Aluminum profile packing machine with horizontal stretch wrapper

Since we need these parts very badly, we are going to bring them by courier. In order to apply for courier delivery, the value must be less than U$ 1,000, so, we are going to remove two guide wheels from the order. (19 instead of 21; total amount to be 992, instead of 1,048).

Other issue we need to solve (it happened already on the last order) is that the Bank account company name must match exactly the name of the selling Company, so you need to modify one of them

Thanks and please send us the new Proforma with modifications as soon as possible.

We produce the full line machines for stator and armature manufacturing, such as needle winding machine, armature winding machine, slot paper inserting machine, commutator hotstacking machine, commutator turning machine, coil winding machine, stator winding machine, coil inserting machine, forming machine, lacing machine, etc.

Apart from the horizontal stretch wrapper machinery, we also supply motor components, such as commutator, ball bearing, magnet, thermal protecter, insulation paper, sleeves, etc.

We directly and indirectly supply our machines to more than 50 countries, We sincerely wish there is a chance to be of service, make your work easier and reduce your cost!

Automatic aluminum packaging line and strapping machine

The aluminum profile packing line in video includes following parts:

1. Sub-bundle strapping by film.
a. What is the shape of the aluminum profiles
b. What is the size of the Aluminum profile or sub-bunlde of profiles
Package No. Width Height Length Weight

2. Sub-bundle wrapping machine
a. What is the packing material for wrapping?
3. Big Bundle making machine
a. What is the bundle size
Bundle No. Width Height Length Weight

4. Big Bundle wrapping machine

Besides, we’d like to know what is your packing speed requirement roughly. How many pcs sub-bundle need to be packing per hour.

Waiting for your reply.


aluminum proflie and section automatic packing machine


We did not make it to China yet.

Automatic aluminum profile Paper Puller.
I noticed that the automatic paper/foil sheet feeder is not included in your offer. This provides the pre-cut paper for the aluminum bundles. You can see this on my Concept drawings called “Paper puller”. Can you provide this – price for 8m and price for 14m? I have specified 800mm wide, but 600mm is acceptable.

For the 8000mm line I am considering one at the infeed side for spiral wrap and one at the outfeed side for box work. See Concept 2A.
For the 14000mm line I am considering one at the infeed side for spiral wrap and one at the outfeed side for box work. See Concept 3A. Please note that I changed this to a 14m length paper puller.

End taping aluminum packing machine.
Also, do you have a aluminum tape machine for taping the ends of the spiral bundles immediately after spiral wrap. This keeps the end of the profiles tidy and stops the wrap from becoming loose.

Please provide updated quotation for the revised Concepts 2A and 3A.

automatic aluminum profile stacking packing machine


No.1 Machine (printer)


Transfer belt   Infeeding & outfeeding table   Printer       Stacking machine                Out feeding table for big bundle


No. 2 Machine  (manual packaging)




aper Puller       Free roller table           Stacking machine           Stretch film machine         Out-feeding table


Question: Paper puller along this machine (adjusted to use 2 polyethylene film of 620mm width and 30 to 60 um thick)

1. Do you mean paper puller both working for paper and PE film. What is the paper width?  1400mm?

2. What is 2 PE film for? Can you show me the pictures or video?

3. Where is the paper/PE film? It is place above each layer of aluminum profile?


Two stretch film strapping to be localted one of them at 1m at the left of the center of the table and the other 1m at the right.

For catching this goal, we will choose one film strapping machine which is able strapping the bundle according the position seeting.


No.3 Machine (automated wrapping)


Queations:  Where is the position of the automatic wrapping machine?

Aluminum profile packaging system

Hope this email finds you well.
Have you watched these machine working videos I sent in my last email? Are you ok with the machine running? Any comments will be much appreciated. If you have any concerns or special requirements about the machine with stretch film,  please let us know. We are able to modify it accordingly. As long as it is according to our contract, we won’t take any charges.
We have tested them for weeks and made some necessary modifications on the aluminum profile packing line and orbital wrapper, so we can ensure that these equipment will run properly at your facility with the help of our engineers after installation. Please do not worry. Honestly, we have been in this line over 18 years, all equipment produced by us at clients’ facilities are working well. What if there is any problem, our after-sales department will handle it well as early as possible by assisting technical support or sending our engineer.
As this aluminum packing line and orbital wrapper belong to customized, our boss doesn’t agree to change the payment terms. Normally, we get full payment before delivery. On this case, I tried my best to apply to our boss for keeping rest 10% after installation and commissioning for both wrapping machines last year. Now please follow the payment terms on the contract and let me know your arrangement. Thank you very much for your understanding and kind support. We warmly welcome you to come inspect the profile equipment again if possible.
Stretch film Packing material for aluminum profile wrapping

aluminum profile packaging line and solution   aluminum wrapping machine

Please inform regarding the speed of the machine and approximate time to customize the machine.

——Normally, it need extra 5 days for your solutoin.

Also, please clarify the size of the machine >> 20 m ( length ) x 1500 ( width ) :

– 1500 refer to 1500 m or 1500 cm ( 1.5 m )?

——20m length x1.5m



As a manufacutrer, we got rich experience in pipe packaging.

1. Stretch wrapping machine

Following information required for stretch wrapping solution:

Pipe bunle No. Bundle OD Length Weight

2. Bundling machine

Following information required for stretch wrapping solution:

Pipe No. OD Length Extruder speed
(how many meter per min)
how many pcs per bundle Bundle Weight

I’d like to know what machine interest the most, or both.