Well-designed Automatic Carpet Packing Machine

Carpet packaging machine can be a automatic plugging machine regarding carpet, mat, roll…together with three facets sealing and full sides packaging,… that’s with extremely efficiency as well as nice full sealing deal for saving job and material cost. Popular features of carpet providing machine: Automatic machine can be connect to another production line. Full sides/six sides plugging. Adopt photograph electricity for inducing the items for fix the position. Two feed-in modes, auto/manual can be choosing, Assumes PE motion picture on sheets, automatic content feeding. Max securing height up to 450mm. Constant temp heat securing and closing system is suited to PE and so forth, industrial standard shrink films. The securing width is adjustable for different merchandise. The front feed in systems speed is adjustable, your machine can be connect to shrinking canal. Accuracy roll fixing system. Sealing system: permanently heated seal do without easy-exchangeable sealing blade without odorous, temperatures controlled as well as detected through PLC. The Carpet supplying machine can be found in many different alternatives and can be provided with stacker, closing stations for turning the particular roll, assemblage stations, stacker regarding pallets, shrink tunel etc. We’re going to help you with individual machine or even complete outlines according specs. we have linked ourselves with vendor lovers that provide reputable, durable, and also high-quality packaging systems that enhance the look of your products, the security of your cargo shipments and enhance your productivity. We are always scheming to make sure were offering the most appropriate goods and technological service accessible. We have an very knowledgeable and dedicated crew of service specialists on the staff. These types of technicians can be found 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Whether you are utilizing hand tools or even powered strapping equipment, we will do everything very easy to keep your function running. Well-designed  Automatic Carpet Packing Machine

automatic roll packing machine and carpet packing machine

We are providing automatic roll packing solution such as paper roll, film roll, carpet roll. The size of packaging is adjustable per OD of roll and length of package. It can be connected with your production line for online handling and packaging.

There are different type carpet roll packing solution from fhopepack.com






carpet packing machine automatic shrink

Good day.
There are different packing solution available for carpet packaging.
Before offering a and quotation i’d like to know the following information.
What is the package shape,roll or sheet?
1. For roll
carpet data
Carpet No.            OD          Length           Weight
2. For sheet
Carpet sheet No              Length         Width          Heigth       Weight
Waiting for your reply.
Carpet horizontal stretch wrapper and packing machine

shrink packing machine for carpet roll, curtain roll

Links: http://www.fhopepack.com/Industry%20Solution/Textile_packing_solution.html


The packing solution for carpet roll with different length, OD, weight.

Curtain roll packing machine is available too.


The new roll packing machine for carpet and curtain are available both as offline machines and integrated into a automatic packing sytem for online packaging system. It works for the small space for roll covering and film covering. This is a multiple function machines have following advantages:

  • Automatic roll feeding, sealing, cutting, shrinking;
  • easy operation and high flexibility of the plant;
  • labor cost, packing material and energy savings;






carpet roll packing machine with shrinking tunnel

carpet packing machine carpet bag packing and shrink machine



Two machines shows the carpet roll packaging solution with different bagging methods.

1. Automatic bagging machine is a kind of roll flow wrapping machine, which is with high speed is bag making and sealing.

2. It is a size sealer for material sealing and cutting the redundant material.


Following is the client’s inquiry for the carpet packing machine.


Hello Vincent

I was wondering if you can produce a shrink wrapping machine for carpets upto 10 feet long.

The second link sealing + shrinking would be very interesting our carpets go up to 9 feet long dimension up to 11 inches and total weight 70 pounds, and the plastic we will be using it would be heat resistant

Best Regards,

Bien à vous,


Logistics Analyst / Analyste de la Logistique

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