Automatic aluminum profile packing line

Good day.
We had suppied a similar machine per your need.
“The packing line must contains profile strapping machine, bundle stacker, master bundle stretch wrapper, taping machine, weighing system. ”
This is the automatic aluminum profile packing solution including, small bundle strapping, bundle stacker, master bundle wrapper.

For taping machine: i ‘d like to know, tapping for what? for the packing of the master bundle?

Weighing system: it is OK.

Before offering a quotation, i’d like to know following information.

1. Min.&Max. Size of the profile(small bundle): LxWxH
2. Min.&Max. Size of the bundle(master bundle): LxWxH

If possible, please provide the roughly drawing shows your aluminum profile packaging process and packaging goal.

It will help us a lot to understanding your need.


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper for aluminum packing

Aluminum profile packaging line and strapping machine

Dear Sir,

First of all thank you for kind reply.

Our profile sizes are as following;

Length : between 1500mm-7000mm
Width : between 20mm-250mm
Height : between 20mm-150mm
Pieces for one package : Changeable

P.S:Above sizes are for approximately one profile.(Not for one package with more than one profile.)

We are most interested with third. ( automatic Profile banding&bundle making – )

I’d like to ask you if that third one making packaging from beginning to the end ?
I mean , wrapping and strapping aluminum profile bundle machine.

Automatic aluminum strapping and packing mchine

Automatic aluminum packaging line and strapping machine

The aluminum profile packing line in video includes following parts:

1. Sub-bundle strapping by film.
a. What is the shape of the aluminum profiles
b. What is the size of the Aluminum profile or sub-bunlde of profiles
Package No. Width Height Length Weight

2. Sub-bundle wrapping machine
a. What is the packing material for wrapping?
3. Big Bundle making machine
a. What is the bundle size
Bundle No. Width Height Length Weight

4. Big Bundle wrapping machine

Besides, we’d like to know what is your packing speed requirement roughly. How many pcs sub-bundle need to be packing per hour.

Waiting for your reply.


Automatic strapping machine for ingots pallet packing

hanks for your email.

We at our factory have machine which prepares the bundles after casting. We are looking forward to mechanized solution of strapping.
We need a small say 1.5 Meter roller table at the same height as our bundling machine, there after we need a mechanized strapping machine.

Following are the details

Ingot size – Width 95mm (+/- 5), Length 555.75 mm (+/- 5), Height 47 mm (+/- 5)

Ingot weight 28 (+/- 4 ) Kg

Bundle – 6 Ingots in each layer and for some customers its 6 layers in a bundle and for some 5 layers in a bundle.

Rate of Production – Maximum 18 Bundles per hour

Hope this information is enough for you to propose some solution

Dear Mr.Singh,

Glad to reveive your inquiry.

As a manufacturer for automatic PET strapping machine we got solution for ingots packing.

Before offering a solution, i’d like to know following information.
1. the size your your ingots pallet and Max.Weight?
2. What is the packing speed requirement, how many pallet per hour?

I will sharing the video later.


Automatic Ingots strapping machine, automatic PET strapping machine
Automatic PET strapping machine designing for aluminum ingots pallet strapping, which connected to the aluminum ingots stacking machine. There is PET roll stacking and feeding device with automatic strapping head.

The customized solution is available for different size and strapping requirement.

Our professional team specializes in high speed handling systems connected to your production line, such as steel coil, steel tube, wooden, sheet and pallet… Our automatic strapping packaging systems are flexible and can different kinds of strapping and handling. 


Aluminum profile spiral stretch wrapper and packing solution

We are providing following solution for customer need.


1. 1 x complete packing line for wrapping and packing mill-finish and surface treated
aluminium profiles with lengths 2000-8000mm.
2. 1 x complete aluminum packing line for wrapping and packing mill-finish and surface treated
aluminium profiles with lengths 2000-14000m.
3. Features:-
a. Profile envelope 350mm wide x 200mm high.
b. Weight of profiles max. 15 kg/m.
c. Capable of managing at least 35 tons of profiles per day (over the 2 lines).
d. For simplicity, assume 60% is spiral wrapped and all is packed as
commercial bundle (wood base board and outer strapping). Assume the
remaining is masterpack (no spiral wrap but with cardboard outer box on
wood base board or wood crate, paper layers/interleaving and outer
e. Batching table (8/14m profiles) in-feed side and transfer to roller in-feed.
End strapping to hold profiles together before spiral wrapping assumed to
be made by hand on batching table.
f. Spiral wrap machine on each aluminum packing line. For paper or plastic rolls. Auto centering
on in-feed side.


aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine

2) Aluminum wrapping machine

aluminum wrapping machine

automatica copper coil strapping machine

Fhopepack providing automatic coil strapping system for copper coil, steel coil, aluminum coil by PET and steel belt. It designed with turning table for 3 or 4 straps packaging which is able online strapping and wrapping.


There are different solution both semiauto and automatic handling way to do no man operation.


The strapping system including hydraulic station, PLC and HMI program control.


The technical team developed and bring a coil delivery device to coil which is a complex process for packaging that figuring out the coil manufacturing process.You can selecting the right packaging strapping solution to ensure coil coil well protected. It is protect and remain correctly positioned for strapping.