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Cable coiler machine

Automatic packing machine information to help you better understand the solution
cable coiling packing MACHINE is disclosed for use in CABLE packaging which compacting various types of materials such as cable wire or hose and pipe coil into large air-tight tubes or bags. The shrinking and strapping machine include an auger for packing the materials which is supported by roll and sealed by heating. The coiler head in part by bearing means located outside of the material for flow wrapping and in part of packing line by an extended section supported by the stretch film material.


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cable coiling machine and packing machine

We are terrible sorry to make the delay again for cable coiling machine and packing machine.
It is our wrong assessment on the production solution for the OD:800mm.
According our technical team’s  initial solution, the machine will be enlarged base on standard machine OD:700mm. So it can be done within 70days.
As you know, for the failed testing, we had to change starndard machine into customized machine.
And the production schedule for such a customized cable coiling and packaging solution requires upto 100-110 days.
—–This is the coiling machine structure in painting
—-Feeding device
—-Coiling station
—-finished wrapping sation
We are not making delay on purpose. If the delivery is the only factor care about, the modified machine base on standard equipment already finished at last month.
As a manufacturer need the equipment is not only same as technical data in offer but also in high level quality for long time using.
Please give us few more day, the machine will prove it worth.
The production deptment manager in meeting give me the date is before Dec. 20th

cable coiling machine and coil packaging line

We added a few notes and miscellaneous information to your cable coiling machine drawing and submitted it to our customer. We still need the foundation information from you.

At this time, I would proceed with manufacturing, but please send us the foundation information as soon as possible.


I think the platform or cable coiling machine looks ok. I need you to add location dimension to the panel from the blocker rolls as we discussed. This will tell the customer where they need to bring their power feed into.

I also need a plan view showing the foundation bolt locations and foundation bolt sizes.

Sorry for our later,please check the cable coil packaging line attachment.

If any thing need to be change, please let us know.

Since the guidrail with be made by customer, please note thta the guidrail can not installed in the track of the orbital to avoid colliding.


Cable coiling and wrapping machinery
Cable coiling and wrapping machinery

Cable packaging line and PV film payment term


cable wrapping machine & cable packing line

The quote which u sent is same as previous cable packaging line.

Plz send us Perfoma Invoice as per below which we already have agreed.

1 Please use word Performa Invoice instead of quotation
2 In the performa invoice plz add 7 MT PVC Film at agreed price USD 2.31/KG
3 Revise the payment term which is 40 % at the time order and balance 60% after checking at factory.
4 Make total figure of USD in the last.
5 Technical person will be provided for installation and commissioning at Zambia, air ticket room and boarding charges will be in buyer account.


We are accepting your counter offer asper below  except price of PVC Film for cable packing line
We are suggesting  to consider USD 2.5/KG means USD 2500/MT.
Kindly confirm and send us PI along with consumables so that we can process advance.


Outrageous Knowledge About cable wrapping machine

When the second solenoid device 78 is actuated such that the plunger mechanism 90 thereof is actuated to its extended position, the lower end portion of the plunger mechanism 90 acts and engages upon the upper flanged member 58 of the cable drum assembly 55 and causes the cable drum assembly 55 to be moved downwardly, against the biasing force of coil spring 72, from its uppermost raised position shown in FIGURE 2a, at which the cable drum assembly 55 is rotationally locked to the static boom member 28, to the lowermost position as shown in FIGURE 4 at which the cable drum assembly 55 is in effect rotationally locked upon the rotational or orbiting boom member 30, as a second alternative mode of operation. In this fashion or status, the cable drum assemblage cable coil wrapping machine will swivel together with the rotational or orbiting thrive member 30, rather than relative to the rotational or orbiting growth participant 30 as was the way it is illustrated in FIGURE 2a once the cable drum assemblage 55 was rotationally secured upon the fixed boom member 28, and as a result, cable 68 will never be wound further with the cable drum 56. Consequently, the elevational personality of the stretch film roll carriage assemblage 38 with regards to the rotational or orbiting thrive fellow member 30 will continue to be set, and so, as being the rotational or orbiting boom participant 30 will continue to swivel about axis 34, stretch film dispensed from the stretch film roll disposed upon the stretch film roll carriage assemblage 38 will continue to be wrapped throughout the palletized package, load and product or post 12 disposed at the wrapping station 14 at a predetermined elevational levels.

Shocking Details About cable wrapping machine

This cost-free-wheeling function of operations is called a resetting functioning and it is implemented upon the conclusion of your specific stretch film wrapping functioning regarding a specific palletized product, package and load or report 12 disposed in the wrapping station 14 when preparing for the execution of the subsequent or subsequent wrapping operations to get performed after a succeeding or successive palletized stress,product and package, or report being disposed in the wrapping station 14. In order tocushion and arrest, or counteract the weight of the falling or lowered stretch film roll carriage assembly 38 as the same moves downwardly along the wrapping mast 36, a suitable pneumatic or hydraulic shock absorber 92 is mounted upon the lower end portion of the wrapping mast 36, the stretch film roll carriage assembly 38 will be lowered to its lowermost position upon the wrapping mast 36 in preparation for the implementation of a successive or subsequent wrapping operation to be performed upon a subsequent or successive palletized load, package and product or article to be disposed at the wrapping station 14, and. Clearly, when this kind of successive or succeeding wrapping procedure will be established or commenced, the solenoid system 76 is deactuated, the plunger mechanism 88 is properly retracted, as well as the coil spring season 72 will again work after the cable drum construction 55 so as to increase or prejudice a similar to the uppermost position where the cable drum set up 55 will once again be rotationally secured with the static boom participant 28, through means of the detents pins 62 and detent recesses 64. In this way, as continues to be observed hereinfore, constant rotation of your rotational or orbiting boom participant 30 close to axis 34 may cause cable 68 to become consistently wound on the cable drum 56 to be able to consistently elevate or increase the stretch film roll carriage assemblage 38 wherein the stretch film is covered across the new palletized package, product and load or post 12 disposed with the wrapping station of coil wrapping machine inside a spiral place mode.

A Forbidden Facts On The Subject Off cable wrapping machine Disclosed By An Older Pro

Properly, a cable drum assembly 55, comprising a cable drum or center 56 and achieving an axially disposed having construction 57 attached thereon, is rotatably fitted after a second reduce intermediate area of the upstanding driven shaft 50 in an attempt to be axially interposed between the fixed thrive participant 28 along with the rotational or orbiting boom associate 30 and also to be capable of rotational movement across the top to bottom axis 34. The cable drum or hub 56 is provided with upper and lower, up and down spread out flanged participants 58,60, in fact it is viewed the lower and upper flanged participants 58,60 are respectively furnished with a plurality of upwardly and downwardly predicting detent pins 62,63.

Far more specifically, the lower and upper flanged participants 58,60 are provided using a circumferentially or annularly extending array of seven (8) detent pins 62,63 which can be equiangularly spread out away from each other regarding the other by means of an angular break up of 40-5 diplomas (45??). In a similar way, top of the fixed thrive fellow member 28 is supplied by having an annular assortment of detent slots, apertures, or recesses 64, whilst the decrease rotational or orbiting thrive fellow member 30 is likewise provided with an annular variety of detent openings, apertures, or recesses 66. The cable drum or center 56 carries a initial end part of a cable wrapping machine repaired thereon, plus a next opposite finish portion of the cable 68 is adapted to get set towards the vertically movable stretch film roll carriage assemblage 38 by means of a perfect bracket or the like cable packing machine, cable 68 simply being directed across a appropriate pulley 71 rotatably fitted after the distal or cost-free stop portion of the rotational or orbiting thrive fellow member 30.