bearing wrapping machine with rubber bar feeding


Bearing wrapping machines are well justified on a basis that will be returned on investment by estimated the savings on the material and labor work in short time.

Fhopepack bearing wrappers are one of the simplest parts of the machinery to cost, apply, and keep in a just way. Simple, that means if one could know the basis of specifying the right stretch-wrap machine for the application.

Bearing packing machine and wrapping machinery

bearing wrapping mchine

Hello Mr.Vladislav,

Please check the answers following for bearaing packaging machine and wrapping mchine;
I like the machine ZC100. but whether it can be done without side cabinets (see photo).
—–Ok, no problem.

this machine can provide: OD:300-500mm ID; 200-400mm Widht:200mm ?
—-Ok, change it is aviable and free of charge.

whether it can be done: OD:250-550mm ID; 150-…mm Widht:200mm ?

—–It is possible to modify the ZC-100 for above size.
a. the film width is app.50mm only.
b. two times wrapping for two layer material.
c. Extra cost for modification.

Please provide pictures of your packaging materials for reference.

Waiting for your reply.



Automatic bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Autoamtic bearing wrapping machine 

l 1. The device could be hooking up with production line with automatic bearing wrapping.bearing packing machine

l 2. PLC & HMI are adopted for automatic operation in automatic bearing packaging.

l 3. Automatic centralized positioning for bearing packaging

l 4. Sensors for checking position from the wrapping position.

l 5. Automatic conveyors for loading and unloading.

l 6. Manual and automatic bearing packing mode could be selecting for different packaging goal.

l 7. Indicator sensors instantly when trouble happens. Trouble could be proven instantly.

l 8. Soft stop & start to protech the machine and package.

l 9. Ring reset for manually opeation.

l 10. Ring jog and positioning.





Automatic bearing packaging machinery could be extensively used in outdoors horizontal packing bearing, which solves using the hefty and inconvenient things of vertical packing. Furthermore, it may be utilised to pack other coil objects, for example steel belt, bronze belt, wire materials, aluminum coil, hose coil, rubber tube, bearing, tire, electric wire cable, stainless steel, plastic tube, PE tube, PVC tube, electrical wire cable, rubber tube, wire rod etc.We will provide reputable solutions of custom-made automated bearing packing line which includes strapping, stacking, wrapping, overturning in accordance to actual needs of shoppers. The bearing packing line may also be equipped with the customer’s present manufacturing line.

Big Bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Bearing packing machine


Operation for bearing packing machine:

l1. The converters adopted to regulate the overlap from the stretch film and paper packing tape based on requirement.

l 2. Speed from the turning ring and rollers are adjustable by converters for adjusting the packing speed and overlap

l 3. Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. width & remedied parameter of coiled metal. Other parameters is going to be set instantly.

l 4. Guardrails, soft starts and prevent for safety operation.

l 5. It can be interact with conveyor and production line for auto bearing packing with paper, tape, film…

l 6. Packaging material tension can be adjusted.

l 7. Special brake for that tape release device to prevent material folding.

l 8. Automatic material cutting the feeding system to easy the bearing handling and packaging process.





Mounted Ball Bearings packing machine
PACKING MACHINE modular bearing assembly includes sealed and lubricated inch or metric ball bearings. It really is contained inside many different housings varieties, locking mechanisms, mounting designs, and housing materials.
Sealmaster  Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings wrapping machine
Wrapping machien for Mounted spherical roller bearing assemblies consist of a sealed and lubricated inch spherical bearing with setscrew or adapter mount locking procedure. They are combined within a variety of housings kinds, mounting designs, and housing resources.

Stretch film bearing packing machine


bearing packing machine
bearing packing machine

Hello Tim, I am fine and trust you are too. I am sorry for my late response. Actually, I was waiting for your answers to my questions in the email dated 4th/5. Here I rewrote these questions, please look and reply. 1. Could you please send us some pictures of these components for reference? 2. What is your packing material(tape)? For example, stretch film. Or is it still the black one which you are using on packing bearings? Please advise. We will be glad to receive a pic of your packing material for better understanding. (fyi) (Stretch film) (Black packing tape) 3. What is the weight of the component coil? It will help us to understand the loading capacity of roller system. Coil Width: 150-260mm Coil ID: 150-260mm Coil OD: 300-600mm Minimum weight of the coil (kg): Maximum weight the coil (kg): (FYI-Horizontal coil wrapping machine) It seems that our one set of ZC200 can pack all of your product sizes. But we still need to get these above information before offering you a ZC bearing packing machine series of horizontal coil wrapping machine. Thank you very much. After getting them, I will send a quotation to you as soon as possible.


After the discussion with the customer we have decide that the wrapping machine will work with blue stretch foil, so please send the corresponding offer. Also with the offer is important to know which will be the cycle for a tube of 400mm of diameter and 15000mm of length.

Please send the corresponding quotation with the cycle time.

Bearing Packing Machine Solutions

Bearing packing machine

more information:


Bearing Packing Machine Solutions

According to the minimum& maximum bearing size already provided, we classified the bearings into four size range to be wrapped by four different machines independently. It’s for reference only at present; adjustment can be made based on the listed size range.

1. ZC200 Small bearing wrapping machine: (roughly $22000)
Bearing Height: 30-200mm
Bearing OD: 250-500mm
Bearing ID: 200-400mm

2. ZC200 Middle size bearing wrapping machine: (Roughly $29000)
Bearing Height: 30-200
Bearing OD: 500-900mm
Bearing ID: 300-700mm

3. ZC300 Middle size bearing wrapping machine: (Roughly $33000)
Bearing Height: 30-300
Bearing OD: 900-1400mm
Bearing ID: 600-1200mm

4.ZC400 Large bearing packing machine:Especially designed for large bearings: (roughly $35000)
Bearing Height 30-420
Bearing OD: 1400-1800mm
Bearing ID: 1200-1600mm


More orbital stretch wrapper information:

How to find coil wrapping Machine for bearings

How to find coil wrapping Machine for bearings

There are several type packaging machine available in the market for the coil packaging by ring type stretch wrapper. What kind of coil wrapping machine is suitable for you, you may find the necessary from following company.
Fhopepack Packaging Machine is concentrating in manufacturing very best in class selection of Packaging Machinery. Ring type coil Wrapping Machine for bearings provided by us are broadly utilized in different packaging segments for packaging programs and coil handling. Since our establishment the technical team, we’ve been pay special attention on special designing offering with best methods to all our clients packaging goal at market leading cost. We’re known among the leading Producers of the profession, guaranteeing timely shipping and fair business deals. The Packaging Machinery range made by us comprises Snubs coil Packing Machine, horizontal stretch wrapping Machine, pallet Packing Machine, door Packaging Machine, coil tilter, hose wrapping Machine, copper Packing Machine, tube bagging Machine, Pulses, Tea, Grain, Grain, Pan Masada, Mouth Freshener, Chain, Filter Khans, Oil Seal, Gasket, Gear, Shaft, Knife, Edge, Shaft, Spring, PTFE Sheet, PTFE Pipe, etc. They are congratulated for features like excellent performance, sturdy design, unmatched deterioration resistance, high-speed, etc.

We, FHOPEPACK Packaging Machine like Ring coil Wrapping Machine for bearings, etc, really are a well famous business concentrating in manufacturing very best in class Packaging Machines. Our offered machines are utilized in quantity of industrial segments for example bearings, and Seal Machine, Powder Packing Machine, Flow Wrap Machine, and much more. Our packaging machinery is at the top of precision, performance, and put on resistance. Within FHOPEPACK extensive gamut of items, we bring about for the clients a qualitative range of Ring coil Wrapping Machine for bearings. Offered closes are utilized to exclude water, grime, dust or other substances from rotating parts although maintaining lube. They are designed and manufactured using appropriate fundamental materials and latest methodology in compliance with industrial standards. Also, these oil closes are strictly examined by our deft quality remotes to make sure their perfect design and optimum performance. To satisfy the assorted demands in our clients, we’re offering these Bearing Oil Closes in a variety of specifications for the most part competitive cost range.

FHOPEPACK Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Horizontal Ring coil Wrapping Machine such as bearing coil Packing Machine, aluminum Packing Machine, strip Packing Machine, wire Packing Machine, orbital Packing Machine, stretch Packing Machine and many more items from coil and pallet. our company is widely known for designing optimum range of tube bundling Packing Machine that comes with high-speed wrapping and packaging ability. Our coil machines can enfold customized size of toilet soap as per the requirement of the clients. We make sure our machine maintains superior operation speed, low maintenance cost and link-ability option. Offering you a complete choice of products which include coil Packing Machines is pleasure job, such as specialized bearing wrapping machine, automatic bearing packing line, plastic pipe bundling & strapping wrapping machine.

bearing packing machiney and bearing package

SHJLPACK Top selling bearing packing machines
In 1998, inside the town of shanghai founded SHJLPACK Packaging Machine Corporation. We increased to get recognized for its simplicity and reliability. Top selling bearing packing machine might be the premier provider of creating and packaging services for the world’s greatest consumer packed cargos companies. We operate many manufacturing facilities having the ability to manage large, integrated manufacturing packaging solutions projects.

SHJLPACK factory has 18 years experience of wrapper already get ISO9001, SGS certificate, CE certificate already released into many nations and areas already got customer’s good status. Quality is first, on top quality basis, Sure you’re going to get reasonable and satisfied cost! Guarantee is a year, we’ll supply spares or send engineers for your side free, we provides you with service anytime, 24 hrs, 7days.

Top selling bearing packing machine to wrap coil products individually using stretch film knitted mesh and anti-trust packing paper as packaging material. The advantage is fast packing speed and convenient operation raising the task efficiency greatly and lowering the labor intensity for individual’s employees. This machine completely replaces the manual wrapping. It is simple to ship and store because of excellent packaging results, strong tension pressure, rejecting moisture, preventing dust and safeguarding the top of the products.

coil packing machine,bearing packing machine, wire packing machine
coil packing machine,bearing packing machine, wire packing machine

In the SHJL Customer Support Center PACK there is a right person for those subjects associated with your Top selling bearing packing machine: friendly and competent commercial clerks take proper care of demands, purchase orders and bills experienced spare part specialists provide prompt solutions for your questions which help you develop innovative solutions devoted service planners give you support on the telephone and on-site if you need our help reliable, accredited and multilingual service specialists are available around the globe You are able to achieve us via phone throughout our business hrs Mondays-Thursdays 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

If you need something, whether it’s a high-quality Top selling bearing coil packing machine spare part, a reliable technical advice or perhaps a qualified service specialist – SHJLPACK always available and can happily assist you to along! You will find a gallery people for action here! Totally free throughout warranty period as well as for service contract clients. To be able to regularly inform our clients concerning the latest technical subjects and special promotions, we monthly send by email our Technical Customer Information. You are already a person of us and also end up part of our subscriber list.

automatic bearing packing machine

SHJLPACK Automatic bearing packing machines

SHJLPACK, situated in Shanghai, China has introduced the finish of their cooperation agreement with Automatic bearing Packaging Machines and also the opening of their new 27,000sf facility for that United States market in Norcross, GA. Brand new entity The United States Corporation is a wholly possessed subsidiary from the German parent coil packaging company and can reunite its northern border American business using its parent. Our United States clients may benefit out of this change by better using our strong technological developments, application know-how and global presence

SHJLPACK likes developing and building excellent packaging machines and systems. We’re proud to assert our position because the leading provider of greatest quality Automatic bearing Packaging Machines packaging solutions for those clients worldwide. Client satisfaction and profit is the bottom of our proper plan. Beginning in the consultation from the project together with installation and approval of the machine, our relation using the customer always comes first. Rich in application understand how we incorporate the entire ensemble: The nearby area, the marketplace, the merchandise and also the package. We offer the success and development of our client’s onsite with innovative, economical machines, systems and repair centers.

SHJLPACK future endeavors: Ongoing purchase of the introduction of technology, for innovative items that shape the marketplace, the readiness and skill to adjust to particular customer and market needs would be the base for the ongoing global success and growth. Because of our creativeness and our new ideas we remain competitive. Desire for packaging way to Automatic bearing Packaging Machines to satisfy the marketplace demands and-quality coil packaging machines and services that ensure reliability, cost, as well as an investment for any secure future – all around the world. Like a business division we accompany both you and your packaging machine in the factory acceptance test let’s start through the complete operating existence of the machine

For SHJLPACK f this means, that both unit machines and take care of system are recognized reasonably and innovatively. Thus we’re capable of offer complete solutions for specialized and sophisticated packaging needs. Forming, filling, closing, and final packaging to market requirements can only be realized by suppliers with a complete knowledge of integrating individual machine modules into a customer specific process. We offers the complete Automatic bearing Packaging Machines from a single source, including project management, manufacture, installation and commissioning at the customer’s site together with comprehensive after sales service.