reel wrapping machine


Fhope produces a series of durable, solid and highly reliable stretches to help you protect your valuable products. Let’s help you identify the best applications and budget machines. According to your product and pallet packing, Orion provides a semi-automatic and full automatic model in the turntable, rotating tower and track configuration.
The Orion specializes in the production of automatic stretching and packaging machines and semi-automatic tray packer. With more than 30 years of experience, you can expect to stretch thin film machinery from Orion. If you are looking for durable equipment to meet the needs of your industry, look at the Orion. Strong and effective tensile membrane machinery is made to help you protect your every product. Excluding the risks, every product you produce will be safe and safe to meet the needs of the customer. When you choose our automatic packing machine and tray packing machine, you will get every use of durability and reliability.


reel wrapping machine

Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

Our most popular revolving arm stretches wrapper – cantilever frame
The concept of the machine keeps the load packed and fixed, while the stretching film carriage is used to rotate the film around the load. The stretching package of the revolving arm is a perfect solution (very high, too heavy, too light) or in a flushing environment when the load is very unstable.
This system is suitable for any package application, especially in packaging applications, which does not need to pack light or unstable load or speed. Otherwise, it will cause load overturn and provide all functions as a standard because of high speed. Including those unavailable (or upcharge) competition models.
Complete packaging flexibility, including 3 packaging cycles, enhanced packaging and pause capability, keyboard control panel variable speed drive.
It can be selected from multiple package modes:
Including package up and down package, cycle pause and reimplement package. Just to give you more flexibility to meet the customer’s needs.

The independent 1-9 top and bottom packing counts provide up to 15% of the film savings. It applies only to the top of the tensile membrane, the competitive model relative to the bottom, applicable to the ordinary top, no matter how much it takes.
The separation of upper and lower transport speeds eliminates the time and waste of tensile membrane applications and the competitors’ common speed control. (up to 10%).
The advantages of standard
Bearing support and driving system.
Can be installed in (3) installation – wall mounted, floor installation and free standing in Longmen.
Phoenix film sav-r offers an accurate number of packages and the family status of the revolving arm.
The variable speed driver controls the maximum flexibility of all motors.
The electronic tension membrane control using an analog electronic sensor provides a final feedback control.
NEMA12 control box.
The automatic load height sensing photoeye is installed in the tensile membrane transport of the adjustable track.
The warranty period for this winding system is 5 years.
To ensure that the pretension ratio of the living pretension roll is 245%.
Please read all our terms and conditions carefully.

a power roll stretching addition

What about fpc2? What are the features?

Now, the packaging height of your load can be expanded to increase the packaging. Now we’ve replaced the mast with 279 centimeters (110) masts of 203 cm (80). On the machine, there are now 220v – 50/60hz 15 amperes increasing the transformer. We can also learn that the temperature in the low temperature environment is very low, which can be lower than -1 C to -18 C(+ 31 F to 0 F). Corrosion environment is the operation of the corrosion environment. It is very applicable to machines that are exposed to chemicals such as salt and fertilizer. Fpc4 remote fpc3 or stop the forklift or other position of the machine. It’s worth noting that you can use fpc5 on multiple machines. The arm speed of 1-15 RPM allows the winding arm to rotate, allowing the winding arm to rotate to 15 RPM. Note: this option includes a power roll stretching addition, and it will also reach the effect of stretching to 250%.

Let’s take a look at its price. The bottom price now is $24,295.

What about its performance?

Its maximum production speed has been improved, and it has been increased to 30-40 load/hrLoad size diagonals (recommended) 1930mm (76 “) maximum load packs of height2032mm (80 inches) maximum load capacity

How does load handling work?

Arm speed, we also call it variable, is 12 RPMWrap, Arm Zone2280 mm(90 inch) Wrap Arm drive3/4 HP TEFC

Here’s how it works.

Let’s look at its weight and size.

The weight of the ship is about 1,500 kilograms, or 3,300 pounds. 3990 mm L, 3660 mm W, 3075 mm H, (157 “lx 144” W x 121 “H) is its approximate size.

What are the service requirements?

It is not applicable to dedicated electrical services. Fpc6 ampere electric service fpc7.

We also made a promise.

Our warranty for fpc8 is 3 years.

cable coiling machine and coil packaging line

We added a few notes and miscellaneous information to your cable coiling machine drawing and submitted it to our customer. We still need the foundation information from you.

At this time, I would proceed with manufacturing, but please send us the foundation information as soon as possible.


I think the platform or cable coiling machine looks ok. I need you to add location dimension to the panel from the blocker rolls as we discussed. This will tell the customer where they need to bring their power feed into.

I also need a plan view showing the foundation bolt locations and foundation bolt sizes.

Sorry for our later,please check the cable coil packaging line attachment.

If any thing need to be change, please let us know.

Since the guidrail with be made by customer, please note thta the guidrail can not installed in the track of the orbital to avoid colliding.


Cable coiling and wrapping machinery
Cable coiling and wrapping machinery

automatic coil packaging line with coil strapping machine

steel coil strapping machine
copper coil strapping machine, aluminum coil strapping machine

More information:

Re:  Requirements for Wrap Around Packaging Machine/ SystemSupplier’s queries:1. Rope coil condition prior to wrapping and manner of loading coil into the packing machine:Whether made from synthetic or natural fiber, rope coil is secured with 8 plastic straps prior to wrapping. (refer to photo for sample 4 straps) Rope Coil shall be laid flat during wrapping, as shown in the photo.2.   Detailed requirements for the conveyor:Powered Conveyor. Capacity and width shall be based on the biggest coil as shown in the table below (highlighted in yellow). Exact length of conveyor will follow, after we finalize the location as well as the exact dimension of the machine that you will offer.3. Option whether the machine can be fully automatic or semi automatic.We prefer the fully automatic with PLC & HMI control, powered roller conveyor and film feeding & cutting mechanical hand. Other requirements/ queries:1.  Rope coil Size and Weight Range and corresponding rate of wrapping.Rope SizeLengthWeightOutside Dia. or WidthHeightWidth of Film WrappingApprox. Wrapping time per Coil, in secondsmmmkgmmmmmm1 Layer Wrap2 Layers wrap3 Layers Wrap1422021451360    1622025470368    1822036533406    2022043580432    2222049613457    1466050625457    2422061635457    1566058667457    1666066673508    2422059680457    2622067705457    1766075711508    2822078718508    1866085756508    3022088762508    3222098840508    36220123864610    161320140870610    2. Can the automatic coil packing machine handle different width of film wrapping?. If so, please provide the corresponding width of film wrapping in the table above. 3.  Please also provide the approximate wrapping time per coil for each no. of layer. Refer to table above.4.  What are the different types of film packaging materials that can be used or accommodated by the machine and if these are widely available in the market?5. What are the different thicknesses of film and no. of packaging layers needed to a) support the weight of the coil during stacking and handling, and b) prevent the film from tearing or getting punctured while the coil is being handled/ moved?6.  Does the fully automatic version of the machine have a lifter or loader that will load the heavy coils on to the conveyor?

Automatic packaging line for steel coil with strapping machine at Fhopepack


automatic coil strapping machine
steel coil packaging line and strapping machine


Battery Limits/ TOP and Exclusion
i) Compressed air (instrument air) supply at 6.5 bars pressure in automatic strapping machine.
Compressor air will be made available by purchaser at each consumer
points for entire line.
ii) Electric power supply. Electrical power will be made available by the
purchaser at nearest building column.
iii) Hydraulic oil and water supply at power pack.
iv) Civil works.
v) Off loading and positioning of equipments at site.
vi) Crane and fork lift trucks for off loading.
vii) Dummy coils or sample coils for trials.
viii) PLC control room air conditioner.
ix) All required platforms manufracturing and erection by Essar and
vendor to provide fabrication, assembly and design drawings.


Type Coil packaging line (2 no’s) for Annealed/
Galvanized Coils from CAL / CGL.
Line capacity 15 coils per hour for each line
Coil Weight 2.0 Ton (min) to 35.0 T (max)
Strip Width 800 mm (min)/1670 mm (max)
Coil I.D. Ø 508 and Ø 610 mm.
Coil O.D. Ø 2100 mm (max)/750 (min)
Max. Coil side wall telescopic ± 40 mm
Positioning accuracy ± 10 mm
Coil temperature Max 50 deg
Line Hand
Line 1 (For CGL products) Right to Left
Line 2 (For CAL products) Left to Right
End laps
Properly tucked in for the ID so that
clear gap of 508 mm is available inside.
Outer end should be tapered projection.



coil downender and packing line
coil downender and packing line





附件一       合同设备技术参数

附件二       设备构件及功能描述

附件三     卖方供货范围与非供货范围

附件四      设计审查与监制

附件五      技术文件清单及交付期

附件六    备件和易损件清单

附件七     性能保证值及测试

附件八        设备设计、制造和检验标准

附件九     卖方技术人员的服务范围

附件十        买方技术人员的任务

附件十一   合同设备的安装、调试及验收

附件十二   工程总进度表





附件一  合同设备技术参数


1.1 设备名称

序号 设备名称 数 量
1 COIL-TO-COIL包装线 1套





Steel coil packaging line and packaging system

Coil stackign machine

Coil packaging line helps improving the packaging speed and lower the operation risk for heavy coil handling and packaging.


It including turnstile, wrapping machine, strapping machine, palletizer…


The more information for the coil packaging machine for copper strip packaging and aluminum foil handling…


steel coil packaging line and cooper packaging machine

coil packaging line for steel, copper
Automatic coil handling and packaging solution for steel coil, copper coil, wire coil…


FHOPEPACK provides packaging solution for the coil handling, strapping, stacking, wrapping for your automatic system which helps your saving cost and operation safety.


Our team suggests high speed coil packaging solution which can protect against the effects of moisture and oxygen during stacking and transportating.

coil packaging line and coil stacker.

coil packaging line
coil packaging line


SHJLPACK copper wire wrapping machine of best service and coil packaging line

SHJLPACKis really a persona technical coalition of peers over the health care, recycling and waste management copper wire wrapping machineindustries trying to find to inspire and let sustainable, value effective recycling solutions for plastic items and assets utilized in the delivery of health care. Drawing upon and discussing the polymer science understanding acquired within the 12 several weeks historic past is effectively outfitted to assistance the efforts from the us. A worldwide leader within the largest packaging marketplaces, we are an expert within the output of specialized bearing wrapping machine. automatic bearing packing line, f plastic pipe bundling & strapping wrapping machine, plastic pipe bagging machine, automatic bundling & bagging machinery system, steel wire & coil packaging line wrapping machine, horizontal wrap-packing machine, steel pipe wrapping machine, unmanned wrapping machine, pallet wrapping machine.


SHJLPACK coil packaging line mainly created for outdoors packing metallurgical industries, might be broadly utilized in the outside wrapping of circular articles for example steel belt, bronze belt, wire material, rubber tube, bearing, electric wire cable etc. Quality With eight ISO-licensed worldwide facilities, copper wire wrapping machinepackaging reduces your risk by delivering redundant manufacturing. Our on-going contingency plans include security, redundant manufacturing capabilities and standardization of worldwide product specifications. Sustainability Packaging is certainly an energetic part of the ealthcare Plastics recycling council can be a private technical coalition of peers within the healthcare, recycling and waste management industries attempting to inspire and let sustainable, cost-effective recycling solutions for plastic products and materials found in the delivery of healthcare. Drawing upon and talking about the copper wire wrapping machinepackaging science expertise acquired inside the 17-year good status for that SHJLPACK Company, SHJLPACK Healthcare Packaging is well fitted to assist the efforts in the product. Buying and selling money for hard times. Packaging is continually developing packaging solutions based on material science expertise.


Our persistence for clients is proven by our ongoing acquisition of a worldwide-class infrastructure, process improvements and risk reduction capabilities. These ongoing efforts let the organization to stay on the right track with this particular goal may be thepackaging industries most dependable packaging provider. Emends and risk reduction capabilities. These ongoing efforts let the organization to stay on the right track with this particular goal may be the healthcare industries most dependable packaging provider. We are professional manufacturer of copper wire wrapping machine. High quality with best service and competitive market cost! Reference to us soon!