packaging”, and “environmental agricultural film” is around the company. The main products including: “multilayer total squeeze flow extended film production equipment”, and “two-way stretch film production equipment”, and “solar group package glue film production equipment”, and “car glass sandwich film production equipment”, and “high barrier agricultural film production equipment”. All that can be modified according your need.

Since 2003, the company production and application in food flexible packaging machine industry —“multi-layer co-extruded cast film production equipment”have a perfect substitute for imported equipment, nationwide and more than60 overseas sales and services in multiple countries. The domestic market share is as high as 80%, top width of CPP/CPE multilayer cast film production and packing line production world first for 7 years.

Since its inception the company has been holding mass, focused oninnovation, improve service, and continue to guide domestic cast filmequipment upgrading and revolution, breaking the record, and in Germany inMunich set up research and development centers, to create a “made in China “brands. In order to better serve the development of the packaging industry, the company has 9 consecutive hosting of Chinese plastics industry which summit on new materials, new techniques, new equipment and promote harmonious development of industry.


Official authorized company currently has 55 patents, of which 8 inventionpatents, honors obtained since 2003 has the following items:

In 2003, Fhope company launches the first 2500mm, 3000mm, three-layerco-extruded CPP, CPE casting film production line, the first 2500mm five-layer co-extrusion high barrier film line;

In 2004, Hu PVB glass sandwich, filled the blank in domestic film production line launched;

In 2005, the Ministry of Commerce has been awarded “key supported enterprises” title;

In 2008, the first granted by the Nanhai District Government “Eagle planfocused on supporting enterprise”;

In 2008, the “China plastic machine” national working group;

In 2008, bear the Guangdong provincial Department of science and technology “breakthroughs in key areas between Hong Kong and Guangdong projects”;

In 2009, China plastics processing industry association has been awarded”China’s high-end broadloom cast film equipment technology base” title;

In 2010, the State development and Reform Commission, “reconstructionproject of central budget for investment in SMEs”;

In 2010, the State Department of Commerce as “corporate credit ratings AAA-class”;

In 2010, the Guangdong Provincial Government assumed a “modern industrial top 500 project”;

In 2011, approved by the Guangdong provincial Department of science and technology set up “Guangdong solar array packaging adhesive coatingequipment engineering and technology research and Development Center”;

In 2012, the SME Bureau of Guangdong Province was awarded “key innovationsto help the fast-growing small and medium enterprises in Guangdong Province(private enterprise)”;

In 2012, the Nanhai District Government has been awarded “Advanced Unit ofstandardization”;

In 2013, the Shi-Cheng plastic multi-layer co-extruded cast film productionequipment was awarded “Guangdong top brand product”;

In 2014,WE was awarded the advanced enterprise of China National light industry “research and development innovationsion” 2013, ranking tenth.

Shanghai coil packaging machinery

Shanghai coil packaging machinery limited company is designing, manufacturing and selling powder and small pellet packing machine and undertake turnkey project of Professional Enterprise. After nearly 20 years of development, with a constant exploration, research and application of advanced technology, the company has begun to take shape, and currently employs hundreds of people, and has a team of professional and technical personnel, engineers, and sales and after-sales service team consisting of innovative teams. Since its inception the company has successfully developed a number of series, dozens of varieties of packaging machinery and equipment, production of the product are in compliance with GMP requirements. With advanced engineering technology and quality systems, our company has passed the CE certification.

Our products have been widely used in powdered milk, food, chemicals, cosmetics, medicines, feed and toner and other fields, and products all over the country, and more than 50 countries and regions around the world, reflecting the “; and machinery, to the world”; the company purpose. Rely on advanced engineering design, rich practical experience and mature technology and innovative workforce, our company according to the customer’s actual needs, from program design, development, installation and commissioning, technical training and after-sales service of the entire packaging process. In recent years, the corporate dairy enterprises in domestic and Southeast Asian countries have provided dozens of milk powder filling, bag production line, received a lot of praise, has formed a good reputation, many users have passed GMP certification in China.

“Quality casting brilliance, integrity leads to success”;, and Fhope staff will take this belief, better cooperation with industries and a broad range of areas. Therefore, because the professional excellence, Dahe willing to cooperate with friends from home and abroad in pursuit of excellence journey together, create brilliant!

Food processing and packing equipment

Accompanied by 2014, closure of the coil processing and coil packaging machine exhibition boom in Jinan, China, September 18-21st, food processing and packaging machinery exhibition in Shenyang to strike while the breeze began in earnest, starting from April, Shenyang exhibition organizers will formally apply for exhibitor exhibiting work from around the country. The only professional exhibition of this exhibition is to expand the market in Northeast China, strong channels of communication to ensure your participation benefits.
Food packaging machinery industry is an important industry in providing equipment for food industry, plays an important role in the development of the food industry. Food packaging machinery and technology, is an important sign ability of food industry equipment. No modern food packaging machines, there would be no modernization of the food industry. The next 5 years, is the development period of building a well-off society in China, China food and packaging machinery industry development in the important period of strategic opportunities, market competition will become increasingly fierce.
Strong promotional channels, allowing you to maximize the return on investment:
Promotion: more than more than 200 industry media, text, picture, LOGO and other aspects of the full report. Industry over more than 500 QQ Group, timed to promote the app platform, more than 45,000 industry professionals know to show information at any time.
Peer show publicity: with the help of North Canton and other cities the show platform, distribution of tickets and invitations, inviting exhibitors and visitors to visit.
Invitation full of customer service: customer service has more than 20 employees, through years of established ways to a variety of calls one to invite professional buyers in the database and do the bakery market, VIP customer groups work, this is ensure that the high rate of professional visitors the best protection.
Exciting events attract audience: decorating plug-in, Mr Asmus, chocolate, bakery, etc.
Exhibitors invite visitors: launch enterprises in the same industry as well as by the Exhibitor’s own customers, to visit us.
The “exhibits”
Food processing and packing equipment: leisure, meat processing machinery, food processing machinery, flour product processing machinery, food processing machinery, food processing machinery, machinery for processing of fruits and vegetables, bean product processing machinery, beverage processing machinery, canned milk and dairy product processing machinery, food processing machinery, confectionery machinery, processed seafood processing machinery, the baking equipment, refrigeration equipment, and so on.
Food packaging equipment: Ink Jet machines, labeling machines, packaging machinery, printing machine, sealing machine, packaging machine, packing machine, wrapping machine, packing machine, assembled machinery, filling fast-food processing machinery and packaging machinery control equipment, washing machines, secondary packaging equipment, packaging materials, such as color printing, color box.
Supporting equipment and the equipment: starch and the starch wrapping products processing mechanical, and water treatment mechanical, and sterilization machine/dry machine, and cooking equipment, and hotels equipment and the kitchen mechanical, and instrument instrument, and sensor, and empty pressure machine, and frequency device, and hydraulic pneumatic components, and measurement drive device, and hot Exchange device, and Automation control, and weighing equipment, and fittings/valve/pump, and speed mechanical equipment, and other drive and control equipment.
2014 in China (Shenyang) poised for food processing and packaging machinery exhibition, sincerely welcome peers went to Shenyang to open up the market, gold booth awaiting the scheduled! Successfully opened up the national market.

Manufacturer of coil packaging machine in China

Modern industrial packaging machine industry in China the overall level is not high, self-development ability is still relatively weak compared with high levels of other industrialized countries, there is a big gap. Reflecting this gap is one of the main symbols, is an industry-wide level difference – the current standard rate of China packaging standards using international standards only about 50%, “standard is not reasonable and perfect standard is not systematic enough coordination between emphasizing form and poor maneuverability.”

Manufacturer of coil packaging machine in China is uneven, this mold is a significant impact on the accuracy and quality of and the country has a very large gap, China’s packaging industry standardization level needs to be enhanced. Analysts said that China’s packaging industry demand is relatively large, needs to accelerate the pace of adjustment of product structure, so that China’s packaging industry to overseas markets remains to be deepened.

Industry persons also revealed, currently, China are planning construction “world packaging industry Center”, construction world package headquarters, and civil-military fusion development, and science development, and trade logistics, and culture creative, and packaging equipment, and packaging materials, and agricultural processing packaging, focus base; implementation world package Institute, and world package University, and high-end packaging products, and advanced packaging equipment, and packaging materials, 18 a focus project, which by world packaging center group led of “world packaging industry Center” will joint private, and foreign and SOE common investment, For the global investment, investment expected to exceed 120 billion yuan.

Center for China in the future to become a truly global packaging industry, on the need to pursue “green package” in addition to increase the voice of China packaging industry in the world and rule-making authority.

Coil packaging machine instructions

Coil packaging machine instructions:
1. convenient operation, Germany Siemens PLC control with touch screen control system, easy to operate.
2. frequency control, the machines use variable frequency speed regulating device and velocity can be adjusted within the prescribed limits.
3. automatic detection function, such as a do not open the bag or bags when not in full, not charging, no sealing, bags can be reused and not waste material, to save production costs.
4. PLC is used to regulate the temperature according to the coil packaging bag can be arbitrarily changed the touch screen.
5. the machine uses the stop brake function, outages starting safety role.
6. packaging material loss is low, the machine uses prefabricated bags, packaging bags pattern perfect, good sealing quality, which improves product quality.
7. According to the coil packaging material requirements can be matched with auto meter (for example, intelligent weigher automatic screw filling machine, liquid filling machine, etc), can also be performed manually feed for automatic packaging.
8. this machine adopts imported plastic bearings, without refueling, maintenance, reducing pollution of the material;
9. meet the hygiene standards of the food processing industry, machines and materials or packaging bag contact parts made of stainless steel or other material processing in line with food hygiene requirements, to ensure food hygiene and safety.
10. coil packing machine bags adapted a wide range, single-layer Multilayer Composite Membranes made of PE, PP and other materials prefabricated bags, paper bags can be used.
Two-headed grain weighing and packing machine highlights: the particles weighing and coil packing machine by means of artificial bagging, high precision sensor tracking precision, vibratory feeder automatic metering and high-precision packaging, packaging errors can be controlled within 1 gram, keystrokes of the micro-computer control system, advanced technology, easy operation, machine are made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance and easy cleaning.

characteristics of automatic vertical coil packaging machine

characteristics of automatic vertical coil packaging machine: this machine bag making, filling, sealing, printing, punching, count in one, using dual servo motor timing belt tensioned membrane, with automatic correction function. Cutters can be used flat knives, serrated, dashes, one of three ways. PLC control components are used internationally, such as brand-name products, reliable performance. Horizontal servo motors can also be chosen, stable and reliable. Advanced design, ensure the machine is suitable for different industries, adjustment, operation and maintenance are very easy to use. For use and a variety of automatic metering device. Automatic vertical packaging mechanism bags system used step into motor subdivision technology, business bags precision high, errors is less than 1 mm; controller characters displayed; rotating type cut knife, packaging speed fast, can in machine run in the free adjustment cut knife location; hot seal device four road heating control, double side each seal road can alone thermostat; thermal equilibrium good, guarantee sealing quality, applies Yu variety packaging material; smart type photoelectric color marked positioning control system; Visual sex good of side opened type protective bezel, operation security.
3. the classification of automatic vertical packing machine:
(1) automatic vertical vacuum packaging machine, is by changing the packaging of food storage conditions to prolong the freshness and the last stage technology. However, traditional type vacuum packaging machine packaging processes independent are needed by artificial operation is fan lock, packaging process too more artificial intervention very easy caused people, and real cross pollution, not conducive to food health security requirements, and legacy machine exists energy high, efficiency low, and labor more, and integrated cost high problem, restricted has vacuum preservation technology of using and industry development, so, research and development a can from upgrade to material, said heavy, pulled film business bags, filling, pumping vacuum, seal cut type, and conveying one-stop full automation completed of latest models, Became a place in food processing and packaging machinery industry face a major task and pressing issue.
Automatic vertical vacuum coil packaging machine
(2) automatic vertical coil packing machine, this machine is a large, vertical, three-side-seal, Pincushion, intermittent packaging machine. Auto-complete bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, printing, batch number, cutting, counting and so the whole process. Using screw-type volumetric method measurement methods, for particles greater than 200 purpose powder bag packaging. All devices in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and nontoxic wear-resistant plastic, meets the requirements of food and pharmaceutical packaging. Suitable for packing those prone to flow, or least liquid powder, monosodium glutamate, solid drink, sugar, glucose, pesticide, feedstuff, solid medicine, powder additive, fuel, etc. Packaging within the rated range in speed stepless speed regulation. Bag length micro adjustments: using coaxial photoelectric coding control via computer bag-making length, bag-making length is accurate, easy to adjust, easy to maintain, reliable heat sealing dual temperature control: temperature can be pre-set via intelligent temperature controller, temperature control is accurate, suitable for various coil packing materials, good balance to ensure quality seal. Photoelectric automatic orientation systems: using unique optical positioning technology, colour-coded packaging materials printing, can guarantee the full bag pattern. Stepless adjustment amount: using coaxial photoelectric encoder, control by microcomputer in achieving stepless adjustment within the rated range. Simple structure, reliable control accuracy and stability.

Coil Packaging machine industry with the times

Coil Packaging machine industry with the times, people in the industry need to pay closeattention to the packaging information, how to choose based on trends in theindustry, will be packaging must face the problem.
Environmental protection, and the function of the consumption conceptiongave birth to a new package, development of industry as a whole lags behindforeign markets new package is based on the traditional packaging,integration of advanced science and technology, traditional packaging interms of functionality, design and environmental protection are moreinnovative. High attention to several new packaging in the industry mainlyfocused on creativity and innovation. Europe, America, Japan and otherdeveloped countries have begun to appear on the market new types of packaging and related products, many listed companies have started production of composite packing materials. Along with the environmental protection requirements for the continuous improvement of the wholepackaging industry, the development of functional requirements for packing,the new packaging will usher in a larger space for development.
While in reserves as well as opportunities, packaging industry to sufferfrom multiple collisions and impacts of the internal and externalenvironment. Impact of the rise of digital media for packaged media, thepackaging requirements of the development trend of slowdown in the domesticeconomy growth slows, the green ban lead to targeted areas of packagingdrop, as well as in the low-end package of market overcapacity foughtcompetition, the packaging industry itself, still need to be solved.
Hot tea market in the recent period, tea market in the near future,increasingly slimming tea bags. Easy to carry, easy to keep, the amount ofcontrol each time you BREW, consumers favor turning the package or a simplepackage. Besides, the individual packaging is especially bright, in style,tea packaging has shifted from luxury atmosphere of simple green andstylish. In more than one booth to see Liu Pao tea brand, past expensivemetal, wood, sand, nixing materials being discarded, kraft paper, specialtypaper, bamboo, rattan and other materials became popular.
In this respect, except for packaging bulk, private custom packaging seems to be destined to become one of the most popular roads.
Due to domestic enterprises in the product technical development conceptwith some developed countries companies have significant gaps, resulting inserious shortage of domestic financial resources for research funding,research and development input, further restricting the promotion oftechnology, missing the reason for restricting technology to enhance high-tech talent. Also, worth noting is that in technology more important motion control technology of packaging machinery, compared to the levels in China and abroad, is making us extremely disappointed. Motion controlproducts and technology in packaging machinery‘s role is mainly to achieveaccurate position control and synchronization of requirements, mainly forloading and unloading, handling, marking, palletizing, depalletizing and other processes. So it is clear, and motion control technology is thedifference between high, medium and low end packaging machinery one of thekey factors. This coil packaging machine upgrading technical support alsobecame the bottleneck of the development of domestically produced high-endpackaging machinery.
Even before this charming carton packaging, as far as technology, cartonpackaging machinery technology, now overall, far behind the level ofadvanced countries for 20 years or so. In product development, performance,quality, reliability, service and other aspects of competition at a distinctdisadvantage. In today’s international market, carton packaging machineryproducts are products of single multifunction and high speed polarizationdirection.