Bearing packing machine and wrapping machinery

bearing wrapping mchine

Hello Mr.Vladislav,

Please check the answers following for bearaing packaging machine and wrapping mchine;
I like the machine ZC100. but whether it can be done without side cabinets (see photo).
—–Ok, no problem.

this machine can provide: OD:300-500mm ID; 200-400mm Widht:200mm ?
—-Ok, change it is aviable and free of charge.

whether it can be done: OD:250-550mm ID; 150-…mm Widht:200mm ?

—–It is possible to modify the ZC-100 for above size.
a. the film width is app.50mm only.
b. two times wrapping for two layer material.
c. Extra cost for modification.

Please provide pictures of your packaging materials for reference.

Waiting for your reply.



Automatic bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Autoamtic bearing wrapping machine 

l 1. The device could be hooking up with production line with automatic bearing wrapping.bearing packing machine

l 2. PLC & HMI are adopted for automatic operation in automatic bearing packaging.

l 3. Automatic centralized positioning for bearing packaging

l 4. Sensors for checking position from the wrapping position.

l 5. Automatic conveyors for loading and unloading.

l 6. Manual and automatic bearing packing mode could be selecting for different packaging goal.

l 7. Indicator sensors instantly when trouble happens. Trouble could be proven instantly.

l 8. Soft stop & start to protech the machine and package.

l 9. Ring reset for manually opeation.

l 10. Ring jog and positioning.





Automatic bearing packaging machinery could be extensively used in outdoors horizontal packing bearing, which solves using the hefty and inconvenient things of vertical packing. Furthermore, it may be utilised to pack other coil objects, for example steel belt, bronze belt, wire materials, aluminum coil, hose coil, rubber tube, bearing, tire, electric wire cable, stainless steel, plastic tube, PE tube, PVC tube, electrical wire cable, rubber tube, wire rod etc.We will provide reputable solutions of custom-made automated bearing packing line which includes strapping, stacking, wrapping, overturning in accordance to actual needs of shoppers. The bearing packing line may also be equipped with the customer’s present manufacturing line.

Stretch film bearing packing machine


bearing packing machine
bearing packing machine

Hello Tim, I am fine and trust you are too. I am sorry for my late response. Actually, I was waiting for your answers to my questions in the email dated 4th/5. Here I rewrote these questions, please look and reply. 1. Could you please send us some pictures of these components for reference? 2. What is your packing material(tape)? For example, stretch film. Or is it still the black one which you are using on packing bearings? Please advise. We will be glad to receive a pic of your packing material for better understanding. (fyi) (Stretch film) (Black packing tape) 3. What is the weight of the component coil? It will help us to understand the loading capacity of roller system. Coil Width: 150-260mm Coil ID: 150-260mm Coil OD: 300-600mm Minimum weight of the coil (kg): Maximum weight the coil (kg): (FYI-Horizontal coil wrapping machine) It seems that our one set of ZC200 can pack all of your product sizes. But we still need to get these above information before offering you a ZC bearing packing machine series of horizontal coil wrapping machine. Thank you very much. After getting them, I will send a quotation to you as soon as possible.


After the discussion with the customer we have decide that the wrapping machine will work with blue stretch foil, so please send the corresponding offer. Also with the offer is important to know which will be the cycle for a tube of 400mm of diameter and 15000mm of length.

Please send the corresponding quotation with the cycle time.