automatic coiler for pipe and hose

automatic coiler



The leading manufacturer of the pipe coiler, automatic coiler in China.


Fhope automatic coiler designed for different pipe and hose reel which using for all kinds of plastic pipes and hoses length counting and coil making with the automatic or semi-automatic mode.


It looks interesting to us. In order to look into the buying possibility, please let me know the following:


–      complete specifications

–      the space required

–      operation details

–      and CIF price on ICD  basis.


Automatic coiler for Hose and pipe

Automatic coiler

Fhope packing provides the automatic hose coiler.


Shanghai Fhope Machinery Co..,Ltd, one of the main Manufacturers of automatic coiler coil wrapping, strapping and coiling mahcines in China.

I have been talking with your colleague Mrinalini about the automatic coiling and packing line.

Unfortunately, she is no longer to work with Gates anymore. And she gave me your contact and told me that you are in charge of this project.


Below are the video links. (automatic hose coiler) (coiling and shrink packing line) (coiling and stretch wrapping machine)

We want to know what is your required type and the specific requirement of the machine as well as information of your packing products.

Any queston, please contact me by e-mail or whatsapp.


Just to confirm the questions we discussed:
  1. We would like the coil width to have a range from 40 to 100 mm. Is this possible? If not, what is the width range?
  2. The ID of the coil should change to 85 mm.
  3. Do you recommend going with the Japanese strapping head for the highest success rate and fastest strapping?
  4. If we decide not to strap, is there a machine that is part of the winder that will wrap the coil horizontally around the outside of coil? If yes, do you have a video and cost?
  5. Please confirm and add in quote that we will be able to strap at least 2 coils per minute.
  6. Can you add a simple accumulator so that when we run online with an extruder at 70 meters per minute that the pipe doesn’t fall on the floor?
  7. Can you update the quote to show these changes?

Automatic hose coiling machine for hydraulic hose

To give you a background about our company and why we are looking at automatic coiling and packing machines; We are a hydraulic and industrial hose & fittings importer and wholesaler.

The hose we would mainly be using the machine for is hydraulic rubber hose reinforced with 1 – 6 high tensile steel wires, with the most common sizes ranging in OD from 13.00mm to approx. 50.00mm.

Our hose is imported in random lengths and we are looking to store the hose on dispensing racks and coil the hose off the dispensing racks to our customers requirement.

One example of a dispensing rack is as below.


Based on you table, I have selected a range of hoses we would be dispensing – however there are a much larger range of hoses to dispense;

Hose No. Hose OD Wall thickness How many meter per coil Hose coil OD Hose coil ID Hose coil width Coiling Speed
1  13.00mm  3.50 – 5.00  10 – 100+  250-300mm  100-200mm N/A – can be manual with a handle
2  35.3 – 38.30mm     5.00 – 7.00     10 – 80+  300-500mm  200-300mm N/A – can be manual with a handle
3  +- 70mm  8-10mm  3 – 20  700-1100mm  300mm + N/A – can be manual with a handle. May need to be separate equipment


Trust this all makes sense – look forward to your response.


Coil strapping machine with coiling equipment


Automatic Coiler and wrapping machine component list

Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
自动管材收卷机材料定额  orbital stretch wrapper with part list
产品型号: SBC GW300 文件编号:CL-11-S-47 版本: 试制A
序号 元件代号 名称 型号规格/描述 数量 单位 厂商 到货日期 备注
1 PLC PLC 6ES7214-1BD23-0XB8 1 西门子
2 EM223 扩展模块 6ES7223-1PM22-0XA8 1 西门子
3 模拟量输出模块 6ES7232-0HB22-0XA8 1 西门子
4 HMI 触摸屏 Smart 700 1 西门子
5 MPI 电缆 6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0 1 西门子
6 VFD1 变频器 MM420 750W 1 西门子
7 VFD2 变频器 MM420 550W 1 西门子
8 PH 光电开关 BJ300-DDT 10 Autonics 实际用4个,其他作库存,常用传感器。
9 BMQ 编码器 E6B2-CWZ6C  2m 1 欧姆龙
10 侧护辊接近开关 超长感应距离,30-50mm 3 科瑞 正在索取资料 型号待定
11 SQ4、SQ5 接近开关 PRL18-8DN 2 Autonics
12 SQ6 接近开关 PRL12-4DN 6 Autonics
13 PD 开关电源 S-240-24 DC24V  10A 1 欧姆龙
14 QF1 微型断路器 C65N 3P D20A 1 施耐德
15 QF2 微型断路器 C65N 2P D10A 1 施耐德
16 FU1~FU4 熔断器座 RT18-32-1P 3 乐清铭熔
17 熔芯 RT14-20-10A 1 乐清铭熔
18 熔芯 RT14-20-2A 2 乐清铭熔
19 熔芯 RT14-20-4A 1 乐清铭熔
20 QS 万能转换开关 GLD11-25A 1 乐清格力
21 SB0 蘑菇头急停按钮 ZB2-BS54C 3 施耐德
22 SB0 按钮安装底座带常闭触点 ZB2-BZ102C 3 施耐德
23 SA1、SA3 转换开关 ZB2-BD3C 3 施耐德
24 SA1~SA3 按钮常开触点 ZB2-BE101C 3 施耐德
25 SB1 按钮(红) ZB2-BW34C 1 施耐德
26 SB2~SB7 按钮(绿) ZB2-BW33C 6 施耐德
27 SB1~SB7,SA1~SA3 按钮安装底座带常开触点 ZB2-BZ101C 10 施耐德
28 HL1~3 三色灯 LTA-205T 1 乐清南洲
29 KM1~KM14 交流接触器 LC1-D0610M7N 12 施耐德
30 FR1~FR14 热过载继电器 LRD-16KN 12 施耐德
31 KM1~KM14 接触器触点模块 LAD-N11C(正装1开1闭) 12 施耐德
32 C1-C6 磁性开关 6 压德客
33 KV1 电磁阀 4V230C-08-AC220 1 压德客
34 KV2 电磁阀 4V230C-08-AC220 双电控 4 压德客
35 风扇组合 DP-12025AT 6 SUNNON
36 气源调理组合 BFC2000 2 压德客
37 电控箱 标准特大 1 白色
38 面板 见图 1 已订做,注意到货时间。
39 导线等安装辅料 1

automatic hose coiler and strapping machine in Fhopepack

automatic coiler and strapping mcahine
hose coiling machine and coiler


More information:

Technical details for CO-200

AUTOMATIC tube COILING & strapping machinery


automatic pipe coiling machine

This tube coiling & strapping machinery is an automatic packing line. It composed of tube coiling and strapping system for continuing packaging.



1)  Application:

The automatic tube coiling& strapping machinery all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.


The JLPACK provides packaging solutions for the tube industry. Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products that address problems like loose, irregular packaging. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.



Automatic coiling machine and coiler

Automatic coiler for hose and pipe
Automatic coiler for hose and pipe

more information:


1)      单个铜管规格:

Copper Tube OD nominal (mm) wall thickness (mm)
Min 4.00 0.50
Max 8.00 0.70

Note: The above details of minimum OD and minimum thickness of covers our maximum/complete volume but sometime we may need to do the coiling of below mentioned sizes, for which volume may be very less, so the winding machine should also have the provision of below sizes:

OD x Thickness

8.00 x 1.00

10.00 x 0.70

10.00 x 1.00


1.    Coil ID – 800mm

2.    Coil OD – Max 1050mm

3.    Coil Length – Max 5000 mtr (Tube size 4.00mm ~ 4.76mm)

4.    Coil Length – Max 2100 mtr (Tube size above 4.76mm ~8.00mm)

5.    Coil height – It will depend on coil length

Our capacity is around 4 million meter tube per month.


Hose coiler