Automatic aluminum profile packing line

Good day.
We had suppied a similar machine per your need.
“The packing line must contains profile strapping machine, bundle stacker, master bundle stretch wrapper, taping machine, weighing system. ”
This is the automatic aluminum profile packing solution including, small bundle strapping, bundle stacker, master bundle wrapper.

For taping machine: i ‘d like to know, tapping for what? for the packing of the master bundle?

Weighing system: it is OK.

Before offering a quotation, i’d like to know following information.

1. Min.&Max. Size of the profile(small bundle): LxWxH
2. Min.&Max. Size of the bundle(master bundle): LxWxH

If possible, please provide the roughly drawing shows your aluminum profile packaging process and packaging goal.

It will help us a lot to understanding your need.


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper for aluminum packing

aluminum proflie and section automatic packing machine


We did not make it to China yet.

Automatic aluminum profile Paper Puller.
I noticed that the automatic paper/foil sheet feeder is not included in your offer. This provides the pre-cut paper for the aluminum bundles. You can see this on my Concept drawings called “Paper puller”. Can you provide this – price for 8m and price for 14m? I have specified 800mm wide, but 600mm is acceptable.

For the 8000mm line I am considering one at the infeed side for spiral wrap and one at the outfeed side for box work. See Concept 2A.
For the 14000mm line I am considering one at the infeed side for spiral wrap and one at the outfeed side for box work. See Concept 3A. Please note that I changed this to a 14m length paper puller.

End taping aluminum packing machine.
Also, do you have a aluminum tape machine for taping the ends of the spiral bundles immediately after spiral wrap. This keeps the end of the profiles tidy and stops the wrap from becoming loose.

Please provide updated quotation for the revised Concepts 2A and 3A.

orbital stretch wrapping machine for steel tube and aluminum profile


Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load
Orbital stretch wrapper for heavy load


Advantage: 1.The orbital stretch wrapper machine can be special design to fit product A and B. (one machine fit all to save cost) for aluminum profile and steel tube …

2. A cylinder push device is optional which is suitable unloading the 300kg wire. (Because of 300kg is difficult to move by manual)

3. The orbital machine can be embedding into ground for keep working position same horizontal with ground surface. (In such way, the loading and unloading is easily)


Packing Material:


Goffered paper/VCI                                              Knit belt

 Aluminum profile packing machine with heavy load conveyor is high speed packing equipment

Special design for LLPDE film+Knitbelt/Goffered paper also available.—two material wrapping at once.