Aluminum profile packaging line price

Yes, it is right we need to design film banding machine per 300x200mm, also wrapping machine.

But you said


Price around 220.000 usd

186 too expensive

Italian brand

245.000 usd

We can sell all over in the turkey market

You must give promotional price


The price is only USD242,500, Master orbital wrapper is an option.

With out orbitsl

If you tell 220.000

Customer will buy


As you know, at the begining the roughly price offered is app.220,000USD which is our standard aluminum profile packing machinery

It works for max.bundle size, 200x200mmAnd without tapping machine

Besiddes, the profile length is from 4-6m

We will sell all turkey market

Pls help me


Now per your special need, i only add $42,500. Do you know how much the machine changed? a. the banding machine from 3 set to 4 set, and ring is bigger b. wrapping machine bagger c. whole machine size enlarge 5m d. bundling machine need 1-2 more arms which is for 2-8m. More importation, there is one more automatic tapping machine…

You can check with any supplier, what is an automatic tapping machine cost.

honestly, i didn’t add the price. What offered is a rock bottom one.


That is the best one my boss give to me.

As a sales, i’d like to help you also help myself to catch the order. That is what i can do per your need.


Bro please work with your team and send to me your latest offer with technical data. And exact drawinh

Automatic aluminum profile packing line

Good day.
We had suppied a similar machine per your need.
“The packing line must contains profile strapping machine, bundle stacker, master bundle stretch wrapper, taping machine, weighing system. ”
This is the automatic aluminum profile packing solution including, small bundle strapping, bundle stacker, master bundle wrapper.

For taping machine: i ‘d like to know, tapping for what? for the packing of the master bundle?

Weighing system: it is OK.

Before offering a quotation, i’d like to know following information.

1. Min.&Max. Size of the profile(small bundle): LxWxH
2. Min.&Max. Size of the bundle(master bundle): LxWxH

If possible, please provide the roughly drawing shows your aluminum profile packaging process and packaging goal.

It will help us a lot to understanding your need.


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper for aluminum packing

aluminum proflie and section automatic packing machine


We did not make it to China yet.

Automatic aluminum profile Paper Puller.
I noticed that the automatic paper/foil sheet feeder is not included in your offer. This provides the pre-cut paper for the aluminum bundles. You can see this on my Concept drawings called “Paper puller”. Can you provide this – price for 8m and price for 14m? I have specified 800mm wide, but 600mm is acceptable.

For the 8000mm line I am considering one at the infeed side for spiral wrap and one at the outfeed side for box work. See Concept 2A.
For the 14000mm line I am considering one at the infeed side for spiral wrap and one at the outfeed side for box work. See Concept 3A. Please note that I changed this to a 14m length paper puller.

End taping aluminum packing machine.
Also, do you have a aluminum tape machine for taping the ends of the spiral bundles immediately after spiral wrap. This keeps the end of the profiles tidy and stops the wrap from becoming loose.

Please provide updated quotation for the revised Concepts 2A and 3A.

aluminum profile packing machine and banding machine

Automatic aluminum packing line and banding machine

The Company located in South America. We are aluminum extruders for many years looking for the aluminum packing machine

We are providing automatic machine for meeting their goal to automatize our profile packaging. “We are looking for a machine that puts stretch plastic to the profiles in a few parts, so that the sub-package is made before packaging.”

Please find attached a video.

We are offer this type of machine…


Aluminum profile packaging line automatic


In my aluminum packing line,The “printer” (machine n°1) is for marking pieces so the stacking system should accumulate from 10 to 30 or even more pieces to complete 1.4m of width, which is the same width of our racking boxes. In the case of the packing machines (manual n°2 and automatic n°3) the stacking system should accumulate from 7 to 14 packages to complete 1.4m width as we use the same racking boxes to store the packaged material than we use to store the printed pieces or the non printed pieces. You should keep in mind that our pieces go from 1 to 15 kg per piece and we package the pieces in a quantity correct to make packages from 20 to 30 kg per aluminum profile package. Hope this explanation helps you. Please check previous email were dimensions were informed.

Aluminum profile stretch wrapper and packing line

Am sending you this email in regards to make inquiry Stretch Wrappers from your company.I will be very glad if you get back to me with the available sizes/models or a link.

Horizontal stretch wrapepr
And also I want to know if you do accept credit card for this purchase and Let me know if you accept pickup at your location..
Hope to hear from you.Awaiting for your prompt reply.
Our client instructed a payment to your bank, Please confirm that the bank details in attached invoice/PO are correct for payment to your company. If not, please send the correct bank details with corrected invoice copy.

Following video shows the autoamtic small bundle strapping+ small bundle wrapping+big bundle making.

Following video is big aluminum bundle wrapping machine connects to the bundle making machine.

For the price of samll bundle wrapping+big bundle wrapping app. …

For the samll bundle wrapping+bundle making+ big bundle wrapping app. …



Aluminum profile spiral stretch wrapper and packing solution

We are providing following solution for customer need.


1. 1 x complete packing line for wrapping and packing mill-finish and surface treated
aluminium profiles with lengths 2000-8000mm.
2. 1 x complete aluminum packing line for wrapping and packing mill-finish and surface treated
aluminium profiles with lengths 2000-14000m.
3. Features:-
a. Profile envelope 350mm wide x 200mm high.
b. Weight of profiles max. 15 kg/m.
c. Capable of managing at least 35 tons of profiles per day (over the 2 lines).
d. For simplicity, assume 60% is spiral wrapped and all is packed as
commercial bundle (wood base board and outer strapping). Assume the
remaining is masterpack (no spiral wrap but with cardboard outer box on
wood base board or wood crate, paper layers/interleaving and outer
e. Batching table (8/14m profiles) in-feed side and transfer to roller in-feed.
End strapping to hold profiles together before spiral wrapping assumed to
be made by hand on batching table.
f. Spiral wrap machine on each aluminum packing line. For paper or plastic rolls. Auto centering
on in-feed side.


aluminum profile wrapping and packing machine

2) Aluminum wrapping machine

aluminum wrapping machine