Automatic coiling machine for hose and cable

Coiling machine technical requirements

Configuration: active pay-off unit, accumulator + dancer, coiling machine, storage conveyer (accumulation conveyor)

Requirements to active pay-off:
1)Pay-off drum: Ø630-1400 mm
2)Drum’s width (barrel length): 450-1000 (1200) mm
3)Drum’s weight: мах 3000 kg

Requirements to accumulator + dancer:
1)Volume: not less than 60 meters
2)Controlled tension: 5-30 kg
3)grooves on pulleys (rollers) for cable diameter: 2-25 mm

Requirements to coiling machine:
1)Inner diameter of coil: 150-250 mm – changeable.
2)Max. outer diameter of coil: 450 mm.
3)Coil height: 35-300 mm – changeable.
4)Coil’s weight: to 50 kg.
5)Cable diameter: 2-20 mm.
6)Coil winging speed: мах 200 m/min
7)Capacity: max. 2 coils per minute.
8)Cutting knife should cut cable with the total cross-section 30 mm2 (copper) without any problems.
9)Function – winding of the coil with stretch film or stripping with PP tape should be provide in the machine.
10)There must be a shrink oven in the line.
11)The storage conveyor should place 10 coils (not less) in a staggered arrangement.


The stretch orbital machine is able do full size coil packing too.

Automatic Cable Coiling Machine

Manual spring coiling machine is an automatic spring machine which is specialized in producing all kinds of coil springs.It is suitable for wire sizes from 0.1mm to 8.0mm. We have different options models:The gt-ms B series automatic coiling spring machine (Universal) improves the accuracy, size, shape and accuracy of the blanking mechanism, and the structure and variable of the reducer.Pitching frame. This series of products is suitable for processing springs with high number of coils and high free height (such as finished spring can be directly grinding and cutting on double end spring grinding machine, which can save the time of manual inspection of spring).Manual take-up and frame can be customized according to customer requirements and customer requirements. These units are easy to manufacture with turnaround times of 7 to 10 working days. The winding device is suitable for cable factories, power supply stations, wholesalers and retailers. The manufacturing unit is used for winding lengths of cables, ropes, hoses, etc., and can also be used as standard storage drums.ust provide the following information, and we will calculate and present the best solution for the application you need.The full featured manual thread winding machine is designed for wholesalers of medium-sized electrical equipment. This machine is ideal for uncoiling, small length drums from 300 meters will also be accepted for use in the mobile communications industry. The machine can coil any type of flexible pipe, rope, hose, etc coil.Lifting or feeding end is equipped with quick lifting drum Jack to ensure the rapid loading and unloading of the cylinder. The center is a cable measuring instrument for measuring cables of up to 100 mm in diameter. The take-up terminal can produce a cable coil or can be changed into an empty barrel of various sizes.

Automatic Cable Coiling Machine

packing machine for cable coiling and strapping

Cable coiler machine

Automatic packing machine information to help you better understand the solution
cable coiling packing MACHINE is disclosed for use in CABLE packaging which compacting various types of materials such as cable wire or hose and pipe coil into large air-tight tubes or bags. The shrinking and strapping machine include an auger for packing the materials which is supported by roll and sealed by heating. The coiler head in part by bearing means located outside of the material for flow wrapping and in part of packing line by an extended section supported by the stretch film material.


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Cable coiling packing machine and shrinking machine

Please see attached purchase order for this cable coiling machine
cable packing machine
the cable coiling machine ready for final installation and testing
1. Review it:
I included:
         *600 USD additional for larger coil, 
         *850 for autoclamp and cut feature
Also the machine needs to:
        *  work at 220V 60HZ
        * work with 50 mm and 75 mm ID stretch film
Please sign this PO, stamp it and send back to me if you agree.
2. Send me all bank information for initial 50% payment.
3. Confirm estimated shipping date of the cable coiling and packing machine
Thanks for your help

Cable coiling and strapping machine trail run


1. Seller will provide solution for wire cable OD:6-24mm in coil ID:320mm OD: 420mm Width:80mm with proper wrapping.
2. Seller will check the solution of provision for the pusher in the machine can fix or not.
3. Following equipment are in good condition and took trail run:
Spool tension pay-off, horizontal wire accumulator, automatic coiling machine, automatic wrapping machine.
4. Provision made for vary size of the PVC film width.


cable packing machine
the machine ready for final installation and testing


cable coiling machine and packing machine

We are terrible sorry to make the delay again for cable coiling machine and packing machine.
It is our wrong assessment on the production solution for the OD:800mm.
According our technical team’s  initial solution, the machine will be enlarged base on standard machine OD:700mm. So it can be done within 70days.
As you know, for the failed testing, we had to change starndard machine into customized machine.
And the production schedule for such a customized cable coiling and packaging solution requires upto 100-110 days.
—–This is the coiling machine structure in painting
—-Feeding device
—-Coiling station
—-finished wrapping sation
We are not making delay on purpose. If the delivery is the only factor care about, the modified machine base on standard equipment already finished at last month.
As a manufacturer need the equipment is not only same as technical data in offer but also in high level quality for long time using.
Please give us few more day, the machine will prove it worth.
The production deptment manager in meeting give me the date is before Dec. 20th

cable coiling machine and coil packaging line

We added a few notes and miscellaneous information to your cable coiling machine drawing and submitted it to our customer. We still need the foundation information from you.

At this time, I would proceed with manufacturing, but please send us the foundation information as soon as possible.


I think the platform or cable coiling machine looks ok. I need you to add location dimension to the panel from the blocker rolls as we discussed. This will tell the customer where they need to bring their power feed into.

I also need a plan view showing the foundation bolt locations and foundation bolt sizes.

Sorry for our later,please check the cable coil packaging line attachment.

If any thing need to be change, please let us know.

Since the guidrail with be made by customer, please note thta the guidrail can not installed in the track of the orbital to avoid colliding.


Cable coiling and wrapping machinery
Cable coiling and wrapping machinery

auto cable coiling and wrapping machine

coiling machine and wrapping machine

cable wrapping machine & cable packing line

plz refer our tel talk today and send us possibility top supply auto coiling +wrapping machine asper below specs:-

Machine should be Suitable for cable having diameter Minimum 4 MM & Maximum 24 MM
Cable Weight for 100 Meter Roll
Maximum Weight 100 Kgs
Coil ID – 200
Coil OD – 800
Coil Height – 180
Pay off should accommodate both 630 mm plastic and 1200 mm steel bobbin.
Accumulator should be accordingly designed.
This should be an online coiler with wrapping
Plz advise whether above machine you can supply . Today I will talk to you also .