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Nice to meet you, i am Luis Reyes from Venezuela. I found you in Alibaba because we are looking a machine for this:

We are printing calling cards strips, each calling card is 54mm x 40mm, and 100 cards makes a strip. We have to fold the strip to make it 5 card length. These are the cards:

Imágenes integradas 3

The folded strip (5 cards length) is 270mm x 40mm.

Our printer finishes the cards as a roll like this (not a card toll in the picture)

Imágenes integradas 4

So we have an employee that counts 100 cards, cut it and fold it manually. Then we have to wrap it and place a label with the initial and final card number, like this:

Imágenes integradas 5

So, we are looking for a automatic strapping machine that would be able to take the roll, count 100 cards, cut it, fold it, print the right label and place it on the package. We are making 50.000.000 cards each month.

I hope you could help us with our requirement. You can use whatsapp to contact me at the number:

horizontal stretch wrapper with tapping and logo machine

Automatic Panel packing machine and packing line


We have modificated your concerns about Automatic Panel packing machine and packing line.
1. the evenly stacked
The pieces stacking is affected by the springs and board quantity and quolity.
If the more pieces and hard board (like your items), the press roller by the spring is working heavily, and then the stacking will be good.

Please the modificated pictures 7 pieces of a panel bundle in the attachment. pic1 and pic 2.
The hole with a steel pipe of the following picture is helpful for the bundles evenly stacking. Picture 5.
The holes are customized by your item size, while we don’t find your size at our market.

And, our electrical engineer suggests more even stacking performance (including piceces and bundles) need to test, do commissioning at your workshop and by your real working and packing condition. Because our workshop is not yours, our board is not your items.

2. the picking time and waiting time
Please see the newest video of the panel packing line.
We have modificated the control system.
But more speed time improvement must be accunted logically at your workshop.

3. the holding has changed into thick steel sheet.
Please see picture 3 and pic4.

4. the guard is no need at the last stacking, because it’s decieded by your item’s size, the land area is enough for its stability.

Besides there is able provide automatic strapping machine solution along with the Automatic Panel packing machine and packing line

Stretch wrapper and strapping machine delivery

Thank you for sending along the container info about the automatic strapping machine and stretch wrapper. These details weights and package quantities are very different from those previously provided on your estimated packing lists.

· Please provide ASAP the packing lists for each container so that I may update the commercial invoices both shipments. Please make sure to identify which container goes with what packing list so I can make sure all listed correctly to avoid any issues.
· Have the container sizes changes as well…these both state 40 HQ which are now high cube instead of general purposes as previously requested.
· Did you take pictures of the strapping machine & stretch wrapper in containers blocked and braced prior to sealing?
· We must ask that these containers do not leave your facility until I have provided the revised commercial invoices and reviewed the other paperwork please. I will be more than happy to contact the broker when we are ready to go.

Automatic strapping machine and stretch wrapper for your packaging goal.


automatic strapping machine for wire coil,tube

automatic cotton strapping machine

As you advised the chamber will have to remove for the installation of 250mm width roll spool, so pls confirm us what about the security sensors will they work or not?

Pls send us spool photos, size & dimension first. does your engineer know the chamber size of our machine? If knows so does he thinks enough space in chamber is available for this 250mm or 200mm spool , if you send us spool of 250mm & there is not enough space so this will be waste of time,

Do you understand what we want to make you clear pls see the attached photo red line highlighted area is chamber . please make us clear where & how this 250mm width film roll spool with be installed?

We do not need film roll we need the part where 250mm width film roll will be placed Pls advise us its coil strapping solution ASAP, also if there is any part you have to send us pls do not make the actual value invoice pls double check with us before sending any items. Pls confirm how long you will take to reply us finally ???

Today we have received the automatic PET strapping machine in our factory, we asked you for ROLL WIDTH 250mm but we found it 100mm this means we can only use 100mm width roll, please advise me now what is to do, it is really urgent, as earlier informed you that we need more automatic strapping machines this machine was for trial order & we found this big mistake which have made this machines useless for us.

Horizontal stretch wrapper 

Cotton strapping machine

Automatic strapping machine after service items


i) All accessories, attachments, tools, cutter, die, punch etc. required to perform the above mentioned job to be supplied and mentioned with price in offer.

ii) Standard Coiling, Lubricating & Lighting system should be provided with the coiling and strapping machine.

iii) Installation, trial run operation and maintenance training is to be provided by the strapping machine manufacturer. The duration of training should be at least 2 (two) weeks with trial   production.

iv) 1 ´ Operator/ Programming Manual in English must be supplied with Automatic PET STRAPPING machine.

v) 2 ´ Maintenance/trouble shooting/ Repair Manual in English must be      supplied with machine.

vi). Warranty for 01 (one) year after acceptance.

vii) Bidder should submit original Leaflet/ Brochure with the offer.

viii)  Country of manufacture and assembly should be mentioned in the     offer.

ix) All necessary Software to handle & maintain must be supplied along with machine.

x) Fast and slow moving spares parts, strapping head, cutter, die, punch with quoted price are to be given with the tender including yearly escalation price minimum for five years.

xi) 10 years service support with spares for minimum to be provided by the manufacturer if necessary. List of fast moving spares/accessories with cost to be provided        with the tender.

xii) PSI: A strapping machine technical team of 02 members of BOF would go for pre-     shipment inspection          to the supplier’s factory by BOF cost. Duration 05         (Five) working days.

xiii) Foreign Training of Personnel: A technical team of 04 members of BOF would go for Necessary Training to the supplier’s factory by BOF cost. Duration 01 (One) Week.

xiv) Any other items if require should be mentioned with the offer.

xv)  Manufacturer should have ISO or equivalent standard certificate.

Automatic Strapping machine manufacturer





Name of Machine


A/U Qty Rate FOB Freight
(a) (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) (g)
Head Turning, Mouth Finish Trimming  & Sieving Machine for 7.62 x 39 Cartridge Cases or Equivalent


  1. Use:

         This machine is used to head and mouth finish-trimming & sieving 7.62 ´ 39 cartridge cases.


  1. Operation Principle:

         Semi-finished cartridge cases are put in the hopper. Automatically oriented cases fed one by one to the station by feed device for heading and mouth trimming. Processed cases are pushed by ejection device to the chute. Chips and cases are separated through sieving.


  1. Technical Data:


S/N Item Unit Data
1 Head stock speed rpm 2180
2 Punch Stroke mm ~ 81
3 Ejection punch stroke mm ~ 72
4 Max. stroke of tool rest Heading mm ~ 12
Mouth trimming mm ~ 13
5 MOTOR Head stock Power KW 0.75
Speed rpm 1390
Distributor Power KW 11
Speed rpm 910
6 Hopper motor Power KW 0.37
Speed rpm 40 ~ 200
7 Productivity pcs/min ~ 80
8 Overall dimension (L´W´H) mm 1490 ´ 1010 ´ 1580
9 Weight kg ~ 2200


D.    Country of Origin : Any Country


  1. List of Tools:


S/N Name Unit Qty
1 Delivering punch staff 30 Drawing/ Sample will be Provided as required
2 Delivering punch head 80
3 Pad 20
4 Nut 40
5 Sleeve 50
6 Free wheel 20
7 Bearing 35
8 Head turning 50
9 Tool axle 15
10 Gasket 15
11 Nut 35
12 Trimming tool 100
13 Roller 5
Nos 02


Automatic PET Strapping machine with bundling machine

Thank you so much for the warm welcome.. I copied our production manager Mr. Dexter Peter in the email for more comments.

As we discussed you need to do the below corrections before sending the automatic strapping machine  and bundle making machine.

1. The panels in the bundle to evenly stacked (see the attached photos for the uneven packing).
2. The packing speed seems little bit slow. To be improved. You may increase the panel picking speed.
3. Currently the pneumatic picking is at rest till the bundle completely enter the sealing section. You need to modify the machine so that the panels picking without any stop.
4. While holding the packed bundles at the end, the L-shaped full length support to be minimum 6mm thick. And the holding plate should have extended guide rails to hold the bundles without falling down.

Thanks and best Regards

Automatic strapping machine manufacturer

As a professional manufacturer,  we were providing automatic strapping machine packaging solution for coil objetct since from 1998.

Nous faisons des affaires sur Alibaba qui a beaucoup de grands services pour nous aider facilement l’exportation. Mais ne signifie pas que ce que nous sommes une société commerciale.

Comme un fabricant professionnel, nous fournissions une solution d’emballage pour objetct bobine depuis de 1998.

Nous avons notre disiging, la production, l’installation, la mise en service, après l’équipe de service.

La solution personnalisée offerte pour vous seulement tête de cerclage est l’achat de notre coopeartor.
Suite est une solution sur mesure pour référence.

Bienvenue à la visite de notre usine.
Ou vous pouvez demander à un tiers de vérifier notre capacité.
Le voir pour le croire.

We do business on Alibaba that has many great service to help us easy the export. But not mean’s we are trading company.
As a professional manufacturer,  we were providing automatic strapping machine packaging solution for coil objetct since from 1998.
We have our disiging, production, installation, commissioning, after service team.
The customized solution offered for you only strapping head is purchase from our coopeartor.
Following is some customized solution for reference.

steel tube strapping machine and packing line

steel tube bundling and strapping machine

Sorry for misleading you, we only need a strapping solution. We are in the business of makin heaxon and round stock pipes. We bundle them in a hexon shape and in sizes of:

Max width: 500mm
Max height: 500mm

Max/min top width: 280mm/90mm
Max/min botton width: 280/90mm

Weigth range: 100kg-3800kg
Length range: 1300mm-11700mm

Today we have a steel tube strapping machine who spotweld the strips. Problem is, the stripes need to have a color coating so it doesen´t rust. We all know paint and TIG welding dont match so we´re looking for a solution were you make a punch in the stripes and by that hold them together. So it´s gonna have to be a custom solution as u said. Perhaps you can give me a prize range of these kind of applications, its gonna be hard because you havent seen our application but are we talking about 50.000$ or 200.000$.

One more question, you have all your fabrication and personal located in China? If we were about to buy an application, how do we do with service and stuff like that.


Horizontal stretch wrapper can be connected with strapping line for packaging.




Automatic Strapping machine for panel

PET strapping machine
PET strapping machine for panel

I would appreciate if you could send me all the specifications and costs of your Stretch Hood Machines and orbital stretch wrapper capable of covering beverage can pallets 2740H x 1420W x 1120L. I also require the thickness of the bags or film that would be necessary to use on the machine.

Please include best cost for the panel strapping machine, delivery time and commissioning cost.

Thanks and Regards,

Ally Nicoll,

Plant Manager,

orbital stretch wrapper ,spiral wrapper
orbital stretch wrapper

is an Italian Manufacturer of Packing Machines:


Please find here enclosed a short company profile showing some images of sectors where we are involved.

According to requests received from our customers, we would like to highlight the increasing interest in STRETCH HOOD TECHNOLOGY of companies working in all different sectors.

Wrapper’s STRETCH HOOD TECHNOLOGY does not use any gas to pack goods on pallet, allows to obtain a better aesthetically result on final packing and brings savings compared to traditional shrink hooding system.

I stay at your disposal for further information for orbital stretch wrapper.