Automatic hose coiling machine with coil wrapper

automatic hose coiling machine and coiler
automatic hose coiling machine and coiler for pipe

We are a Steel Rolling Mill located in Palej ( Between Baroda- Bharuch). We are in need of a Steel Coil Wrapping machine suitable for Individual wrapping of the CRCA Narrow Coils.

The details of Coils to be packed is as under.

Materials – CRCA

Thickness – 0.5mm to 2.5 mm

Width – 25 mm to 100 mm

Overall Dia – 900 to 1000 mm

ID – 508 mm

Weight of a Coil – 50 Kg to 100 Kgs

Presently we are using hessian cloths / HDP Fabric and doing manual wrapping

You are requested to please suggest us an appropriate Coil wrapping machine along with the catalogues / leaflet / video and the Techno-commercial offer of the same to enable us to proceed further in the matter.

You may please contact our Mr. Haresh Darji – Sr. Manager –M- 09925222017 , in case you need further input from us.

Your prompt and positive response in this matter shall be highly appreciated.


Do you have more info or datasheets on the FPC-200 automatic hose coiling machine for packaging hoses? Have any of these been sold in the U.S.? If so can I have some references? I would like to see the machine in operation if possible.

How much does the machine cost? How much would shipping be to Tennessee in U.S.?

Automatic Aluminum coil stretch wrapper and packaging system

Aluminum coil packing machine
Aluminum coil packing machine



Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Equipment:
Motorized Tip Table: Positioning of tip is maintained during the casting operation, allowing flexible operation.
Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Rolls: Caster cores are specially treated to lower the corrosion and deformation in the grooves. After the shell and core are combined via shrink fitting; turning and grinding operations are performed on the caster rolls.
Graphite Spraying System: Fully automated spraying system can be offered if requested.
Pinch-roll, Flying Shear, Winder and Coil car units are manufactured in harmony with the caster line properties.
Edge Milling is offered to provide smooth edges of the strip which would reduce the edge trimming operation in other processes.


The furnaces produced are related to Aluminum profile packing Industry. For continuous strip casting, billet casting, slab casting or any other related aluminum casting operation manufactures Melting, Holding Furnaces. Annealing furnaces are manufactured for aluminum coil or foil heat treatment processes. Charging cars and launder equipments can be supplied as well.
Melting furnaces is where the ingots are melted for any casting operation. The burner capacities are high enabling 1,5 – 7 mton ingot per hour to be melted in the furnace. These furnaces can be stationary type or tilting type. The molten aluminum bath capacity of the furnaces that Factory manufactured has been up to 60 mtons. According to the preference of the customer, furnaces can be supplied with regenerative burners, cold air burners or duel-fuel firing burners from various burner manufacturers.
HOLDING FURNACES of the aluminum packing system:
Holding furnaces are where the molten aluminum is transferred for more controlled operation. Holding furnaces are not mandatory for some of the casting operations, for billet or slab casting, casting can be done from directly melting furnace. Aluminum alloying can be done in holding furnaces. In addition level control in the launder prior to casting can be controlled from the holding furnace. These furnaces can be as well stationary type or tilting type. In any operation that requires a fast and steady casting operation, tilting furnaces are preferred. According to the preference of the customer, holding furnaces can be supplied with various types of burners for various fuels available.

Aluminum packing line and coil upender


coil upender
Aluminum coil tilter and coil upender, Prfessional manufacturer

Technical Specifications
Material to be rolled
 Slab thickness range from 300mm to 720mm
 Strip width range from 600mm to 2200mm
 Strip gauge from 10mm to 3mm
 Coil weight up to 25 ton
 Rolling speed up to 480m/min
 Mill power up to10000kw
 Loading force up to 45000KN
Equipment Parameter
 AC frequency drive or DC drive for main motors and coiler motors.
 Electro-mechanical screw-down and fine hydraulic adjusting
 Thickness gauge
 Sectional lubrication and cooling spraying
 Positive and negative roll bending system
 Efficient roll brushes
 Universal foil rolling mills for the strip thickness range of 0.7 mm – 6 μm and low tonnages
 Foil roughing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.7 mm – 0.02 mm
Foil intermediate mills with strip thicknesses between 0.08 mm – 0.01 mm
Foil finishing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.05 mm – 0.006 mm
Technical Specifications
Material to be rolled
 Strip thickness range from 0.7m-2×0.006mm
 Strip width range up to 2150 mm
 Rolling speeds up to 1500 m/min
 Coil weight up to 25ton
Equipment Parameter
 Mill power up to 1500KW
 Loading force up to 8000KN
 Hydraulic AGC system
 AFC system for automatic flatness control
 Roll cooling systems
 Mill automation system

Steel tube packing and strapping machine
Aluminum tube packing and strapping machine

Tube packaging system manufactures twin roll continuous strip casters lines. A feasible and optimum process is suggested according to the needs of the customer. Tube system can offer horizontal or tilting designed continuous casting line.
Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Line includes:
– Charging Car
– Melting furnace
– Holding furnace
– Launder Equipments
– Ti-bor Unit
– Degasser
– Filter Box
– Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster (Standard (VIG-S) or VIG Colossal Caster (VIG-C)



Aluminum alloy strip strapping and packging line


steel coil strapping machine
copper coil strapping machine, aluminum coil strapping machine






a. Overall layout size 3
b. Available utilities 3
a. Charge 3
b. Types of alloy 3
c. Facility components 3
d. Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster minimum requirements 3
a. Melting furnace 3
b. Holding/ casting furnace 3
c. Transfer launders system 3
d. Grain refining system AlTiB 3
e. Liquid metal degassing system 3
f. Filtering system 3
g. Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster 3
a. Responsibilities 3
b. Responsibilities of the supplier 3



we request the purchase and commissioning of two complete casting facilities for aluminium coil packaging line and aluminium alloys cast strips, with a minimum capacity of 20,000Mt / year for each.



The investment target is to purchase casting facilities able to provide:

  • Short technological flow;
  • Low CAPEX investment;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Low technological costs;
  • Low utilities consumption;
  • Short technological time;
  • Ease in switching from one type of product to another (product thickness and alloy)
  • Long service life
  • Stable process – constant product quality