Highly-efficient Automated Pallet Wrapping Machine

The lowest price machine in our tmd-p26b range. The objective is to provide a machine that will increase productivity and quality / safety of the load, but at the budgeted price. Package settings and speed on the p26b are all pre-set levels, but for most customers will find satisfaction. If you need more control over the amount of membrane machine applicable to pallets, we would recommend exp-403 or exp-303. With a membrane mount opposite the control panel that allows the smallest possible footprint, the exp-403 is our brand new entry-level high-end machine. Although the price is low, the operator fully controls how many sets of packaging are placed at the top and bottom of the tray, allowing you to fully control how much film is used on the tray, which will remind you of a higher cost machine. Excellent architectural quality, durability and user friendliness. The exp-403 will be one of our biggest sales machines, and tmd-p26p is loosely based on our old but successful exp-106. The manufacturer has updated the machine to meet current H and S requirements and has created a budget package that can still provide low film usage and high quality load stability. The p26p is still using many of the same parts as our semi automated machine like factories.The new exp-133 is our top semi automation machine with industry-leading programmability. It features 5 separate packaging procedures, password protection, to ensure that you apply each of the maximum security and minimum cost of each pallet to the exact amount of film. So advanced, you can even set the degree of tension at different stages of the cycle; an excellent feature for unstable loads or sharp corners. Nevertheless, the machine is still very easy to program.

Highly-efficient Automated Pallet Wrapping MachineĀ