Automatic steel wire coiler and winding machine


For the solution:


Automatic steel wire coiler and winding machine with two coiling heads for non-stop wire length counting and winding.


It is able setting the wire OD, ID, WIDTH per requirement. After coiling per setting, the coiling head will swith to strapping.


Strapping material: PP,  Strapping: 3-4 belts.





Do you know what the purpose of using steel wire coiling and packing is? Make sure that the wire on the bobbin is the purpose of feeding and coiling and strapping. For many wire production department, they all start using manual work, at the same time, when the quantity increases over time, so this time, you can go to continue to use the same solution… Do you know what it is? That’s because it always does.

In general, the key to starting savings is the application of the labor cost, and the better automation wire winding and strapping system can be provided.