stretch wrapping prevents unneeded costs associated with damage

Pallet wrapping. How you can pack your products or services with Lachenmeier stretch hood and shrink wrap packaging program – with assured cost benefits.

Lachenmeier is probably the top international packaging machine providers as well as vendors of connected packaging film. We are focused on the process of producing high quality revolutionary packaging products that increase client?ˉs profitability and efficiency.

Using a merchandise portfolio that also includes stretch hood machines, shrink wrapping machines and corresponding packaging film, Lachenmeier answers to an extensive variety of market segments.

Pallet wrapping – All wrapped up inside the smartpack idea.

UNIVERSAL PACKAGING HAS CREATED AND Designed A Basic PROCESS THAT OPTIMISES YOUR PALLET WRAPPING Using The LOWEST Expense For every Place, Certain Source AND Normal Devices Servicing. WE CALL IT Overall Cover Control And It Also Will not Set You Back A CENT.

Our Total Place Management programme helps consumers in using the correct film and implementing it the proper way on every pallet. Performed correctly, stretch wrapping helps prevent unneeded expenses associated with damages to goods via pallet failure. Harm claims is going to be averted when your pallets get there in your client in the very same problem in which they left.

Various lots need diverse apps. Weighty pallets need more powerful wrap, lighting loads cannot have the stretch film applied as well securely, and unusual loads need film that won’t puncture on protruding objects.

Overall Place Control is our point of variation and it is said by others to be the best stretch wrapping support in the market.

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