Aluminum Profile stretch wrapping machine

Aluminum packing machine

Aluminum Profile stretch wrapping machine 

Supply list

No. Items quantity
1 orbital Wrapping machine 1set for each
2 Protection structure 1set for each
3 Electrical cabinet, guardrail etc. 1set for each
4 Program Control system 1set for each
5 Manual & spare parts 1set for each


Aluminum packing machine automatic line solution

As a manufacturer, we are capable provide the solution per your need.

And we had provided similar aluminum profile packing  machine equipment too.

The aluminum profiles which are extruded in a length of around 140 to 200 feet are being transferred on a roller conveyor which moves the profiles towards the cutting machine. The width of the roller conveyor is 1.0 to 1.2 meters, which means around 40 – 60 profiles moves together on roller conveyor. This material gets cut in a standard length of 12 to 20 feet as per customers’ requirement. After cutting, these profiles need to be inspected for any physical damage / defects / quality issues.

——I think you already have this kind of machine. We don’t have aluminum cutting machine.

After inspection, these profiles are taken out from the main roller conveyor bed by using transfer conveyor, which is required so that the main roller conveyor line work should not get stopped.
—–Can you make a roughly draw about cutting to transfer conveyor

People standing on both the sides of roller conveyor, fix the profiles and arrange in bundle form of around 20 – 25 kgs. Normally, workers know how many pieces are required to be packed for a particular profile. After packing & tying the bundles with rayon cord, the bundles are transferred into the baskets along with spacers. The idea of putting spacer is to avoid any scratches due to physical contact / rubbing of bundles each other. Once the baskets are filled with the material, they move for the next process.
For the entire above process after cutting till the bundles are loaded into the baskets, we want automatic systems so that we can minimize manpower and improve efficiency of working. spacer feeder+film covering+wrapping manually feeding+sub-bundel strapping+wrapping+big bundel making+wrapping.

“fix the profiles and arrange in bundle form of around 20 – 25 kgs”

—–Please let me have the size of the bundle: WxH

Aluminum profile packaging line and strapping machine

Dear Sir,

First of all thank you for kind reply.

Our profile sizes are as following;

Length : between 1500mm-7000mm
Width : between 20mm-250mm
Height : between 20mm-150mm
Pieces for one package : Changeable

P.S:Above sizes are for approximately one profile.(Not for one package with more than one profile.)

We are most interested with third. ( automatic Profile banding&bundle making – )

I’d like to ask you if that third one making packaging from beginning to the end ?
I mean , wrapping and strapping aluminum profile bundle machine.

Automatic aluminum strapping and packing mchine

Aluminum profile packaging line automatic


In my aluminum packing line,The “printer” (machine n°1) is for marking pieces so the stacking system should accumulate from 10 to 30 or even more pieces to complete 1.4m of width, which is the same width of our racking boxes. In the case of the packing machines (manual n°2 and automatic n°3) the stacking system should accumulate from 7 to 14 packages to complete 1.4m width as we use the same racking boxes to store the packaged material than we use to store the printed pieces or the non printed pieces. You should keep in mind that our pieces go from 1 to 15 kg per piece and we package the pieces in a quantity correct to make packages from 20 to 30 kg per aluminum profile package. Hope this explanation helps you. Please check previous email were dimensions were informed.

Project progress for the aluminum orbital stretch wrapper

Aluminum packing machine and stretch wrapper
Aluminum packing machine and stretch wrapper

Our engineers suggest digging these trenches for wiring as the drawing shows. Because there are lots of wires and air pipes for this aluminum packing line. You also can take the pics I sent you for reference. Without these trenches, these wires and pipes will be on the ground. It is neither safe for operation nor looks nice. It may also affect the installation of the machine.


We are in the process of marking out and commencing works on pits. I have gone over the drawings and noticed that some of these trenches are for wiring. I was wandering if we could avoid doing the trenches for the cabling and install all wiring on top of concrete in cable tray with cover.

This would avoid a lot of work on my side as the site has concrete hard stand already.

automatic steel tube bundle packing line
automatic steel tube bundle packing line and strapping machine

Our production manager suggests you come to inspect the packing line after May Day Holiday. What do you think? We are sorry for the delay.

FYI, we are going to have three-day holiday (30th/4-2nd/5) here in China.

Our electrical engineer has been testing the packing line this week, and he suggests making some mechanical modifications on it to optimize machine’s performance. These modifications and a new testing phase will cost about 10 days. What is more, the master orbital wrapper with sealing station will be ready for testing at the end of next week. If all is ok, I will take a testing video of this orbital stretch wrapper machine around 25th for your reference. When you come after May Day Holiday, you can inspect both machines at the same time.

Please let us know your plan ahead once you finalize your trip.

aluminum profile wrapping machine

aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine


Fhopepack providing automatic aluminum profile packing machine for your aluminum package.

You can find more information following:


There are packing material for aluminum packing also.Usually it is stretch film, PE film… for protecting the surface of the aluminum profile.


This is a aluminum profile wrapping machine, it helps your improving the profile ans section packaging speed. It upto 20m/min, which higher more than manually work.

1, Motor drive for the conveyor and wrapping ring with manual air valve control or PLC programcontrol .
2, Semiauto on,emergency stop & start,  forward-out or manual discharging.
3, Esy installation, easy move with diesel engine for power.
4, Wrapping tension force is good.

5, 24 Hours  running
6, machine can be customized according different size of aluminum.


aluminum packing machine Not Necessarily A Miraculous spell

A stretch-wrapping machine includes revolving ring having a packing material dispenser fitted on it. The ring revolves about a horizontal axis to distribute the stretch wrap material all around a load that is certainly supported by a forklift. The rotating band is installed on a keep track of which allows the engagement ring traveling back and forth in a path perpendicular on the ring. This allows the machine to wrap any weight that suits in the diamond ring. As a result the length and the excess weight from the weight will not restrict the wrapping capacity for the machine.

This innovation refers to a product packaging method and machine and is also particularly linked to a machine and method for wrapping one or more items on a pallet using a product packaging wrap material for delivery and safe-keeping.

History In The Creation

A lot of wrapping methods happen to be utilized to tightly wrap a lot fortransportation and storage, and stabilization. Among the strategies used requires a stretch wrapping machine, which wraps a packaging material, like a stretch wrap, round the stress. These appliances appear in a variety of configurations such as both automatic and manual products. Picking a proper machine normally is determined by cost and application.

aluminum packing machine Will No Longer Be A Experience of the unknown

Sealing Basic principle:

Induction securing is a low-make contact with home heating approach, the composite level of aluminum foil gasket attaching it about the pot, this excellent securing approach a variety of supplies could be used to archive the contents of the pot, to ensure the starting of the pot to become multi-level composite aluminum foil close, good oxygen tightness, problem-proof, anti–counterfeiting, to further improve importance-extra goods.

We, Likai are a expert maker and exporter of Induction Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine and Capping Machine set up in 2000. After a lot of years’ downs and ups, Likai now becomes one of the main producers in Taiwan. We certainly have been emphasized high quality and definately will never quit boosting our items.

Our main merchandise is involving: Complete Automated Alu. Foil Induction Closing Machine of LK-400 serial, Semi Automatic Induction Alu. Foil Securing Machine of LK-700 and Capping machine serial that are extensively applied in food, chemical, beverage and pharmaceutical businesses and many others. We have now our very own factory; hence we can manage our good quality firmly and give the competitive prices.

Quality and Service are getting to be a primary concerns for Likai to worldwide customers’ needs. We have been in a position to satisfy long term aggressive challenges and keep on being a reliable producer of certain quality and value.

Magnetic induction securing is actually a non-make contact with securing operation. The containers to be enclosed are given by way of a conveyor. Once the bottles reach the electro-magnetic area, they are magnetized through an electro-magnet induction outcome. The aluminum foil is easily warmed up to the preferred temperatures. This content of your bottles is not caused with the electro magnetic industry, but the heating close off film with aluminum foil connected around the cover (like Approved by the fda immperseal) is induced by electro magnetic area. As soon as the aluminum foil is heated by the induction coil, the temperature will then be moved to the temperature, close film, which quickly reaches the melting level, and will become an adhesive to link the cover foil and bottle.

aluminum packing machine Not Any Longer A Sense of the nameless

new technological innovation aluminum foil packaging machine


The top manufacturing potential cast film extrusion line can cast EVA, PE, PP and PEVA TPU motion pictures which can be commonly used for cleanliness, health care and packaging software. Cast film machine possess some benefits in comparison with blown film machine.


1) Hygieneproducts: sanitary napkin, lady pad, infant baby diaper, medical surgical gown, dog cushioning, throw away underpad and etc.

2) Everyday requirements: tablecloth, umbrella and raincoat european design suit deal with,glove and apron, bathtub curtain, bath tub head wear and and so on.

3) Product packaging: computer cover, electric powered home appliance cover, shoes or boots protect, beauty soft package, buying case, present handbag, document directory, submit protect and and so forth.

Practical details:


Screw Diameter

Screw L/D rate

T Expire Width

Film Thickness

Film Thickness

Liner Rate


90mm36: 11250mm1000mm.02-.3mm30-80m/min


110mm36: 11900mm1600mm.02-.3mm30-80m/minutes

Aluminum wrapping machine

120mm36: 12300mm2000mm.02-.3mm30-80m/minutes

Aluminum packaging line

135mm36: 12600mm2300mm.02-.3mm30-80m/min

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