Automatic Hose Coiling & Packing Machine

The fhopepack offers automatic hose take-up and for your PVC / PE / phde pipe… Our industry has created innovative packaging machines, cost-effective products, like loose solutions to problems, irregular packaging.
Our sales, equipment services, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the best efficiency hoses, rolls and packaging systems for your applications. The automatic hose / reel packing machines comply with the CE guidelines and are designed with the latest technology and industrial design standards.
The automatic solution for this hose / pipe package consists of two machines: paper reel machine and packer, because it is a fully automatic coiling and packing system, so it can release your labor.
1. Hose / automatic reeling machine
1) function:
Calculate the length of the hose / pipe, then cut it, roll up the hose / pipe, then secure and automatically move the hose coil. The graphics can be set up on the PLC control program.
2) characteristics:
* PLC and HMI control procedures are used for automatic hose / tube take-up operations.
* parameters can be set up in English on the control program.
* automatic shut-off of hoses / pipes.
* hose length can be adjusted as required.
* the two protection devices are stationary and movable winding cables.
* automatic error detection function, fault alarm.
* use sensors to automatically detect hose position.
* the pressing device is to stabilize the hose coil.
2. Automatic hose packing machine
1) function:
Fix hose / loop, feed the film into the coil, pack and cut the film, and automatically remove the fill coil.
2) characteristics:
* PLC and HMI control programs are available for continuous automatic roll wrapping.
* excellent collections, the main components used for well-known brands.
* the overlap of the packaging tape can be adjusted by the frequency converter.
* packing materials: stretch film, PVC, ldpe.
* packing tension can be adjusted by special braking device.
* support roller repairable products.
* independent electrical boxes are conducive to safe operation, technical testing and troubleshooting.
The friction between the wheel and the ring is adjustable.
* mechanical hand automatic feeding and cutting.

Automatic Hose Coiling &  Packing Machine