Automatic coiler for Hose and pipe

Automatic coiler

Fhope packing provides the automatic hose coiler.


Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co..,Ltd, one of the main Manufacturers of automatic coiler coil wrapping, strapping and coiling mahcines in China.

I have been talking with your colleague Mrinalini about the automatic coiling and packing line.

Unfortunately, she is no longer to work with Gates anymore. And she gave me your contact and told me that you are in charge of this project.


Below are the video links. (automatic hose coiler) (coiling and shrink packing line) (coiling and stretch wrapping machine)

We want to know what is your required type and the specific requirement of the machine as well as information of your packing products.

Any queston, please contact me by e-mail or whatsapp.


Just to confirm the questions we discussed:
  1. We would like the coil width to have a range from 40 to 100 mm. Is this possible? If not, what is the width range?
  2. The ID of the coil should change to 85 mm.
  3. Do you recommend going with the Japanese strapping head for the highest success rate and fastest strapping?
  4. If we decide not to strap, is there a machine that is part of the winder that will wrap the coil horizontally around the outside of coil? If yes, do you have a video and cost?
  5. Please confirm and add in quote that we will be able to strap at least 2 coils per minute.
  6. Can you add a simple accumulator so that when we run online with an extruder at 70 meters per minute that the pipe doesn’t fall on the floor?
  7. Can you update the quote to show these changes?

Automatic Hose Coiler or Pipe Winding Machine

We provide all kinds of winding machine solutions for your production, and also provide automatic coiling and strapping machine. Automatic reel strapping machine conforms to the CE guidelines, and using the latest technology and industrial design standard design.The fhopepack provides packaging solutions for the tube industry. Our commitment to the industry has led to the development of innovative, cost effective products to address loose and irregular packaging issues. Our sales, equipment services, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the best protection packaging system for your application.Our solution can be used instead of manual or semi-automatic take-up. Through the automatic take-up system, we help customers reduce labor costs and increase extrusion speed. It is easy to work in take-up and handling. In addition, we are designing different solutions for a wide range of coiler windings and crimp free standing coils. The company also produces film roll diameter automatic packaging line. The coiling machine and automatic reeling machine we have binding characteristics of different distance. In some cases, it can be designed for special packaging and conversion of offline processing purposes, coil configurations and packaging materials…Stretch film is a very good universal packaging method. First of all, you need to make the hose into a circle, the width of the circle, weight set by yourself. The head should be set, or the hose will loosen when stretched. In contrast, the hose take-up is made up of the normal size range of your coil. It can’t be too small and too big for a machine, and stretching doesn’t cover all sizes. It’s like an old saying: you can’t have both. So there is no tube winding machine. Horizontal and vertical packing actions can be selected when drawing. These two methods also depend on your coil character and your requirements. To meet your various requirements, automatic and semi-automatic coils can be provided. Our track film carrier allows the film to stretch evenly and compactly.

Automatic Hose Coiler or Pipe Winding Machine


Automatic HDPE Tube Coiler and pipe Winder

Automatic hose/pipe coiling machine & strapping machine


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL100


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL1200

We will custom

HDPE Tube Coiler/Winder, we have been the best business within production HDPE & Faux wood water pipe extrusion equipment. It’s made for turning as well as packaging HDPE plumbing through taking on worldwide sophisticated pneumatically-driven basic principle associated with available and also retract method. This kind of equipment will be produced from our own state-of-art manufacturer in order to accommodate the actual variegated specifications. Designed making use of top quality supplies and also modern day systems, this particular coiler may offer you efficient efficiency.

Internal size regarding coil 800-2000 millimeter
External dimension regarding coil 1600-2800 millimeters
Maximum rotating speed 15 m/min
Turning width Max Seven-hundred millimeter
Water lines diameter ?63-110 millimeter
Oxygen pressure 0.Six mpa
Second motor TJ132-404M-4
Decrease box WPEA70-120
Canister model SC 80-120
Clutch 40A
Turning displacement fp50
Dimension 3600 2100 3300 millimeters
Weight 3000 kilograms

Automatic hose and pipe coiler

automatic coiler and strapping mcahine

automatic hose coiling machine—-Automatic pipe coiler

Dear Concern,

I am contacting from Tech Industries Ltd, a very renowned company of Bangladesh. I am looking for a stretch hood machine for wrapping plastic goods of dimension 1800*800*950 mm.

Can you please send me an offer of suitable machine for this purpose. If you need any required information please feel free to contact with me.

I look forward to hearing your reply in the near future.

Best Regards

There is need the automatic pipe coiler and hose coiler for extruder online packing.

Automatic hose coiling machine for hydraulic hose

To give you a background about our company and why we are looking at automatic coiling and packing machines; We are a hydraulic and industrial hose & fittings importer and wholesaler.

The hose we would mainly be using the machine for is hydraulic rubber hose reinforced with 1 – 6 high tensile steel wires, with the most common sizes ranging in OD from 13.00mm to approx. 50.00mm.

Our hose is imported in random lengths and we are looking to store the hose on dispensing racks and coil the hose off the dispensing racks to our customers requirement.

One example of a dispensing rack is as below.


Based on you table, I have selected a range of hoses we would be dispensing – however there are a much larger range of hoses to dispense;

Hose No. Hose OD Wall thickness How many meter per coil Hose coil OD Hose coil ID Hose coil width Coiling Speed
1  13.00mm  3.50 – 5.00  10 – 100+  250-300mm  100-200mm N/A – can be manual with a handle
2  35.3 – 38.30mm     5.00 – 7.00     10 – 80+  300-500mm  200-300mm N/A – can be manual with a handle
3  +- 70mm  8-10mm  3 – 20  700-1100mm  300mm + N/A – can be manual with a handle. May need to be separate equipment


Trust this all makes sense – look forward to your response.


Coil strapping machine with coiling equipment


automatic pipe hose coil coiler and winder

automatic pipe coiling machine
Solution for automatic pipe hose coil coiler and winder
It is pity didn’t met you at factory visiting. Because of i am back home for my new born girl.
Alfred had told me your requirment in detail.
Please check the quotation attached for the automatic hose coiling, strapping, shrink wrapping machine solution by one operator only.
Video will be send by next email.

I am trying to finalize my schedule for the last few days of my travels within China, and Shanghai area.

Please confirm that Monday, June 20, around 9:00 a.m. is a good day and time for you.

I have other appointments that I also need to finalize so your soonest reply is appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting you and seeing your products!



Automatic hose coiler for automatic hose packing



This is Roman from CZKSK company, Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We are the trading company. Our client is interested in buying the stretch hood packadging machine for the pallets with dimensions 1200*1000*1800 mm. The film used is 0,06-0,18 mm. They need the cheap line. Please send the offer for the machine including the technical specification.

automatic hose coiling machine and coiler
automatic hose coiling machine and coiler for pipe

More information:

we would need an offer for all models of hose coiler as we do small coils as well as big coils.

I have seen your description on your web pages.

So, depending on the price, we would maybe buy two or three different ones.

Please send me a quote for all coiling and coiler for hose and pipe…


What will be the price of coil packing machine with the following specifications:


Coil Width- 9mm – 150mm

Coil Weight — 10 Kgs to 150 Kgs


If you will need any other specifications of horizontal orbital stretch wrapper then do let us know.

Automatic pipe coiler and winder

automatic hose coiling machine and coiler
automatic hose coiling machine and coiler for pipe

We are washing machine manufacturer in Iran, we need a shrink machine for shrinking of washing machines (Front Loaded and top loaded) 5-10 Kg, and also Dishwashers, Water Coolers, stand cookers So, please send us your suitable shrink machine quotation with full specification and competitive price. Thanks, Ali


Please send us Technical Catalogue & best Quote for STEEL COIL WRAPPING MACHINE and coiling machine.
ID = 500 TO 600 mm
OD = 800 to 1500 mm
Width of slit coil = 80 mm to 350 mm
Weight slit coils = 600 kg 1000 kg
Winder speed: 50-200M/min
Also inform us discount, shortest delivery period & terms.
Waiting for your urgent reply.

Best Regards,