automatic strapping machine for wire coil,tube

automatic cotton strapping machine

As you advised the chamber will have to remove for the installation of 250mm width roll spool, so pls confirm us what about the security sensors will they work or not?

Pls send us spool photos, size & dimension first. does your engineer know the chamber size of our machine? If knows so does he thinks enough space in chamber is available for this 250mm or 200mm spool , if you send us spool of 250mm & there is not enough space so this will be waste of time,

Do you understand what we want to make you clear pls see the attached photo red line highlighted area is chamber . please make us clear where & how this 250mm width film roll spool with be installed?

We do not need film roll we need the part where 250mm width film roll will be placed Pls advise us its coil strapping solution ASAP, also if there is any part you have to send us pls do not make the actual value invoice pls double check with us before sending any items. Pls confirm how long you will take to reply us finally ???

Today we have received the automatic PET strapping machine in our factory, we asked you for ROLL WIDTH 250mm but we found it 100mm this means we can only use 100mm width roll, please advise me now what is to do, it is really urgent, as earlier informed you that we need more automatic strapping machines this machine was for trial order & we found this big mistake which have made this machines useless for us.

Horizontal stretch wrapper 

Cotton strapping machine

Automatic strapping machine after service items


i) All accessories, attachments, tools, cutter, die, punch etc. required to perform the above mentioned job to be supplied and mentioned with price in offer.

ii) Standard Coiling, Lubricating & Lighting system should be provided with the coiling and strapping machine.

iii) Installation, trial run operation and maintenance training is to be provided by the strapping machine manufacturer. The duration of training should be at least 2 (two) weeks with trial   production.

iv) 1 ´ Operator/ Programming Manual in English must be supplied with Automatic PET STRAPPING machine.

v) 2 ´ Maintenance/trouble shooting/ Repair Manual in English must be      supplied with machine.

vi). Warranty for 01 (one) year after acceptance.

vii) Bidder should submit original Leaflet/ Brochure with the offer.

viii)  Country of manufacture and assembly should be mentioned in the     offer.

ix) All necessary Software to handle & maintain must be supplied along with machine.

x) Fast and slow moving spares parts, strapping head, cutter, die, punch with quoted price are to be given with the tender including yearly escalation price minimum for five years.

xi) 10 years service support with spares for minimum to be provided by the manufacturer if necessary. List of fast moving spares/accessories with cost to be provided        with the tender.

xii) PSI: A strapping machine technical team of 02 members of BOF would go for pre-     shipment inspection          to the supplier’s factory by BOF cost. Duration 05         (Five) working days.

xiii) Foreign Training of Personnel: A technical team of 04 members of BOF would go for Necessary Training to the supplier’s factory by BOF cost. Duration 01 (One) Week.

xiv) Any other items if require should be mentioned with the offer.

xv)  Manufacturer should have ISO or equivalent standard certificate.

Automatic PET strapping machine component








S/N Name Unit Qty
14 Roller axle 5 Drawing/ Sample will be Provided as required
15 Screw 20
16 Ejecting punch 30
17 Ejecting punch head 50
18 V-pulley 20
19 Fixing sleeve 50
20 V-pulley wheel 20
21 Hexagonal nut 50
22 Collet 50
23 Cam for feeding punch device 20
24 Roller 100
25 Roller pin 100
26 Cam for head stock 20
27 Nut for feeding punch device 50
28 Push punch shaft 20
29 Ejection punch shaft 20
30 Slide spring 50
31 Check nut for slide 50
32 Pinion gear 20

 Automatic PET strapping machine and handling solution in customer need.

Automatic strapping machine for ingots pallet packing

hanks for your email.

We at our factory have machine which prepares the bundles after casting. We are looking forward to mechanized solution of strapping.
We need a small say 1.5 Meter roller table at the same height as our bundling machine, there after we need a mechanized strapping machine.

Following are the details

Ingot size – Width 95mm (+/- 5), Length 555.75 mm (+/- 5), Height 47 mm (+/- 5)

Ingot weight 28 (+/- 4 ) Kg

Bundle – 6 Ingots in each layer and for some customers its 6 layers in a bundle and for some 5 layers in a bundle.

Rate of Production – Maximum 18 Bundles per hour

Hope this information is enough for you to propose some solution

Dear Mr.Singh,

Glad to reveive your inquiry.

As a manufacturer for automatic PET strapping machine we got solution for ingots packing.

Before offering a solution, i’d like to know following information.
1. the size your your ingots pallet and Max.Weight?
2. What is the packing speed requirement, how many pallet per hour?

I will sharing the video later.


Automatic Ingots strapping machine, automatic PET strapping machine
Automatic PET strapping machine designing for aluminum ingots pallet strapping, which connected to the aluminum ingots stacking machine. There is PET roll stacking and feeding device with automatic strapping head.

The customized solution is available for different size and strapping requirement.

Our professional team specializes in high speed handling systems connected to your production line, such as steel coil, steel tube, wooden, sheet and pallet… Our automatic strapping packaging systems are flexible and can different kinds of strapping and handling.