new emcrusting machine developed by food machine

Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
CA is the new emcrusting machine developed by PROFESSIONAL TEAM for the production of packed shortbread biscuits. Because of its construction in stainless steel and aluminium, MAGICA is actually a solid and trustworthy machine. The engines at variable pace and also the many equipment make achievable producing a variety of biscuits with product or jam filling. 


Metal, stainless steel and aluminium structure, assembled on wheels

Stainless-steel panelling amd structure parts.

Dough extruder with two toothed rollers at adjustable velocity

Pump motor system equipment kind for satisfying at varied speed

Shuttingslicing gadget 1-row shutter kind at variable pace and Goods electric outlet belt at variable pace

Auto discharging in the items on trays by retractile belt program. Auto modification of the quantity of lines as well as the phasing from the goods discharging on to holder and Containers conveyor in stainless steel and aluminium with adjustable standing up ft and trays piling device

Max production: 3800 pieces/hour -Electro-pneumatic

operating: 220V 60Hz

Electrical n: 1.5 kW

The machine special inteams:
Flexibility: without or with some optional accessories which is a variety of items can be recognized;

Simplicity of use and maintenance: because of a basic manage panel with a multifunction show;

Foods hygiene and safety: encrusting machines created with no edges or “lifelessfactors and in accordance with the rules in force 

concerning the use of materials in touch with meals stuff; possibility of complete or partial disassembly from the components for cleaning;

Steady technical modernizing: testing and use of more and more powerful and reliable electronic parts and 

continuous improving of the technicians. Designs expecting the regulations concerned with machinery for handling meals 

things and with basic safety gadgets.

encrusting machine for bread making

automatic encrusting machine and filling machine
automatic encrusting machine and filling machine


1. Optimum capacity for small products is 135 items a minute

The encrusting machine has production rates of up to 1.5 occasions faster than other competitor’s product as it is mix the stamping, encrusting and forming in a single machine.

It is a Dual filling Encrusting Stamping and Forming Machine

2. Mix the encrusting, forming and stamping function with each other to save lots of the space making it a lot more very easy to maintain and operate. may also increase the creation certainly.

3. Suport to weight three diverse kind of stuffings, his is most effective for dry materials including whipped cream.The attach along with a lightweight stream controller gently fill up the fabric inside the middle.There is absolutely no injury to the material given that you can easily change the supply rate of the flow and screw control.Pasty material like jam, custard product as well as solids such as cut chestnuts may be used to help make your personal product! Drinks like sauces may also be used!

The encrusting machine Increase filling Encrusting Forming and Stamping Machine

4. With thicken telfron coated food chanel layer, can avoid the food stay within the food chanel, more effective and easy to clean up.

5. Condition is more uniform for stay items

automatic encrusting & filling machine
automatic encrusting & filling machine

As you can immediate the in depth environment from the shutter through the control panel, you can make realignment in the machine throughout manufacturing. combain with Jinghua patented 9pcs circular developing knife. can ensure the encrusted food with equal form and weight.

6. Use 5pcs United states of america leading brand name EMERSON fire frequency converter, Korea LG servo electric motor and PLC controller to ensure the machine steady operating and more successful production.

5. All recognize sensor come in Japan OMRON company, The .1ms fast detect velocity assure the high precision place.

6. A lot more delicate extrusion for supplies

Extrusion is much smoother than before. For example, products including Arancini, personal grain of rice continues to be intact, or Chocolate Scratch Biscuits, the chocolate chips will not be crushed or misshaped.

1) Confectionery Chocolate Scratch Cookies

The encrusting machine can create Chocolate Scratch Biscuits as much as 5,800 computers./h with all the bodyweight remaining continual. It creates biscuits without having crushing the chocolates

The encrusting machine is for satisfying Encrusting Forming and Stamping Machine

2) Ready Meals Arancini Production

3) Various meats with Egg cell Production

As expected, It is ideal for meat products. The key physique is easily stainless and washable metal parts are for sale to sanitary uses.

4) Scotch Egg cell Production

By using options such as the Solid Feeder, an whole egg can be encrusted into ground meat for products such as Scotch Eggs. Furthermore, solid substance could be encrusted with two kinds of substances.

5) Various meats Loaf Production

Intermittent encrusting work generates loaded bar shaped products. You may get numerous measures for goods by the broad irregular variety of -99 secs.

6) Fermented Money Production

Filled Buns Manufacturing, JH868 can also be great for elastic bread cash. Top quality items can be produced using the new agitator that generates less temperature.

7) Loaded Focaccia Creation

Maximum product bodyweight of The encrusting machine is 300g. A big Filled Focaccia can be produced because of it’s good performance.

Dual filling Encrusting Forming and Stamping Machine

8) Open Leading Pizza Production

By using the Open Top Shutter, the surface of the product remains visible. You can produce Open Best Pizza while keeping natural consistency in the ingredients.

Dual filling Encrusting Stamping and Forming Machine

9) Breads Stay Production

Manufacture of yeast raised club designed products, finger meals such as bread sticks, and also pretzels can be easily produced.

10) Steamed Oriental Meats Bun Production

Manufacture of Oriental Dim Sum such as Steamed Meats Buns, Tiny Steamed Buns and Crystal Dumpling can be created without any problems using the Style Leading Shutter Choice.

And More

1.There is certainly much less left over satisfying.

2.Installing and dismounting of parts is simpler.

3.10% much less and 30Per cent lighter elements when compared to previous product.

4.Simpler cleansing of elements.

5.Colour touchscreen display manage panel for great adjusting of adjusting and modification.

6.Better still merchandise shape and weight accuracy.

automatic encrusting machine and forming

automatic encrusting machine and filling machine
automatic encrusting machine and filling machine
This automatic encrusting machine will encrusting, filling and forming the dough layer.
Ant filling each individual food product into the cake, pizza,cookie…
The automatic encrusting machine is easy to installation
, maintain, operation and cleaning.
Filling stuff such as
 fruit jams, fruit paste and other types of liquid fillings can be used.
Changing different forming moulds will allow various products to be produced
Parts that are in contact with the product are made of food
sanitation and safety standard stainless plastic and steel.
Product Type can be making by encrusting machine
Maamoul and Cake, Pineapple Cake,Topfenknodel and Knoedel, Bread Sticks, Shortbread, Filled Pretzels,Knishes and Marzipan, Cookie Bar, FruitTamales and Bars, Twisted Donuts, Filled Donuts, Ginger Bread Cookies, Almond Cookie, Piroschki, Mochi Cake, Ice Box Cookie, Double Filled Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Open Top Mini Pizza,Coxinha and Arancini, Rice Croquette, Filled Burger Patties, Filled Beef Roll, Rasgulla, Germknodel, Kubba and Pyzy Steamed Bun, Chicken Kiev, Sweet Walnut Cookie, Striped Cookie, Cookie Twists, Dinner Roll, Stollen, Filled Bagel, Strietzel, Apple Strudel

Automatic encrusting machine and forming machine for food


automatic encrusting & filling machine
automatic encrusting & filling machine


1. Top quality tiny mammoul/moon food automatic encrusting machine with lowest value

2. Fully automated holder machine is suitable for food businesses of level production, automated discharging gear can steer clear of the destruction or contaminants yourself prior to the item is not cooked, and can reach foods personal hygiene specifications .

3. The Holder Organizing Machine is probably the backed machines of Maamoul, Mooncake or Bun&Pastry manufacturing line.

4. The machine is primarily found in construction lin e to arrange products into cooking containers.

5. It is actually placed on agreement of Maamoul, Moon Cake, Cookie, Pastry, Pumpkin Cake, Spouse Pie and Steamed Packed Bun.

Automatic encrusting machine video

Automatic encrusting machine Specifications:

Machine Aspect: L 1400x W 650 x H 1250mm

Machine Weight: 250Kg

Food Product weight: 10 ~ 150g

Capability: 10 ~ 40 personal computers/min

Electricity: 3 Period, 220V,.915KW

It’s lightweight and has three capabilities of dividing, forming and filling in just one process. The load of products, generating pace as well as the percentage of casing to filling up is changeable.

Encrusting machine could change attachments, like many kinds of optional tools for second molding.

Encrusting machine will make the food material with many different sticky and soft types.

It is actually totally secure to get controlled with little noise and extendedlasting functioning.

It can history individually the production info up to 100 different kinds of products by personal computer memory device.

It really is ideal for making Scotch Ovum, Chocolates Scratch Cookies, Mochi with Frozen Treats,Packed Stripe Biscuits, Barbecue Pastry Dessert , Floral Cupcakes, Packed Bagel, Pork Ball, Food Cake, Loaded Guacchi, Packed Biscuit, Sea food Golf ball, Piroschki, Seafood Paste, Coxinha, Maamoul and Kubba Packed Potato ,Rice-Flour Dumpling, Hamburg, Sultana Cracker, Treacle-food, Quenelle, Praline Marzipan, Dessert with Chocolates, Fresh fruits Pie, Little Taken, Flatten Packed Cupcakes and a lot more.

Automatic encrusting machine and stamping machine

This is new agent of Fhopepack, they are providing following solution:

Automatic encrusting machine and stamping machine with aligning machine which is a pun packing line for automatic food production.


You can have more information and consult ion available to help you making a right decision.


1.The thickness of the food can be adjusted from .8-1.8cm.

2.This type food with water ratio : 38%-50%

3.Automated spread method cooperates with assorted food.

4.The dough is sheeted again and again within the line of “S” from the Automated Money Page Machine, to boost the flexibility and original appeal in the food, such as bun, pizza.


automatic encrusting machine for pizza

We have been a up and down integrated adaptable packaging manufacturer with capacity to extrude film, engrave cylinders, print, laminate and convert movies into a huge selection of pouches and bags.
Automatic-Encrusting-Machine FOR PIZZA and cake
Automatic-Encrusting-Machine FOR PIZZA

Plastic bags can vary based on your product specification & processing machines, but our ongoing commitment to invest in supply chain distribution, manufacturing machinery and technology, is your best guarantee that your custom made products are produced at the highest level of quality, and on the most cost effective manner.

FP encrusting Packaging Corp is freshly formed and invested by way of a leading Asian food encrusting manufactuer of flexible packaging, Jin Plastic material Compound Shade Stamping Co Ltd. Our purpose is to provide a fast, high quality steady and cost efficient adaptable packaging products And solution to consumers who battle to reduce the packaging cost.

We are vertically integrated maker with capability to extrude movies, engrave cylinders, print, laminate and convert films in to a large variety of bags and pouches.

he EP BX is ideal for huge automatic encrusting machine and food production line packing of food goods such as confectionery, baked products, meat, vegetable and fruit cheese biscuits, cookies, crackers and wafers and candy in addition to lowfoods apps.

The box motion conclusion sealer is perfect for products which use fuller packaging need and films air flow tight (hermetic) closing (particularly when gas eliminating / modified ambiance pacaging (Guide) is required).


Designed with encrusting machine hygiene in mind

Strengthened safety features

Cantilever style infeed conveyor for quick cleaning and uncomplicated maintenance.

Auto film nourish roller placing and new film pressure manage method guarantees steady film foldable.

New style finish sealer process for high dependability closes and extended service existence. Functions easyclear conclusion sealer (with devicetotally free cutter transform and retracting release belt).New design wheel type center sealer

with quick temperature response allows for a broader selection of movies to be used using the machine.

15- color touch-screen manage panel. Twin display exhibit readily available for multiplemonitoring and control.

Automatic encrusting machine for cookie multi


Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
So do you have some favorite ethnic foods you’d never know about if you didn’t work for ENCRUSTING MACHINE? Do you get to try each one of these issues?A:

Completely. I love little pizza the very best. If you go to drugstores and see those mini bagels, that’s made on our Open Top Shutter. You depart the top of the item wide open so you begin to see the filing. I enjoy that kind of things. 

Men and women will provide us with a call and describe their goods, and maybe send out us a sample. There exists a research laboratory in New Jersey and in Irvine, Calif., in which we invite people into our labs to evaluate our equipment. People deliver their ingredients, we ask them in, do our formulas and make the product. 

A: What’s the performance increase you’d get with a automatic encrusting machine, as opposed to collapsable pastry by hand?B:

Making a couple hundred pieces per day, they really don’t need a machine, if somebody starts out doing it by hand. However, when they start getting a customers exactly where folks want their product over a mass scale, they need some devices. There exists a level in which you just can’t put adequate people there to meet desire. 

A: What’s the top velocity of a auto encrusting machine?B:

That actually is dimensionsdependent. If somebody wants a 1-ounce cookie with filling, it would be X, but a 3-ounce cookie would be Y, based on speed of the machine. Our Multi Confectioner are capable of doing between 110,000 and 150,000 cupcakes an hour or so. That’s developing the dough, cutting and shaping. With pizzas crusts, it all depends in the size. That can be done a 5-inch personal pizzas as much as those enormous types you obtain at Costco or Sam’s. Dimensions does issue.

Automatic encrusting machine for croissants, danish, puff pastry

Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
How do I utilize a encrusting machine? Only to drop my dough in machine?                    Sale:Usually the dough is combined within a stand mixer, plus it would go into the hoppers in our automatic encrusting machine or right into a trough, and after that could be wear a dumped and hoist into our machine. Or they could have constantsupply conveyors going into our hoppers.Wetake care of the money carefully; we’re not straining the cash out. You don’t must add more chemicals to make it more powerful because we’re not harming the dough. We had been the pioneers in the research into rheology, and devices based on that approach. That’s right behind the title encrusting. Rheology is the movement and flow of product, the viscosity of it, how it’s dealt with.Ourmethod doesn’t problems the gluten structure. Using a anxietyfree of charge method, and our tension reducing heads, use a finer cash sheet, therefore the normal water will be able to combine the gluten. The water is not able to migrate in there and make ice crystals if you’re going to freeze something. It binds this type of water, which means you get much more whatever we contactyour oven jump.”

All these products are able to use our V4 money feeder. Whether or not it would be a pizza line, a croissant line, or even a a loaf of bread line, we alway try to start off those with our V4 feeder.

What does a machine do? Could I get one if I wanted?      Sale: Wecan have a significant worldwide business, the large multinational manufacturers, all the way down to your tiny mom and pop who begin out of their garage or their kitchen area. It depends upon the item.In Germany,

we have gear which makes a kn? del, a potato tennis ball. In other countries, we can make a tamale, or perhaps a loaded trendy cookie. It may be confectionery, racial food items; it will make Italian arancini, it will make pierogi. We make a bit of devices which is a singlehead machine, which smaller sized customers would use, and it also goes all the way approximately multi-heads, 10 to 20 heads generating at 20 times the pace.On our

herb side, you are able to generate ten thousand to 15,000 lbs of products one hour. This will depend on the kind of merchandise. We split it down into breads lines and fairly sweet items, which are things such as croissants, danish, puff pastry. The croissants are instantly designed. We also have independent lines who do nothing but pizzas. Usually you’d possess a base machine, like our KN500, and after that a make-up kitchen table exactly where various options could be additional, like croissant cutters, a guillotine to reduce anything, something to fold it more than, down payment filling then collapse it.

Are you able to make stuffed crust pizza having a machine?


Right here, we consider it an “insideoutdoors pizza.” You can have filling inside the crust – whether the crust goes around the outside. Alternatively, it may be the whole crust itself. You have meats or dairy products within it, and also you assemble it high on leading. You would probably use our encrusting machine for that. It features a nozzle plus an outside diamond ring that will give you a specific size crust. The nozzle in the middle will give you some satisfying. That’s called co-extrusion. Alternatively, encrusting.

You might do a calzone, you could do a Very hot Pocket, you could conduct a pierogi, a kn? del, loaded biscuits, there’s a lot of stuff you could do. We create a product in El and Guatemala Salvador known as a pupusa, which is actually a flour tortilla cash, stuffed with beans and flattened and fried at home. In Brazil, we produce a coxinha [a poultry croquette], which has a mashed potato casing, with chicken, spices and cilantro inside, and it’s breaded and fried. It comes out being a teardrop or a drumstick. It’s a very popular item in Brazil; it’s in each and every bar and appetizer menus. In the UK, we make something that includes a complete hardboiled egg cell in a pork casing, a Scotch egg cell.

Automatic encrusting machine for cake

Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
Homemade Empanadas, Chinese dumplings and also the deliciousness that is the fried risotto golf ball are common wonderful . However when stuffing by hand will become tiresome.There are Automatic encrusting machine help you to easy the job.

The auto encruster machine make treat foods all over the world both for factory and family. In factories properties of huge worldwide foods businesses and in pop and mom bakeries in tiny local neighborhoods. PopSci talked with Jon Thompson, national sales director for Rheon in the Usa, about machine-handled cash, filled-crust pizza as well as something known as a coxinha.

The company builds monster cookie dispensers, filled-crust-pizzas extruders, automatic croissant folders, pastry guillotines and a lot more, and contains equipment in 112 places. It’s generally recognized for its encrusting machines, which do exactly what it really looks like ?a envelop tasty meat or cheeses in a shell, perhaps made of potato, pastry or meats. then and once simply click with each other to squeeze it out an outer casing and an interior nozzle extrude two goods at . It’s finest understood by finding it in action:

You can get rolls, balls, buns, logs, croissants and twists pizzasgenerally any shape of refined food you would like. encrusting machines are all highly customized, but they universally spew foods at a breakneck pace: 90 items each minute for that well-known  “Cornucopia” design, 24,000 mini Scotch eggs per hour in the 4-Row Encrusting Machine, etc. customers incorporate little bakeries approximately the biggest meals makers on the planet – your Nabiscos, your Nestles, and so on. He also wouldn’t say who its customers aren’t, even though thompson wouldn’t divulge the company’s customers.