Aluminum Profile stretch wrapping machine

Aluminum packing machine

Aluminum Profile stretch wrapping machine 

Supply list

No. Items quantity
1 orbital Wrapping machine 1set for each
2 Protection structure 1set for each
3 Electrical cabinet, guardrail etc. 1set for each
4 Program Control system 1set for each
5 Manual & spare parts 1set for each


Aluminum packing machine automatic line solution

As a manufacturer, we are capable provide the solution per your need.

And we had provided similar aluminum profile packing  machine equipment too.

The aluminum profiles which are extruded in a length of around 140 to 200 feet are being transferred on a roller conveyor which moves the profiles towards the cutting machine. The width of the roller conveyor is 1.0 to 1.2 meters, which means around 40 – 60 profiles moves together on roller conveyor. This material gets cut in a standard length of 12 to 20 feet as per customers’ requirement. After cutting, these profiles need to be inspected for any physical damage / defects / quality issues.

——I think you already have this kind of machine. We don’t have aluminum cutting machine.

After inspection, these profiles are taken out from the main roller conveyor bed by using transfer conveyor, which is required so that the main roller conveyor line work should not get stopped.
—–Can you make a roughly draw about cutting to transfer conveyor

People standing on both the sides of roller conveyor, fix the profiles and arrange in bundle form of around 20 – 25 kgs. Normally, workers know how many pieces are required to be packed for a particular profile. After packing & tying the bundles with rayon cord, the bundles are transferred into the baskets along with spacers. The idea of putting spacer is to avoid any scratches due to physical contact / rubbing of bundles each other. Once the baskets are filled with the material, they move for the next process.
For the entire above process after cutting till the bundles are loaded into the baskets, we want automatic systems so that we can minimize manpower and improve efficiency of working. spacer feeder+film covering+wrapping manually feeding+sub-bundel strapping+wrapping+big bundel making+wrapping.

“fix the profiles and arrange in bundle form of around 20 – 25 kgs”

—–Please let me have the size of the bundle: WxH

Aluminum profile packaging line and strapping machine

Dear Sir,

First of all thank you for kind reply.

Our profile sizes are as following;

Length : between 1500mm-7000mm
Width : between 20mm-250mm
Height : between 20mm-150mm
Pieces for one package : Changeable

P.S:Above sizes are for approximately one profile.(Not for one package with more than one profile.)

We are most interested with third. ( automatic Profile banding&bundle making – )

I’d like to ask you if that third one making packaging from beginning to the end ?
I mean , wrapping and strapping aluminum profile bundle machine.

Automatic aluminum strapping and packing mchine

Aluminum profile spiral stretch wrapper and packing solution

We are providing following solution for customer need.


1. 1 x complete packing line for wrapping and packing mill-finish and surface treated
aluminium profiles with lengths 2000-8000mm.
2. 1 x complete aluminum packing line for wrapping and packing mill-finish and surface treated
aluminium profiles with lengths 2000-14000m.
3. Features:-
a. Profile envelope 350mm wide x 200mm high.
b. Weight of profiles max. 15 kg/m.
c. Capable of managing at least 35 tons of profiles per day (over the 2 lines).
d. For simplicity, assume 60% is spiral wrapped and all is packed as
commercial bundle (wood base board and outer strapping). Assume the
remaining is masterpack (no spiral wrap but with cardboard outer box on
wood base board or wood crate, paper layers/interleaving and outer
e. Batching table (8/14m profiles) in-feed side and transfer to roller in-feed.
End strapping to hold profiles together before spiral wrapping assumed to
be made by hand on batching table.
f. Spiral wrap machine on each aluminum packing line. For paper or plastic rolls. Auto centering
on in-feed side.


aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine

2) Aluminum wrapping machine

aluminum wrapping machine

Aluminum profile packaging system

Hope this email finds you well.
Have you watched these machine working videos I sent in my last email? Are you ok with the machine running? Any comments will be much appreciated. If you have any concerns or special requirements about the machine with stretch film,  please let us know. We are able to modify it accordingly. As long as it is according to our contract, we won’t take any charges.
We have tested them for weeks and made some necessary modifications on the aluminum profile packing line and orbital wrapper, so we can ensure that these equipment will run properly at your facility with the help of our engineers after installation. Please do not worry. Honestly, we have been in this line over 18 years, all equipment produced by us at clients’ facilities are working well. What if there is any problem, our after-sales department will handle it well as early as possible by assisting technical support or sending our engineer.
As this aluminum packing line and orbital wrapper belong to customized, our boss doesn’t agree to change the payment terms. Normally, we get full payment before delivery. On this case, I tried my best to apply to our boss for keeping rest 10% after installation and commissioning for both wrapping machines last year. Now please follow the payment terms on the contract and let me know your arrangement. Thank you very much for your understanding and kind support. We warmly welcome you to come inspect the profile equipment again if possible.
Stretch film Packing material for aluminum profile wrapping

Coilmaster for aluminum coil and copper coil

coilmaster for aluminum coil
Aluminum coilmaster, aluminum packing machine

Aluminum coilmaster:



a. Responsibilities of aluminum coil packing

–          Provides layout drawings.

–          Provides utilities; any request relating to the utilities may be solved depending on the technical possibilities.

–          Ensures the manpower necessary to install and commission the facility.

–          Ensures the laboratory tests in order to test the product quality in accordance with the requirements comprised in this document.

–          Provides transport means and lifting equipment.

–          Provides any other technical data necessary to design and install the facility.


b. Responsibilities of the supplier

–          The offered strip casting facility shall be state-of-the-art.

–          Provides complete technical documentation including detail engineering and list of components.

–          Offers technical assistance during the facility installation and product testing in order to ensure that the conditions specified in the layout drawings, the constructive conditions and performances requirements have been met.

–          Provides technical consultancy in the future, for any issue related to the casting facility and performance thereof.

–          Offers the list of spare parts codes with correspondent suppliers.

–          Further to the aluminum coil packing equipment erection, the supplier shall take part in the commissioning tests in order to ensure that the requirements of this document or any other document provided by the manufacturerand addressing issues of performances and constructive conditions have been met.

–          Provides training for personnel regarding the facility operation and maintenance.

Provides the list of references.


Aluminum orbital stretch wrapper

Aluminum packing machine and stretch wrapper
Aluminum packing machine and stretch wrapper

More information:



Sr.No Name Type Grade
1 Pipes Round, Square, Rectangular, Erw, Seamless. Stainless Steel 202, 304, 316, etc Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel 
2 Sheets & Plates Sheets- 2B, PVC, Matt


Plates: HR & CR

Stainless Steel 202, 304, 316, 410, 430 etc Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel


3 Rods & Wires Black, Polished Bright, Bright, Export & Peeling. Stainless steel 202, 304, 316, 410, 430 etc Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel





4 Hex  &Square


Bright, Export Stainless Steel 202, 304, 316,etc Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel


5 Flats & Strips Rolling, H.R, C.R Stainless Steel 202, 304, 316,etc Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Alloy Steel, Mild Steel


6 Fittings Elbows, Tees, Flanges, U Bend, Short Bend, Long Bend, Reducer, Buttweld Etc. Stainless Steel 202, 304, 316 etc Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Alloy Steel, Mild steel
7 Fasteners Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Socket Screw, Anchor, Stud Bolts, Threaded Rod etc. Stainless steel 202, 304, 316 etc Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Alloy Steel.
8 Valves Ball Valve, Flange Valve etc Stainless steel 202, 304, 316,etc



Aluminum profile shrink wrap packing machine

—–Wrapping machine


aluminum bundle packaging line


Aluminum packing machine

Automatic aluminum packing solution with wrapping and shrink wrap equipment for full size package protecting.


There are packaging material covering the surface of the aluminum profile by film and paper materials. The Aaluminum company need well protecting packages for the stacking and transportation.


The development of market need new facility and packaging for the growing requirement. The painting surface of the aluminum can not be scratching.“The difference between the wrapping and shrinking package is that the shrinking can do full size packaging. For wrapping, tail and head is opening. Fhopepack custom built the packing equipment for bag packing processes with including sealing and shrinking structure. By this way, the packing material is able covering around which for put aluminum inside of bag,”