bearing wrapping machine with rubber bar feeding


Bearing wrapping machines are well justified on a basis that will be returned on investment by estimated the savings on the material and labor work in short time.

Fhopepack bearing wrappers are one of the simplest parts of the machinery to cost, apply, and keep in a just way. Simple, that means if one could know the basis of specifying the right stretch-wrap machine for the application.

Bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Dear Mr.Vladislav,
Good day.
We are back from holiday.
I like the bearing packing machine . but whether it can be done without side cabinets (see photo).

—–Yes, no problem

this machine can provide: OD:300-500mm   ID; 200-400mm   Widht:200mm ?
—–The modification is available for above size.
whether it can be done: OD:250-550mm   ID; 150-…mm   Widht:200mm ?
—-Altought, there is able do designing per this size, i do think one bear pack machine for all it is a good solution.
Following is the effect:
a. The packing material width is only 40-50mm
b. Bearing package from 250-300mm not as good as for big bearing.
c. Increasing the price upto 30%.

Bearing packing machine and wrapping machinery

bearing wrapping mchine

Hello Mr.Vladislav,

Please check the answers following for bearaing packaging machine and wrapping mchine;
I like the machine ZC100. but whether it can be done without side cabinets (see photo).
—–Ok, no problem.

this machine can provide: OD:300-500mm ID; 200-400mm Widht:200mm ?
—-Ok, change it is aviable and free of charge.

whether it can be done: OD:250-550mm ID; 150-…mm Widht:200mm ?

—–It is possible to modify the ZC-100 for above size.
a. the film width is app.50mm only.
b. two times wrapping for two layer material.
c. Extra cost for modification.

Please provide pictures of your packaging materials for reference.

Waiting for your reply.



Automatic bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Autoamtic bearing wrapping machine 

l 1. The device could be hooking up with production line with automatic bearing wrapping.bearing packing machine

l 2. PLC & HMI are adopted for automatic operation in automatic bearing packaging.

l 3. Automatic centralized positioning for bearing packaging

l 4. Sensors for checking position from the wrapping position.

l 5. Automatic conveyors for loading and unloading.

l 6. Manual and automatic bearing packing mode could be selecting for different packaging goal.

l 7. Indicator sensors instantly when trouble happens. Trouble could be proven instantly.

l 8. Soft stop & start to protech the machine and package.

l 9. Ring reset for manually opeation.

l 10. Ring jog and positioning.





Automatic bearing packaging machinery could be extensively used in outdoors horizontal packing bearing, which solves using the hefty and inconvenient things of vertical packing. Furthermore, it may be utilised to pack other coil objects, for example steel belt, bronze belt, wire materials, aluminum coil, hose coil, rubber tube, bearing, tire, electric wire cable, stainless steel, plastic tube, PE tube, PVC tube, electrical wire cable, rubber tube, wire rod etc.We will provide reputable solutions of custom-made automated bearing packing line which includes strapping, stacking, wrapping, overturning in accordance to actual needs of shoppers. The bearing packing line may also be equipped with the customer’s present manufacturing line.

Big Bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Bearing packing machine


Operation for bearing packing machine:

l1. The converters adopted to regulate the overlap from the stretch film and paper packing tape based on requirement.

l 2. Speed from the turning ring and rollers are adjustable by converters for adjusting the packing speed and overlap

l 3. Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. width & remedied parameter of coiled metal. Other parameters is going to be set instantly.

l 4. Guardrails, soft starts and prevent for safety operation.

l 5. It can be interact with conveyor and production line for auto bearing packing with paper, tape, film…

l 6. Packaging material tension can be adjusted.

l 7. Special brake for that tape release device to prevent material folding.

l 8. Automatic material cutting the feeding system to easy the bearing handling and packaging process.





Mounted Ball Bearings packing machine
PACKING MACHINE modular bearing assembly includes sealed and lubricated inch or metric ball bearings. It really is contained inside many different housings varieties, locking mechanisms, mounting designs, and housing materials.
Sealmaster  Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings wrapping machine
Wrapping machien for Mounted spherical roller bearing assemblies consist of a sealed and lubricated inch spherical bearing with setscrew or adapter mount locking procedure. They are combined within a variety of housings kinds, mounting designs, and housing resources.

Bearing Packing Machine Solutions

Bearing packing machine

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Bearing Packing Machine Solutions

According to the minimum& maximum bearing size already provided, we classified the bearings into four size range to be wrapped by four different machines independently. It’s for reference only at present; adjustment can be made based on the listed size range.

1. ZC200 Small bearing wrapping machine: (roughly $22000)
Bearing Height: 30-200mm
Bearing OD: 250-500mm
Bearing ID: 200-400mm

2. ZC200 Middle size bearing wrapping machine: (Roughly $29000)
Bearing Height: 30-200
Bearing OD: 500-900mm
Bearing ID: 300-700mm

3. ZC300 Middle size bearing wrapping machine: (Roughly $33000)
Bearing Height: 30-300
Bearing OD: 900-1400mm
Bearing ID: 600-1200mm

4.ZC400 Large bearing packing machine:Especially designed for large bearings: (roughly $35000)
Bearing Height 30-420
Bearing OD: 1400-1800mm
Bearing ID: 1200-1600mm


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